Friday, February 14, 2014

Endless Love

11 February 2014

Thanks to Cozycot for picking my entry to win a pair of tickets to catch "Endless Love" at Filmgarde Bugis. I invited KZ to join me.

It was quite a touching 2-hour movie and the male lead actor was quite good-looking. The movie is a modern "Romeo & Juliet". But seriously, is love really that worth fighting for? Food for thought.

Went for japanese cuisine and we had quite a lot of food to share.

 Fried Beancurd

Fried Gyozya recommended by KZ

It is different from the typical gyzoya you eat at the chinese restaurants. The skin is thinner than the gyzoya I have eaten but ingredients are a bit lesser.

 Ajitama Ramen

The soup of the ramen was really thick, too salty for my taste buds. The cha su was really tender, love it. Lots of beansprouts and the egg was flavourful. I would probably try another ramen the next time.

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