Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review: Vita Yin Yang

I am a victim of hair loss. You will be shocked to know how much hair I dropped a day especially after shampoo. Below is a picture of the top of my head. Now you understand why I am obessed with hair products.

It has been about 2 weeks since I started consuming 2 capsules of Vita Yin Ying everyday and today, this is how the top of my head looks like. I can't say it's a big difference but I feel there's an improvement especially along my parting. Treating hair problems usually takes months to see significant results.

So let's talk about of benefits of Vita Yin Yang.

60 capsules in packs of 10

  1. It's made of 100% premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps which can only be found in Western China on high mountains 12,000 ft above sea level. That's how precious it is. And each capsule contains 15 cordyceps meaning you would have eaten 900 cordyceps after a box of 60 capsules!
  2. If you have respiratory problems like nasal allergy, Vita Yin Yang can help you too! It tonifies your kidneys and lungs which will reduce and prevent your symptoms.So if you are a smoker, this is a must to protect your 2 lungs.
  3. You can be assured with no side effects.
Vita Yin Yang can be found at all Guardian pharmacies. Its original price is $109 but it's now at an introductory price of $99. You may think it's expensive but most hair care packages are way more expensive. Agree?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Make A Date with Power98

26 Aug 2013

I won a pair of invites to the Power 98FM event "Make A Date" with Elliot Danker and Charmaine Pua. I didn't manage to find a friend who is willing or can make it but I still decided to go ahead. Making new friends ain't that hard.

The event started at 6:30pm at Uma Uma Ramen with an introduction of the different types of ramen in Japan and also how the Japanese chefs cook to get the flavourful stock from pork bones.

Here's the menu of Hakata ramens served at Uma Uma Ramen.

We got to taste 3 types of ramen namely Uma Uma Ramen, Bushi Tonkotsu Ramen and Mazesoba.

Personally, I prefer Uma Uma Ramen. The stock was not too thick and I like the thin ramen texture. Believe it or not, there was a gelatin-like layer on top. That's good enough to prove how thick the stock is. There were black fungus, chasiu (tender ohhhh), lots of spring onions and the runny eggs. I already miss this as I typed.

The Bushi Tonkotsu Ramen was thick and sweeter due to the bonito flakes. The ramen used was yellow, looking similar to maggi. However, there was Q-ness in the ramen but a little thicker for my preference There were also red ginger, lime slice (how unique?), chasiu and runny eggs.  If you are a fan of strong flavours, you will enjoy this.

And for Mazesoba, we had it at the bar The Horse's Mouth which was just a staircase down. Sounds like a secret place isn't it? More about the bar later.

Mazesoba is a dry mixture of the 2 ramen. There were ingredients like leek, runny eggs, spring onions, bamboo shoots and lots of sesame seeds. Good for vegetarians. I like this pretty well too. The flavour was just nice, not too strong for me. It's a good choice on a hot day.

And now for the cocktails. We got to taste 4 different cocktails made by the 3 bartenders. The fresh ingredients used were of quality so you can expect the best.

The first drink is of course the weakest. The Niwa is actually my favourite among all the few I tried. It actually tasted like fruit punch, I can't really taste the alcohol actually. Made of cherry tomatoes from France. Round, red, juicy and sweet.

The rest of the drinks were not on the menu. The bartenders used their creativity to constantly think of other recipes.

Can't remember the name of this cocktail. The passionfruit had brown sugar on it and burnt to melt. It was smooth but a little stronger than The Niwa.

This is my second favourite. I know there's grapefruit and egg white in it. It's a ladies drink I would say.

And the strongest drink of all which is made of dark rum and a twist of lemon. One of the classics.

It wasn't just a night of food and drinks. It was about having fun and laughing together.

Monday, August 26, 2013

As I Get More Busy

25 August 2013

First day of work as a dental assistant. It's a new experience and I was excited about it.

The day past quickly and I am already excited about going back on Saturday which is going to be jam-packed.

Met Jac at Raffles City for lunch at Din Tai Fung and chilled at O' Coffee Club till 6pm.

24 August 2013

Had my nails done at Gardenails again. Decided on going nude this time.

Met mum to go shopping at Jurong Point and late lunch at Kopitiam. Seriously, there wasn't much appealing stores to me.

Went to JEM again. Bought pastries from Paris Baguette before heading home.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I have came back from watching "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones". Got a few scares from the tension although it's not a horror flick.The movie is 130 mins so get yourself comfortable.

NYX Cosmetics came out with a set of cosmetics inspired from the movie. Consisting of blusher, eyeshadow palette, lipstick and a few others. It is retailing at $39 (if I got it right) at Sephora. I have tried the eyeshadow palette but they are not very well-pigmented so you need to use quite a bit to see the colours. I felt that it wasn't so worth it so I decided to give it a miss.

