Friday, November 8, 2013

Dinner at Poulet with Dare Association

06 Nov 2013

Went on shopping spree yesterday at G2000 JEM. Tried 4 outfits but only bought 1 top and 2 bottoms. Thanks to the 30% off for regular items, that's for members only.

Looking at the outfits, I still feel I didn't shop enough.

05 Nov 2013

Guess what I got as a gift from my boss? A pretty little Prada cardholder from Milan!

Had dinner with Dare Association at Vivocity. We waited for at least 1.5hr at Starbucks for a table at Jamie's Italian and still didn't get a table. Anyway, long story and I won't waste my time on this restaurant.

So we went just opposite at Poulet. We ordered quite an amount of food for 7 pax.

I had poulet roti half chicken which was not bad, an option after New York New York collapsed. It's only half chicken and I already can't finish it. But there's always space for dessert so I shared tiramisu with Ama and KZ.

Chilled at CBTL till 10:30pm.

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