Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Need To Be Here Yearly

10 February 2014

I was at USS again. This time with Ranga and KZ. So glad that we picked a Monday cause we only had to squeeze with tourists.

We began with the Merry-Go-Round in Madagascar.

Went on a junior roller coaster to get ourselves a little high.

And next we went Far Far Away.

Went for the Shrek 4D show which is still enjoyable although I did go on it previously.

Let's take a selfie while waiting

Went on The Mummy Roller Coaster twice because we like to scare ourselves.

Headed for lunch at Starbucks. Now that's an outlet in USS so we don't even need to walk to RWS for a cup of good coffee.

The Battlestar Galactica was still closed for maintenance so I could only snap pictures of the magnificent roller coaster.

Went on the Accelerator which is just like fast rotating tea cups.

Up next was The Transformers ride which I absolutely love it. Of course, we went on it twice.

Managed to snap a picture with Optimus Prime, like finally.

Managed to catch the walking Minions as well. There was a Minion store as well.

We walked to The Lost World and went on the rapids ride. Poor KZ got herself all wet for the rest of the day. To dry herself, we accompanied her on another roller coaster twice.

There wasn't much people in the theme park anymore and we didn't have to queue for long.

And guess what? We went on The Mummy ride for another 2 times just to pose for the camera.

Left for Vivocity at about 6:30pm to meet Ama for dinner at JPot.

Rushed home for Vegetarian Lo Hei with family.



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