Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend At Langkawi - Part 1

27 Oct 2011

Set off with Ranga and KZ for a weekend getaway at Langkawi.

Took the coach from Five Stars Travel at 9:30pm and was watching "Twilight: New Moon". From time to time I was dozing off due to the plentiful conversations.

Watched "Eat Prey Love" afterwhich but my eyes couldn't hold any longer and I stopped the movie after 30mins.

28 Oct 2011

Guess what? We only reached Penang at about 7:30am. Bumpy, cold and long bus ride.

Took a cab to the ferry terminal, had our breakfast and took a 2-hour ferry to Langkawi. We seriously had a better sleep.

Finally, we reached our destination at 11am. Had pastries and coffee at Starbucks.

Took a cab to The Cabin and unpacked our stuff in each of our rooms. We were really glad that we had our individual rooms to make our own chaos and own a balcony. The housekeeping had our pillow cases, bed sheets and towels changed everyday. 

Took a nap till dinner time. Had a walk by the beach then to a restaurant. Enjoyed a glass of frozen strawberry margarita.

Just when I wanted to have dinner, my nausea came again. Had to forgo dinner and returned to The Cabin alone.

Turned in at 8pm and slept throughout the night really well.

29 Oct 2011

Woke up at 9am. Had breakfast at The Breakfast Room across the street. The cafe was in British theme and Ranga started his British accent again.

Walked to DFS to take a cab to Oriental Village for a tour. Took a really good photo (at least I thought) along the way.

Didn't have to queue long for our cable car ride tickets but queued really long to get into the cable car.

The cable car ride was exciting with the height and scenary. We climbed to one of the highest peaks with great energy. The weather was very cooling and the scenary was spectacular. The sky and the sea looked like they were joined together. The sea was really infinite. The world is really huge and I have more to explore.

Walked down to a long bridge which was quite scary. All that's below was a forest.

Took the cable car ride back to Oriental Village after enough photo-taking.

Both my travel mates got excited spotting a lake of fishes and a few ducks. Especially KZ, she was fascinated by the ducks. They even bought packs of fish food to feed them. Whereas for me, I was busy taking photos of them and the surroundings.

Walked over to Berjaya Resort for their beach. We were sweating like crazy.

Time for us to have a good lunch. We took a shuttle back to Oriental Village for Japanese food. There wasn't much choices so we had to makedo with it.

After got ourselves full, we bought carrot slices to feed the rabbits. I fed the roosters carrot slices too, no one was even looking at them.

Took a cab back to The Cabin, wash up and went for non-halal seafood dinner. The food was blant like they ran out of salt. Only the bamboo chicken was a good dish. So if you are looking for seafood in Langkawi, please try another restaurant other than the one below.

Back to The Cabin, had my shower and off to sleep. Was supposed to go drinking with Ranga and KZ at midnight but I woke up late and was too tired.

Shall continue my Langkawi trip at the next post.

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