Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 1 in HK

28 Feb 2014

Brought mum to HK for a holiday, a break she really needs after all these years of hard work.

We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport in the wee morning and took the airport express to Hong Kong station which takes about 25 minutes.

Thankfully, there was free shuttle to our hotel in Causeway Bay. Saved on the cab fare, phew.

Left our luggage at the concierge then headed to MacDonald's for breakfast.

My breakfast 

Mum's breakfast

Took a walk around the area before heading to The Peak,

On the Peak Tram

Went to Madame Tussauds for photo-taking. I only had a few photos with the wax figures since I was there just 2 months ago.

Headed for desserts at The Peak Mall. FInally I got to taste the salted egg yolk bun.

The fog was really bad that all we could see in front of us was white. But it was really cold up there especially when the wind blows.

It was already afternoon by then so we decided to check-in at the hotel to take a rest.

View from the hotel

Mum totally slept through the evening while I decided to dip myself in a tub of hot water with sea salt. Can't explain happiness.

Went out to explore on my own and bought dinner back to the hotel to eat with mum. I packed from the vegetarian restaurant just behind the hotel. The food was quite tasteless, healthy in that sense.

That was it for day 1.

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