Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fresh Pressed's 1-Day Cleanse

04 February 2014

Returned to work today, wearing Donelle Dress in Tiffany from Ohvola.

Went to collect the 1-day cleanse juices from Fresh Pressed. Here's what it consisted of.

I began my 1-day cleanse the next day. Every 2-3 hours, I will consume 500ml of the fruit and vegetable juice in sequence. In between, I would drink the Icelandic alkaline water and also drinking water. And the herbal tea was the last cleansing drink.

I got to admit I really had difficulty drinking so much liquid. My tummy was bloated with liquid. And because my body doesn't retain water, I visited the toilet every half an hour. On the good side, I believe I was really going through detoxification and I even did big business twice in a day. Normally, I don't even get to do big business every day.

I would probably try the 1-day cleanse again but not anytime soon. By the way, 1-day cleanse doesn't really allow your body to detoxify, 3-day cleanse is a better option. Or if you are more adventurous, you can try the 5-day cleanse.

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