Thursday, February 13, 2014

2-Way Editor's Bag by Embellir-Bag Shop

I got a Dark Cherry-coloured bag from Embellir-Bag-Shop. It is made of premium synthetic leather and it's waterproof. Being waterproof is a big advantage to me as it's easy to clean.

What I like about this bag? The little details it has like a mirror, lots of pockets for you to put the little stuff like keys, ez-link card and tissue.

I love the design of the handles and they are long enough for me to use as a shoulder bag.

It has 2 zippers at the top which makes it extra easier to unzip your bag especially when you are in a hurry.

I thought that the bag is 3-way rather than just 2-way as I could use it as a sling bag too. By the way, I folded the 2 ends of the zip into the bag for a different style.

It is now retailing at S$70.53 and shipping is free when you spend above S$40. Do check out here for more details of this 2-way Allure bag which comes in 20 colours!

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