Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: Triple Dry Anti-Perspirants

Recently, I tried 2 products from Triple Dry which are anti-perspirants suitable for sensitive skin. The blue one is unfragranced and the the pink one has a fresh fragrance for ladies.

Both products are anti-bacterial and proven to protect against heavy perspiration, helping you to stay dry throughout a hot and humid day. And also, if you apply every night before sleep, you will realise your perspiration is under control. And when it happens, you can reduce to 3 applications a week. 

They are also waterproof meaning that you can swim or shower without having to reapply. 

They are easy to use, merely takes me seconds to keep dry all day. They aren't sticky on my skin and gives me a little cooling effect.

If you are a Sample Store member, you can now redeem the RETAIL SIZE of Triple Dry Anti-Perspirant from here. If you are not, fear not as you can buy it from Guardian.

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