Sunday, October 2, 2011

G2000 Style Icon

Went to attend the G2000 Style Icon at Ion Orchard Event Hall yesterday.

Arrived at 10:30am for the fitting then waited for the group briefing to start. Spent quite an amount of time waiting.

Had lunch with Janice, one of the contestants from another group, at The Soup Spoon.

Did a rehearsal and finally the programme began when the emcee Sarah arrived.

We went up the stage with our normal office day look first with Sarah introducing each of us. Finally, we went separate ways according to our allocated group. My group stayed for a Q&A session on stage then to The Scene at Wisma for our hairdo and makeup.

I was the last contestant to get fully prepared. Had to run back to Ion Orchard bare-footed after I got off the lift at B4. How happening it was for me, wasn't it?

Quickly got changed in the fitting room, had my makeup re-touched and rushed backstage. Of course the photo below was taken after the event ended. Still waiting for the pictures from the professional shoot and the group photo taken on stage. Will need to accumulate votes on FaceBook to win.

The event ended at about 4pm. Queued to have my professional photos taken. Was chatting with this 36-year old guy queuing in front of me. Cute guy and totally doesn't look his age.

Went back to the fitting room to change back. And who knows? I picked up some clothes and went back to the fitting room to try. Bought a pair of pants, a knitted blouse and a trench coat. Love the trench coat which cost me freaking $169. Luckily I have the $100 voucher to use.

The day was still young. Bought $15 Royce Champagne Chocolate and off to meet the ladies for 7-course dinner at Tao's Kitchen.

The food was not bad and surprisingly we were quite filling although the portions were small. Forgot to take a picture of the iced grape mallow juice.

Bacon and Mushroom Gratin

Orange Sorbet

Prawn roll and pork floss

Grilled Oyster Mushroom

Cream of pumpkin

Spicy stingray

 After a heavy dinner, we chilled at TCC. Had a glass of minty berry yogurt drink.

Left at 11:30pm. Shared a cab home with WX, SF and WF.

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