Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dinner at Pizza Hut

Met Jac and WF for dinner at Pizza Hut yesterday. Thanks to Jac, I had a free personal pan hawaiian pizza and a birthday present from her. A rose pink Swarovski crystal pen.

Can't wait for Sat to come as I will be heading to USS again. This time, I am so going for the Transformers ride.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Big Groove 2012

29 July 2012

Bought a $16 dress from The Stage Walk at their booth in the ST Classifieds Fashion & IT Showcase.

Worked with Mavis for Lenovo at The Big Groove 2012 held at Suntec Convention Centre. Work was real easy, just giving out pamphlets and getting people to participate in the lucky draw.

Most of the time, we were watching the dance concert by hip hop dance groups from Japan, Taiwan, France and Korea. There were Jinjo from Korea, The Wrecking Crew and Base from Japan, RAF from France. It was amazing how their bodies can be that flexible.
Knocked off at 10:30pm.

28 July 2012

Worked for 28 Black at Bukit Timah Road. Sales was not as good as last week's.
Back home for dinner.

27 July 2012
Went all the way to Clarke Quay from home. Was supposed to work as party ambassador but I got impatient and tired of waiting for the agent. She was late and didn't even tell me before hand. I waited for 1.5hr and decided to leave and join Ranga and KZ at Holland V.
Chilled at The Pit. Had a summer ale, belgium beer, fries with garlic and onion rings. Seriously, they were not stingy with garlic. My mouth smell of garlic for 2 days.

Headed to Swensens for ice-cream. Had Coit Tower which was not bad.

Shared a cab home. It was at least 1am then.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Work and more Work

Crazy busy morning that I even no time to eat.

Bought an avocado milkshake and off to meet someone using my precious 1-hour lunchtime.

Back in office and still had a pile of work to do. Seriously, work is not so easy now.

Leaving for home soon and will be at Le Noir tonight. It should be a good night.

Meanwhile it's another working weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prizes and more prizes

Won the Dior Cannage Couture Makeup Palette from the Facebook contest on Cassis's page. Do like their page to participate in their upcoming contests.

Received the pair of MaryJane Jelly Wedges in Rose Pink. Thanks to The Stage Walk for the prompt delivery.

And also the new Clio product that I won. This is Clio Slim Smudgeproof Brush Liner. The tip is only 0.1mm which allows you to draw a really fine line. And best of all, it's smudgeproof capability can last for 8 hours but you can easily remove it with warm water. Got to try this new product and review.

Will be attending briefing for Friday night's party at Attica Too.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


22 July 2012

Had Mac hotcakes for breakfast with mum.

Back home prepared and off to Tokyo Bust Express at Taka. Had a consultation done and tried the $12 trial which included a collagen scrub, massage by a machine and bust massage using firming gel. There was indeed effect of lifting and enhancement but I had to bear with the pain.

Rushed to Suntec City to meet someone for a while. Felt kind of short walking beside him especially without my heels.

Back home, shower and had a good nap.

Had McSpicy for dinner with siblings.

21 July 2012

I am officially 24 and my eyebrow embrodiery has finally done with peeling/
Put on make up and used some new products (at least to me) which I have kept under my bed for the longest time.

Benefit: Moisturizing lotion with SPF 10 and Brightening Face Primer
Maybelline Hyper Diamonds Eye Palette and MAC Highlighter, Blusher and Bronzer

Worked for 28 Black at Upper Bukit Timah Road. Sales was not bad and I was fortunate to spot an Audi R8.

Was mad hungry and bought chocolate and ice lemon green tea while working.
Rushed to Clementi Mall Ichiban to meet the ladies for dinner.They bought me a surprise Tiramisu birthday cake. The four of us managed to finish the cake even after a good meal.

They went home with me to wait for me to remove my makeup and stockings. Yes, I hate stockings cause they make me itch.

Took photos along the way to Teo Heng KTV and while waiting for the room.

Acting cute

Supposed to make ourselves ugly

Sang from 11pm-2am. The room was small for 4 pax but what you can expect when it's cheaper than KBox and Party World? Thank you girls for the company till late night.

Shared a cab home. Shower and slept like a pig.

Friday, July 20, 2012

iBattz Vogue Mojo iPhone Removable Battery Case

My last post before I turned 24. It's scary to say "Those were the days" but I am finally there to feel how it feels like being this age. I was always curious about this.

Remember I had eyebrow embrodiery done last Sunday? It has been 6 days so here's how my eyebrows looked like after a substantial amount of peeling.

