Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Customer of Jo Malone

08 March 2014

Tangs was having 12% rebate for members and here's what I bought.

Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream at $60, Martina Pink flats at $54.50 (thanks to the 50% discount), Jo Malone's body wash in Peony and Blush, Body Creme in Red Roses and limited edition Cedarwood & Juniper cologne.

If you are unsure of what fragrance suits you or you are looking for unique fragrances, stylists from Jo Malone can perform hand massage on you to let you see how the fragrances settle on you before you buy.

07 March 2014

I am really in love with the the limited edition cologne "Rain & Angelica" from Jo Malone. Even my nephew likes it so much that he smiled everytime he smells it.

And I also bought a Burberry Lip Cover in Bright Plum. It is slightly lighter than Oxblood.

Had dinner at Itacho Sushi. I was alone on Friday evening but still ended up waiting for at least 15 minutes even though I don't mind sitting at the counter.

Spent $17.50 on dinner but I was happy.

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