Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 3 in Hong Kong

02 Jan 2013

Woke up at 8am, got dressed up and put on the new earring I got from K11.

And off to Ocean Park with KZ for a day like a kid.

Walked through the old streets of Hong Kong while finding our way to the cable car station.

Took the cable car ride to the other side of the theme park where most of the adult rides are. The cable car rides are inclusive in the admission ticket so must as well.

One of the roller coasters that I went on

We headed to the Sea Jelly Aquarium and freaked ourselves out. You just have to look at the pictures and imagine they were all right in front of your eyes.

Our next ride was Mine Train. It looks like a mild-thrill roller coaster but I was already screaming.

And the next ride made KZ sick and I proceeded with other rides on my own while she took a rest.

Went to watch the show presenting the dolphins and sea lion. Somehow I find them pitiful to have to make human beings happy.

KZ continued to take her rest while I went on the other rides and roller coaster.

Took a cab back to hotel and I went dinner with Ama at Prep.

Walked around for our last night in HK and Ama ended up buying her Celine bag in Sogo.

Bought some pineapple tarts and snacks back for SG.

Boarded the morning flight back SG but Hong Kong, I will be back for you real soon.

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