Walked to and from office to Safra Radio at Defence Technology Tower B to collect the iBattz Vogue Mojo iPhone casing I won. Saw one of the Power98 DJs Sonija too.

Had kimchi cup noodles for lunch. The soup contained too much seasoning which explained the flavour.

Chicken rice for dinner with CSX.

Will be working for 28 Black at Shell petrol station at Upper Bukit Timah Road tomorrow afternoon and dinner with the ladies at Ichiban.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

There's Always Hope

18 July 2012
Had breakfast with mum at Ya Kun. That's a good start of the day.

Won the iBattz Vogue Mojo iPhone Casing which allows you to charge your phone at the same time. It's worth $129 ok? Thanks to The Morning Power Breakfast show on Power98 FM.

Second happiest thing. Won a make up product by Clio through their FaceBook page. The product has yet to be released into the market so that's keeping me in suspense.

There's always hope in life isn't it? So let's be hopeful.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Have Hope, Have Miracle

16 July 2012
Had a busy morning that I had late lunch.

Delivered documents and had curry chicken at Queensway Shopping Centre.

Met someone when I was about to knock off since he waited all afternoon.

Finished my cup corn before leaving for home.

Had dinner at home and met Jac at Clementi Mall. Went Swensens for dessert while she had her dinner.
Home at 9pm.

If there's hope, there's miracle.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Scars on My Eyebrows

15 July 2012
Went for eyebrow embrodiery at Ja'zz Spa where I get my facial done. It's located at Jurong West.

There were 2 options, the normal eyebrow embrodiery (EE) and creative embrodiery (CE). Of course, for my face, I would pick the better one which is CE. Not saying that EE isn't good enough just that CE will give you more natural-looking eyebrows.

First step, the therapist will draw your eyebrows to let you have an idea about the shape and the length. Since I don't have make up on most of the time, I rather not have too long eyebrows. And dark brown is the colour.

Local anesthesia cream is applied on the eyebrows. Waited for about 15mins and procedure started.

The embrodiery needle wasn't that big and it's totally painless at the beginning. When the numbness effect was gone, here comes the pain when the therapist was still doing the embrodiery. Especially at the ends and the arch of the eyebrows, it really hurts. I was bitting my teeth and holding the towel real hard.

Finally all done but my skin had abit of redness. The pigment doesn't penetrate into my skin as well as most people. Does that mean it won't fade off that easily? Applied the repair cell serum. Had to apply it every 2 hours.

The skin should start to peel after a week but I guess mine will take 2 weeks. The worse part, I can't use my hands to peel off the skin even if it's hanging. The colour will be lighter than what you see in the picture after the peeling. This is just like putting on a tattoo. The scars on my eyebrows.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shopping With Mum

Went town with mum to celebrate her birthday.

First stop, lunch at 313 Somerset Marche. Rostti with sour cream, ice lemon tea and cream of mushroom.

With a full stomach, brought mum to Make Up Store for her free makeover. Bought cosmetics and skincare products as expected.

Peeling Mask

Natural loose powder, brush and Micro Eyeshadow in Khaki Gold

Redeemed a $10 voucher at the customer service centre and spent it on a blue top at G2000.

Walked to Paragon That CD Shop. Bought their compiled album "Songs from a Secret Garden". Seriously, a good stereo system is needed to bring out the best of the music.

Walked to Taka Cedele for high tea. Had a slice of banana espresso and a pot of organic raspberry leaves tea. I am starting to like tea.

Walked into BeBe amd got tempted again. Saw a $200+ dress, it better be on sale soon.

Window shopping at Ion Orchard before leaving for home.

Slept very well (unglamly) on the bus home.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Special K Bar

This was one of the items I bought from Tesco. The best cereal bar I had so far. Crispy and sweet. I have tried other brands like Alphen, Nature Valley and Quaker but they don't taste that good.

Had a bar of this before gym and it's enough to last me at least for an hour of dancing. Whether it's 90 calories or more, I don't care as long as it taste good.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday at Bukit Indah

08 July 2012

Went Bukit Indah with Dare Association. Long time since we were there. Never failed to get lost and had to get help from KZ's relative.

Reached Aeon Mall at about 1pm. No jam but we had a hard time looking for a parking lot.

Had lunch at a thai restaurant which was opposite Old Town White Coffee. The tom yum soup was good. Totally reminded me of the one I had in BKK.

Sweet & Sour Chicken set

Ranga, Nicholas and KZ had foot massage while Ama and I went for cut+wash+treatment. It cost merely RM88. My current bob hairstyle is still not obvious but I am going to wait another few months before I head back to Salon Vim.

