Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 1 in Taiwan

17 July 2014

Finally the long awaited trip to Taiwan with the ladies is here.

We went by Scoot and arrived at Taoyuan International Airport at about 5:30am. 

Quickly we went to get food and drinks at the convenience store for breakfast before boarding the bus to get to Beacon Hotel in Taichung.

 The barley and brown rice drink was really not bad and nutritious

What's inside the rice roll

We alighted at Chaoma bus stop. The journey was about 2.5 hours so sleeping is the best way to use the time.

We took a cab to Beacon Hotel which took about 10min.

Hotel Lobby

Due to no availability of rooms, we washed up at the lobby's restroom and applied make up at the lobby. Left our luggage at the concierge to proceed with our itinerary.

We met the hired driver Jason at 10am to bring us around Taichung. We told him to pick us up at 11am but because we were early, we contacted Jason to pick us up an hour earlier and he agreed immediately. His contact number is 886-921-462-130 and his FB account is here  if you are interested to hire him. His rates were the lowest among the 3 cab drivers we contacted.

We had a mushroom feast but not such an appetising meal. The shop cum restaurant is named Jen Hua. They sell Taichung's delicacies mainly mushrooms.

 Their Menu

 Long Xu Cai which tasted like parsley but crispier

The best dish of all, Bamboo Shoot with Black Fungus

Our next stop was Xin She Castle which has beautiful architectural scenary. It is owned by the same boss as Monceur.

Admission ticket should be NT250 and includes NT100 F&B voucher.

On our way to Lavender Cottage, we popped by a mushroom farm however there weren't much to look at. I merely took a few photos.


Lavender Cottage set our hearts blooming with excitement. Plenty of flowers and non-stop photo-taking.

Drinks are not allowed to bring into the attraction but they allow you to leave them at the entrance. You may think your cold drinks may not be cold anymore by the time you are back but you are wrong, they keep your drinks in the fridge. That's how sweet the staff are.

There is an admission fee too but a NT100 voucher is usable for purchase at the store. I spent it on a ~NT480 box of 9 soap bars.

And also, the restroom in the store was so well-decorated that I took photos of it.

The last attraction Jason brought us to was Carton King (Zhi Xiang Wang). There were displays of animals and landmarks made in cardboard which was quite impressive.

As usual, there is an entrance fee and a voucher each for F&B and store purchase.




 Eiffel Tower

 The Big Ben

Taipei 101

I was quite tired from walking in the attraction to collect the stamps to redeem a windmill souvenir.

Spotted lotus flower at the pond and couldn't resist photo-taking.

I bought a pack of honey crackers from one of the stores which cost NT99. It was crispy and not too sweet.

Spotted beautiful light decorations in one of the stores too.

We rested our poor feet and got food and drinks before dinner. The stick of chicken with bone was yummy. Maybe because I was already starving. Sorry there was no picture of it as I totally forgot.

Headed back to Beacon Hotel to check-in and I shared a room with HM.

We spent about S$62/pax/night which I thought was slightly pricier.

Took a quick shower before heading out to Fengjia Night Market for dinner and shopping.

 Fried Squid

 Baked Potato with Ham

Bbq Scallops

Walked back to Beacon Hotel at about 11pm to shower and lights out.

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