Home at 11pm.

22 Aug 2013

Met Dare Association for dinner at Vivocity Marche. Before that, got some stuff from Watsons since the Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes were only $9.25.

Had a rostti and a belgium waffle with creme brulee ice-cream.

Thank Nicholas for the mug which he got for each of us.

Chill at Starbucks till 11pm.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Stay Home Weekend

18 Aug 2013

Spent my Sunday at home other than my meals.

Had lunch with CJZ at Char-Grill Bar. It cost $6.90 for this small portion but I have to say it's one of the best black pepper chicken chop I had.

Thanks to CJZ for the dessert treat at market as well.

As for dinner, we had Subway sandwiches which I thought wasn't that photo-worthy.

And dessert, it was mum's treat for Swensen's Macadamia Mania.

17 Aug 2013

Went for a casting in the morning then back home to rest.

Met Dare Association for dinner at Ama's Place and chilled in her room till 5am the next day. See how much we actually love each other.

Concussed once when I reached home.

16 Aug 2013

Bought this book written by Chen Pei Pei from Taiwan. It's her compilation of simple make up which is extremely suitable for the busy me. It comes with a CD with her make up videos too.

You can get it at Popular at $17.90.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Holiday = Work for More $

I worked through the PH and weekend. Yes, I have no life but I made friends.

11 Aug 2013

Last day of work for the temporary assignment.

Spotted a Prada-inspired bag from Everbest. I am still considering the Tocco Toscano which is smaller and more expensive.

08 Aug 2013

Collected the Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-day lenses and the eye mask.

Off to work on a PH!

07 Aug 2013

Met the ladies for zi char at Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3. Here's some pictures of what we ordered. There's also hotplate beancurd and curry fish slices. It was quite a disappointing dinner for $17 per pax.

 Baby Kai Lan with Garlic

Yam Ring

Ma Mi Chicken

Salted Egg Prawn

Chilled with SF and HM at Mac till past midnight while the rest headed home.

06 Aug 2013

Thanks to Watsons, I got a free mask to pamper my face. The quality of the mask is too thin, as you can see I torn it at the nose bridge. The texture is good enough and my face don't feel tight after usage.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monday Manicure

05 Aug 2013

I was on half day leave to run errands.

Collected the 2 HL inspired dresses which I bought from Bag Charm Love. They were gorgeous bodycon dresses. Shall take pictures when I have a chance.

Back home for lunch then to Gardenails for gelish manicure and classic pedicure. Thanks to the birthday month promotion, I merely spent $53 including removal of my previous gelish manicure and add-on gradient.

Had dinner at Clementi Market & Food Centre. My favourite char kway tiao at $3. It is located just beside the food juice stall.

Received the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which CSX helped to order from Taobao. I think I spent less than $30 for this.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Is For Getting Out

04 Aug 2-13

Shopping with mum at JEM. Finally I had a chance to really shop in the mall.

Chocolate ring, Almond Cake and Honey Honey Bread

Had high tea at Paris Baguette which was recommended by mum. Waited for a while till we got seats.

 $170.10 for the small one

$179.10 for the slightly bigger one

Eyeing on a Tocco Tsocano bag from Robinsons. Should I get it? And the small or the big? The price only differs by $9 by the way.

03 Aug 2013

Make Up for the Day

Board the Asethetics Hub Tour Bus with KZ to understand more about LASER, fillers and also a consultation. It is organized by MyFatPocket.

The first stop was Nu. Reflections. We had a tour of the clinic and the various equipment they had. The NeeraDetox and Crystal Tomato were interesting.

Second stop was Cutis Medical. The lady doctor looks really good, that's how convincing she is. Knew so much more about fillers and botox which got me tempted to try fillers on my nose. You can tell that my nose bridge isn't obvious.

Last stop was Astique where we get a consultation by Dr. Matthew Yap. And apparently, I need fillers for my nose, cheeks, chin and tear troughs.

It was a fulfilling trip and we got samples of skincare products and discount vouchers.

Had lunch at Itacho Sushi with KZ, window shopping then chilled at Starbucks till dinner time.

Dinner at Ding Tai Fung and entertained ourselves. We were 2 crazy women in the restaurant.

Home at 10:30pm.

Friday, August 2, 2013

PS Cafe

01 August 2013

Met Dare Association again for dinner at Paragon PS Cafe. It was my virgin time there.

Had Grilled Chicken Sandwich which was flavorful. It cost $21 by the way. And also a Honey and Lemon Soother.

Shared Blackout Cake which was really sinful with chocolate and ice-cream. It was about $48/pax.

Window shopping at Paragon and headed to chill at Wisma Atria Starbucks.

Instead heading them straight, we went to Dorothy Perkins. And it ended up KZ and me buying a pair of heels each. I got mine at $29 and it was comfy.

Home at 11:30pm.