Thursday, November 7, 2013

Langkawi 2013 with Dare Association

03 Nov 2013

Woke up at 6am to pack and leave for Singapore.

All of us kind of lack of sleep and slept on the plane. Took a picture of the beautiful sky.

Landed on time or actually early. Nicholas went off while the rest of us went shopping at the arrival hall.

See how much I have spent on the airport. It's about the same amount as my expenses and accomodation in Langkawi. 

The SK-II limited edition set of Lotion and Essence at $250, Bobbi Brown smudge-proof eyeliner in Jet at $27 and Issey Miyake Christmas Set at $121.

Headed for breakfast and I had Texas Chicken to satisfy my fried chicken craving.

Home sweet home to unpack and laundry washing.

02 Nov 2013

Woke up at 6am+ to send KZ to the airport. We had breakfast at the Langkawi International Airport after KZ check-in. Sadly her flight was only announced delayed after she check-in.

Ama, Nicholas and I decided to drive around since we were already awake.

We found a beach which was pretty close to The Cabin and decided to book parasailing and jet ski for late afternoon.

We found a cosy cafe named La Chocolatine nearby and chilled there.

We continued to drive around to explore near The Datai.

Passed by the yacht club and can't resist myself from taking photos of the beautiful view.

We drove around looking for Pebble Beach but got lost. But it's definitely alright because we found the beach with the clearest sea at The Andaman. We were all wow-ed and I felt like I was in Maldives. 

Since the scenary was this good, we decided to have a good lunch by the beach. Nicholas had ribeye steak and we shared curly fries and tandoori pizza.

Drove back to The Cabin to change and got ready for sea sports.

I went parasailing with Nicholas at RM150 for like 5mins only. I felt like I was being blown up into the sky but looking at the scenic view made me forget that I was dangling high up in the air. The bad part was us landing flat and ugly on the beach.

Ama and Nicholas went on jet ski for 30mins while I helped to take photos.

Drove to Unkaizen Japanese Restaurant to reserve a table for dinner. And while waiting,  we chilled at Starbucks at Cenang Mall for wifi then headed back to The Cabin to clean up.

Got the rest to join us for dinner before we leave the following day.

Couldn't finish the Chicken Katsuni complete with appetizer, chawamushi, miso soup, rice and fruits.

On the way back to The Cabin, Ama and Nicholas bought stuff across the street.

It was only about 10:30pm when we fell asleep while the rest were getting their massage done.

01 Nov 2013

Woke up at about 10am, wash up and had breakfast at The English Tea Room

Ranga's friend was already waiting for us at The Cabin to join us for the rest of the trip.

We drove to find Black Sand Beach and had Asam Laksa and coconut water. The Asam Laksa was spicy and sour but really shiok! We only spent RM7 for a meal like this.

Chilled a while by the beach before heading back to The Cabin.

Had our massage done at Furosato Spa at 8pm. It was average, only made me slept for a short while.

LL and her boyfriend arrived in Langkawi about this time but they had dinner on their own.

Had Lok Lok for dinner just opposite Cenang Mall. Only spent RM9 for 8 sticks of Lok Lok and a cup of Longan drink. Just talking about it makes me hungry for their sauces.

Lok Lok wasn't the full dinner. We ended up at Haroo, a restaurant opened by a kind Korean family. Ordered too much food that we couldn't finish.

Back to The Cabin to shower and chill at the garden playing Indian Poker.

Lights out at 3am.

31 Oct 2013

Thanks to Nicholas's mum, we got a lift to the airport for our Langkawi trip.

Check-in and had breakfast at CBTL.

There was a flight delay that made us sat in the plane for an hour for nothing. And so, we only arrived in Langkawi in the early afternoon.

Rented a car for the next few days so that we could explore the island our way.

Had our lunch at Old Town White Coffee in Cenang Mall while waiting to check-in The Cabin. The Ipoh Signature Hor Fun was good.

Finally we could check-in at 2pm. Here's how The Cabin looks like.

Unpacked our stuff and we were ready to explore Langkawi.

Went to The Zon to buy alcohol and cigar for enough time to get them chilled.

We drove to look for Asam Laksa but they didn't sell it on that day. Disappointed but we knew we would go back the following day.

Instead, we took photos of the beach before leaving.

On the way back to The Cabin, there was night market selling the junk food like bbq chicken, Ramly Burgers, Murtabak and pancakes.

We bought lots of food again. I have to tell you, the Murtabak Chicken was awesome. I haven't tried Murtabak all my life and didn't realise it's that good. Or maybe only the one in Langkawi's good.

We squeezed in Nicholas's Balcony eating all the junk food like nobody's business. I was too busy eating to take photos.

After food, it's time for drinks. All chilled in my room, twerking, playing Indian Poker and drinking. It was a good night until I got drunk.

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