Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CNY Visiting with The Ladies

09 February 2014

My Ferragamo hair clip

Went for CNY visiting with the ladies and it has years since we did that.

We started at WX's place and her mum even prepared lunch for us.

Next stop was SF's place. And yes, we were eating again but Ruffles this time.

My place was next. My nephew was at home so lucky for the ladies get to see him.

YJ had to leave earlier and WF came to join us.

We headed for zi char near HM's place which was relatively cheap for big portions. The only bad thing was the small space and few tables.

Last stop was HM's place. We were impressed by her guinea pig Cookie is so adorable and smart.

Stayed to play 3 rounds of Blackjack till 10pm and home sweet home.

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