Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scalp Treatment

Dreamt of someone last night. I would say it's a sweet dream but after all, it's a dream.

Will be on myself at work from tomrrow as today is the auntie's last day.

Went for scalp treatment at Trichore-Kare after dinner at home. Yes, I have been spending money on my scalp more than on anything else. Better pray hard it's worthwhile.

Will be going gym tomorrow after work.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Not such a hectic day at work which I should learn to appreciate. Work has been well although it can be crazy sometimes. The best of all is that I get paid fortnightly. Like what I always think, as long as I work, I will get paid in money. In a relationship, I may have given my heart but I won't be paid wholeheartedly.

Went for facial after work and now I should try to sleep after watching an episode of "我的如意狼君".

While someone is away for days, I should give this complicated (and possibly worthless)relationship a good thought before I realised I am the dumbiest female standing on Earth. 天下何处无芳草

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dance Central

27 Jan 2012

Met the ladies for CNY dinner at Blk 329.  Ordered 5 dishes which was just enough for 6 of us.

Played Blackjack at SF's place. Lost a few dollars again.

Home at 11:30pm.

28 Jan 2012

Went to ex-colleague's daughter's full month celebration.

Off to uncle's house to play Kinect. Had a great workout playing Dance Central for almost 3 hours. Played MotionSports too. It wasn't so easy to horseback riding and hand gliding.

Had dinner with uncle's family then to KZ's house to chit-chat till 11:30pm.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mac again and again

25 January 2011

Went for hair treatment at Trichore-Kare then to gym. Too good a workout that I am suffering from muscle ache at my thighs and arms.

Collected 2 bottles of Opti-fresh at Novartis office and back home for dinner.

Probably too early a dinner, CJZ and I got hungry and went for dinner again at Mac. Only had Oreo Mcflurry and french fries.

Back home to watch 缺宅男女.

26 January 2011

Had breakfast at Mac with mum. Yes, it's Mac again.

Helped mum to prepare lunch since I have time to waste.

Spent money again. This time on a new pair of glasses. All my angbao money gone.

Pool with CJZ for an hour and had chicken rice and papaya milkshake.

Got to stay home for the rest of today before I complain tomorrow is a working day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Luck in Mahjong

24 Jan 2011

Met someone in the afternoon before going to Nicholas's place for Blackjack and Mahjong. As expected, I lost money in Mahjong.

Had light dinner at his place then off to Chevrons Aviary KTV at 8pm with KZ and LL.

Sang till 10pm and stayed in Kidz Room till 11pm to gossip.

Home at 11:30pm.

Song of the day: A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year


Had steamboat for lunch and dinner with immediate family yesterday.

Stayed home the entire day watching "Thor" and "In Time".

Slept at about 1am.

Woke up at 10:30am, spent 2 hours preparing.

Decided to wear the Mandarin Collar Work Dress in Dusty Pink from The Stage Walk. The design of the belt suites the CNY theme and all I need to do is to use another belt to match the dress for everyday office wear. The dress's classy is just my style.

Dress from The Stage Walk

Set off for Redhill at 1pm. Had desserts and played with paternal cousins till 4pm.

Went to Grandma's house for gathering with maternal family.

Played Blackjack and won about $11. Steamboat for dinner again.

Home at 8:30pm. I am already yawning at 10pm.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Captain America

Went to collect my passport at ICA in the morning. They are on time if you booked the apoointment online.

Met CJZ for pool at WCRC. He has indeed improved a lot. Very cheap for students at about $6/hour.

Window shopping at Clementi Mall and back home.

Watched "Captain America" while having dinner. Looking forward to "The Avengers".

Down to Clementi Mall again. Bought a $28 dress from Kate Love. Received compliments from a young girl.

Got to do my nails now.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Life

Had a pretty slack morning so afternoon was really crazy. Had no time to take a breather.

Met someone after work then back home under the sun.

Dinner with CJZ at Mac.

Looking forward to 5 off days from Saturday to Wednesday. I should be singing "Good Life" by One Republic.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2nd Scalp Treatment

17 Jan 2012

Went for scalp treatment at Tricho-Kare after work. I always look forward to the cooling shampoo and the head massage. Brought home a bottle of purifying shampoo and a scalp spray.