Bought a RM30 shampoo for my unhealthy scalp.

Went to J.Co to meet the rest. Had an iced chooclate and a glazed donut while chilling.

Time for grocery shopping at Tesco. We were there for at least an hour. Bought instant noodles, crackers, kit kat and honey nut granola bars. Cost me about RM41.

Dinner at Tian Lai Seafood which is located at Gelang Patah. Spent most of our waiting time killing insects. Ordered sambal kangkong, cereal prawns, steamed fish in HK style, otah, seafood soup, deer meat in black pepper and yam ring. Imagine all these including drinks cost us only about RM170. My favourite is the cereal in the cereal prawns followed by sambal kangkong.

Home at 11:30pm. Thanks to Nicholas for driving us around and KZ for the dinner.

Can't wait for our Langkawi trip in Oct.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Workshop at Make Up Store

Went for makeup workshop at Paragon Make Up Store. There were 4 of us and 2 makeup artists.

While waiting for workshop to begin

Began with skincare. We tried the scrub and mask too. The scrub is very gentle as the particles are very fine. The mask really brightens my skin but I am not going to get it yet. Tried the skin serum which really made my skin smoother. Not sticky at all.

Next was makeup. The eyebrow palette was convenient but since I will be doing eyebrow embroidery next week, why waste the money? Had the makeup artist to pick eyeshadow colours for me. It was red and black for me. I like the red eyeshadow which is something new to me. The lip plump was good too, think I bought it previously.

Here's how I look at the end of the workshop.

The pictures don't do justice to the eyeshadows so I snapped a picture of the products.

Jubilee, skin serum and Backstage

Spent over $100 on the products, it's the skin serum which is expensive. Jubilee is black glitter eyeshadow and Backstage is the red eyeshadow which I fancy.

Home at 6pm/

Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekend, Please Come Close

05 July 2012

My office desktop broke down on me so I had to use my boss's. The good thing about this is that I will be using a new desktop and no more kid-dish music since it will be a new sound card.

Went for facial after work. Will be doing eyebrow embroidery next Sunday. My eyebrows are not thick and black enough. Birthday gift to myself.

Looking forward to the weekend. Make Up Store workshop at Paragon on Sat afternoon and JB with Dare Association on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Was Never Part of the Plan

Another half a year has zoom-ed past and here I am to look back what I have done for these 6 months.

My salary has increased, my wardrobe is now more ever packed than ever and my definition of expensive has changed ($3 for lunch is considered a little pricey). And what happened to my relationship status? Stagnant water.

If you ask me about my relationship matters, this is my face to you.

I feel threathened by age, I have to admit. Especially when you realise people around you are getting hitched. The guys, who I am interested in, don't like to commit. I wasn't part of their plans so don't mention about travelling together. Felt like someone has been giving me false hopes.

Singlehood for me?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

02 July 2012

Took half day afternoon leave and went JCube for movie. Thanks to my boss who gave me a lift there.

Watched "The Amazing Spider-Man" with CJZ. Forgotten that it was school holiday and so, the ice-skating ring was crowded like the movie theatre. Andrew Garfield is cute but I still prefer the previous series of "Spider-Man" series. This Spider-Man is more witty and humorous but just not nerdy enough.

Had dinner with siblings at Mac.

Back home and was laughing like crazy with CJZ about the cartoons we used to watch. Dragonball GT, 一休和尚, superheroes, power rangers and more. I always watched cartoons which most boys like which explains my-not-so-feminine side.

Next movie to watch:  The Dark Knight Rises

Monday, July 2, 2012

Body Massage at The Masego

01 July 2012

Met KZ to go for Body Massage with Herbal Heat Compress at The Masego in SAFRA Jurong. I won that voucher through CozyCot's "More than Words".

The spa was safari-themed and we had our massages in individual tents. The spa reminds me of The Cabin in Langkawi where we stayed for Halloween 2011.

The massage was good, not very painful for me. Felt really good when the herbal heat compress was placed on the back.

Had red bean soup for dessert, collected my 2 Shaw premiere tickets and off to Jurong Point.

Had Premium FIsh N' Fries at Billy Bombers. Not worth that $19.90 though. Don't really fancy the $5.90 Iced Chocolate with Ice-Cream also.

Shopping at Sasa. Bought doubled-sided eyelid sticker at $3.90. Spending all these money may came up to be more expensive than going for a double eyelid surgery.

Home at 9pm+.