Saturday, September 17, 2011

If Singapore is a person, who will she be?

Have you ever thought, “If Singapore is a person, who will she be?”

For me, I have been looking at Cozycot's 100 Most Inspiring Real Women and decided to choose Andrea Claire.

Many of us probably have not heard of her (at least I don't) but she's definitely worth all of us to look up to.

Andrea Claire is a freelance celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist. And yes, having a freelance job is not easy as you will be constantly on the lookout for assignments, competing with other capable people. Therefore, she must have been working real hard to achieve what she has own today. She was a single parent, raising her 3 girls and now has remarried. She could do all these by her independence and positive mindset. Now that she has found happiness, it's now all worthwhile.

After we have gained independence, Singapore have came a long way to be who we are today. We have progressed so much. Not just growing in size from land reclamation, we are the world's top five busiest port. We have to thank our ancestors who built today's Singapore and it's now our turn to make Singapore an even better place for our children to live in.

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