Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 2 in Bukit Indah

Had hotel breakfast at 9am. The only dish I really like was the omelette, how wrong can it be cooked right?

Rested in the room for a while before all of us go free and easy for the next 2 hours.

I went for full body massage at Kak- Kaki Refleksologi which is just 2 buildings away from Hotel Granada. 

While waiting for my turn

Therapist 188 was serving me and she was using quite an amount of force I must say. Guess all my acupuncture points were activated. I also did cupping therapy on half body, I thought I looked like a turtle looking at my naked back. Anyway, I spent about RM180 which I thought wasn't too expensive.

At the hotel lobby

Headed back to hotel to check-out and had lunch at Ganko Sushi.

Believe it or not but this Tempura bento set only cost me about S$10.

Done with lunch, we slacked at the hotel lift lobby while waiting for our transport back to SG.

That's it for Bukit Indah, at least for now.

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