Saturday, September 10, 2011

Travelling = Tiring

Today was really a tough day.

Went to workplace for an hour, took a cab to Boon Keng to handle the shipment. And who knows that it was delayed? In order to save time, I took a bus to Bugis Junction for a delivery and walked to Funan with a McFlurry to collect namecards. Walked back to Bugis Junction to take a bus back to Boon Keng. Had to stay in the light drizzle to check the shipment before storage. Took a cab back to workplace and had to 'entertain' the cab driver.

It was already 3:30pm when I was back at workplace. Only get to enjoy a small glass of ginger ale which was imported.

Rushed to get the paperwork done and finish my other boss's work.

In conclusion, travelling = tiring.

Watching "Horrible Bosses", lots of rough language but not bad for a laugh.

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