Home at 9pm.

18 Jan 2012

Went gym after work. It has been at least 2 weeks since I last had a workout. Got to go for another day this week before more weight gain.

Bought stamps at Singpost and realised the dragon-printed stamps looked more like a snake than dragon.

Finally back home for a cup of milo and crackers.

ICA is really efficient in renewing passports. Within 3 days after online renewal through APPLES, my passport is ready for collection. Shall collect it on Saturday morning.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Day in BKK

Last Day in BKK

Woke up at 8am as usual for an hour of buffet breakfast. The waffle was excellent and I just had to take 2.

Thinking that some of the shops would be open, we headed out. To our disappointment, we were too early.

Back to hotel room to slack till 10:45am to check out.

Took the hotel's shuttle bus to hotel. Had a seriously good sleep, thanks to the bumpy ride.

Queued for a long time to check in and get out passports stamped.

Time for shopping in airport again. Bought a THB190 Nantita bag for mum.

Had a good meal in the plane. Rice with plenty of prawns, white wine and a good dessert.

Took a nap while listening to my choice of music. It was a good nap especially after food.

Arrived in SG at 5:15pm and shopping time.

Almost bought a $280 Gucci leather purse but resisted.

Home sweet home at 7pm.

BKK Day 2

BKK Day 2

Woke up at 8am, wash up and had buffet breakfast. A selection of western, chinese and japanese like dim sum, pastries and sushi.

Took a cab to Pratunum market. Bought nothing except for a bottle of iced water.

Walked over to Platinum Fashion Mall. Lots of apparel and bags. Looking left and right made me suffered from slight headache.

Walked to Central World at 2pm. Spotted an Elephant Buddha in front of the mall.

KZ bought more Naraya stuff while Ranga bought a Jim Thompson pouch. As for me, I went to check out the Coach outlet but decided to get from Siam Paragon eventually.

It was about 3pm then. Bought street food for lunch to enjoy in hotel.

THB27 Fried Rice

Rested for an hour and time for free and easy. KZ and Ranga went MBK Shopping Centre while I went Siam Paragon to get the Coach pouch. Wrong price tag again, it cost THB5,900 instead of THB4,900. I was wondering why there's a price difference between the brown and black.

Time to hit the street market which was my favourite shopping area in BKK. Bought a THM450 pink bodycon dress, a RM240 grey tank dress and a THB200 blue cardigan

Back in hotel room at 6pm. Decided to soak myself in the hot tub, on the MTV channel and facebook-ing. Super relaxing and the hotel stay was all worth it.

Rested for a while after all of us were back.

Had dinner at a Thai restaurant. Green curry with chicken and rice. Lots of peas and chicken pieces as you can see.

Took a walk at the street market again and back in hotel room.

Lights off at 11pm.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

BKK Day 1

BKK Day 1

Met KZ and Ranga in cab to Changi Airport. Had to check-in by 6:15am.

Had breakfast at Starbucks and finally time to board the flight.

Seats in Thai Airways were more comfortable than in Airasia. Breakfast in flight was not bad.

Arrived at Bangkok with excitement. Took the Novotel's shuttle bus and had a nap.

After hotel check-in, placed our luggage in the room. Concluded that we had a pretty good pool view but the construction in front did spoil a little.

Hotel Lobby

We had street food for lunch down at an alley. Doesn't it look like school canteen because of the benches? Had tom yam soup which cost THB500. Very flavourful.

Tom Yam Soup

Went to Siam Centre, unfortunately there wasn't much shopping to do.

Next was Siam Paragon. That's where there were luxury shops like Chanel, Coach and Kate Spade. Spotted a limited edition Coach pouch which was THB4,900. Decided not to consider buying the next day. Noticed that the male security guard at the mall puts on pink lipstick.

Walked to Siam Discovery where KZ's favourite shop Naraya was. I bought 6 wristlets for souvenirs.

