Monday, September 12, 2011

Lingerie Shopping

Put on the grey-coloured contacts lenses, Harley Davidson top and Levis jeans and I am ready to go.

Met KZ and WF at FEP for lunch. $3.50 wanton mee and done.

Walked to Tangs for lingerie shopping. Saw a set of turqoise lingerie from Versailles at 60% off. Cost about $85 which was totally worth it but still hesitating.

Walked to Ion Orchard and continue with lingerie shopping at La Senza. Saw a set of nightwear at $95. Still considering if it's worth it after the discount.

High tea at TCC with a cup of Mocha Villa. Thanks to WF for the treat.

Walked over to Shaw Lido for WF to buy movie tickets. KZ and I also bought tickets to Chalet Girl for Tuesday. It's a girls-only sneak preview. There will be a goodie bag for all attendees and a chance to win a watch with Swaroski crystals. Praying hard my luck is back.

Dinner at Paragon Ding Tai Fung. Fried rice with egg and XLB.

Home at 11pm.

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