Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lexi Lyla Fashion Show

Finally, it was the Pink Parlour Be Free Party at Zouk yesterday. It was co-organized with Singapore Cancer Society, Lexi Lyla, Sharon Tang, Xquisis and many other companies.

Reached Zouk at 3pm, I was the latest and rehearsal for the fashion show have yet to began.

Had my makeup done partially, ate a slice of hawaiian pizza and had the rehearsal.

It was 6pm when rehearsal ended. Had my hair done by Hair Essensuals and makeup completed.

Brown eyeshadow and gold glitter

The programme started at 7pm with the swimwear show with male and female models. There were only screams from the crowd when the male models were on the stage.

Finally it was the fashion show by Lexi Lyla. There were 6 models including myself. We had 4 sets of outfit matching with accessories, bags and heels. I had no time to snap photos of myself so could only wait for the photos from the photographers.

Right after the fashion show ended, all of us were so relieved that we made quite a bit of noise backstage. Appreciate all the hard work everyone has put in to make this a success. And of course, have to thank Lexi Lyla for the outfits.

And talking about the heels, I did take pictures of 2 pairs of heels which I wore. They were sponsored by Xquisis. I took home a pair and bought the other pair. The prices were affordable and best of all, comfortable. I didn't get blisters although I was wearing them for runway. I will be sure to shop from them again since the prices were more affordable than Charles & Keith and the quality is good.

I was crazy over this pair

Classic black heels with a twist

Had a quick chat with HM on the phone while waiting for my bus home.

Home at 10pm and not forgetting to take the last picture.

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