Just across the road was MBK Shopping Centre. You can do price negotiation. Bought a few pieces of baby wear for my colleague's daughter and a pair of replica Havaianas.

Back to hotel room to put down our shopping bags and went for massage at the alley. The THB300 Thai massage I got made me stayed awake throughout due to the pain.

Did some light shopping along the night street while waiting for KZ and Ranga. Very impressed with myself for the 2 dresses which cost me THB99 each.

Back to hotel room for shower and out for dinner. Bought a stick of 2 sausage-like balls which contains tung hoon and had THB40 beef bee hoon soup at a small shop.

Beef bee hoon soup

Walked along the busy street and had a refreshing cup of iced ume drink.

Back to hotel room then to the hotel's bar at 9pm for a drink. The bar was still very empty until we left at about 10:30pm.

Pink Lady

And here's what I bought for the day.

Lights off at 11pm.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

BKK in 11 hours

Another hectic at work. Wanted to meet someone for lunch but had to cancel it cause I can't escape. Ended up skipping lunch.

Went to TPY to get salary and back home at 7pm.

Have tomorrow to escape from the stress and off to BKK with Ranga and KZ Leaving SG in 11 hours.

This Is Hectic

What a hectic day. Busy day at work and photoshoot in the evening. Only one Curry O' for dinner.

Back home at 10:30pm, do passport renewal online and finally enjoying a cup of milo and crackers.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scalp Treatment At TrichoKare

Went TrichoKare for scalp treatment. Anyway, it has been so long since I had a good head massage.

Decided to save myself from hair loss before it's too late. And of course, I know this is a long term weekly investment so I have to cut down a lot on shopping in BKK.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gastric Pain

07 Jan 2012

Spent entire day at home watching HK drama. If not for the BKK trip, I would probably head out for good food and shopping.

Met someone at Clarke Quay. Ended up waiting for an hour. As usual, got picked up and back home at 11:30pm.

08 Jan 2012

Met KZ and Ranga at Holland Village for dinner.

Only had few mouths of udon as I had gastric pain.

Chilled at Starbucks till 9:30pm.

Luggage is packed. I am all ready for BKK shopping.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sickly Start of 2012

Not a good Year 2012 to start with. Fell sick and had to take 3 days MC. Didn't know gastric flu is that terrible to take.

Went to Nuffnang office to collect my prizes. A pair of GV tickets and a 2GB USB drive.

Down to Essence Studio to collect the family photo album then back home.

Instant noodles for dinner and continued with my HK drama 女人最痛.

Rendevous High Tea Buffet

Outdated post again. Thanks to flu, fever and gastric flu. Vomitted for a good 2 hours.

Met Ranga, KZ and Ama on Monday supposedly for high tea buffet at Hilton but don't know for what reason that they don't have it on that public holiday.

The 4 of us began to seek alternative plan and finally found high tea buffet at Hotel Rendevous.

Loitered at Ion Orchard and Coffee Bean to pass time and off for the long awaited buffet at 3:30pm.

The salmon sashimi was very, very fresh. I couldn't stop praising. What's Sakae Sushi man? There weren't too much choices but the cold seafood was not bad. Spent about $30/pax after 20% discount from DBS cards.

Off to Kinokuniya to browse books. Pretty unlike us, I guess. Spent more than an hour there.

Settled down at Wisma Atria Starbucks for a good cup of Peppermint Mocha.

We were thinking of taking a bus home but after Ama saw the queueless taxi stand and the much taxis waiting, she hurried into the first taxi. And so, the rest of us hopped into the next taxi for a comfortable ride home.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to All!

Mine wasn't that happy as I was down with flu and slept through the countdown.

First meal of the day: Caesar Salad

Had lunch with CJZ at Crystal Jade. Plain congee and char siew bun are enough to fill my stomach.

Went to ex-colleague's house to visit her family. Congratulations on her new-born.

Finally bought the flip flops which I was looking for. Thanks to KZ for helping me to keep a lookout.

Had dinner at Subway (yes, alone again). Cold cut trio and cream of cauliflower.

Knocked into WF at Jurong Point.

Home at 7pm.