Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Movie Review: Don Jon

29 Oct 2013

Had Thai Bee Hoon for dinner at FEP. Yes, it's the same halal restaurant on the highest level. It is getting more pricey and now it's already $5.50 but I am still gonna eat it.

Thanks to Cosmopolitan Singapore, I won a pair of preview tickets to "Don Jon" and invited KZ to join me. The movie was starring the director himself Joseph Gordon-Levitt who was looking for a girl who can satisfy him like how porn satisfies him.

My review of the movie? Not worth watching unless you are a big fan of the cute Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Nothing special about the storyline but the ending was quite unexpected though.

25 Oct 2013

Met Dare Association for dinner at Stranger's Reunion. I had Butter Milk Waffle with Vanilla Ice-cream and Fresh Fruits. This cost me 12.90.

Down to Holland Village to chill at Wala Wala for chicken wings and beer. Had to leave early as due to work the next day.

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