Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horlicks McFlurry

17 September

Had dinner with Jac at The Central after knock off at 8:15pm yesterday.

Back home to shower and met KZ and LL at Mac. Wanted to eat the Horlicks McFlurry but out of stock.

Chilled till almost midnight and back home.

18 September

Went gym at Paragon in the afternoon. Had a cup of soy bean milk (that's lunch) and took a bus home.

Got down at Gleneagles and got a lift home by someone. I shall wait and see if it's true that he really bought something for me at HK.

Home at 4pm. Had a cup of detox tea with lots of sugar to reduce sour. Got to continue with my HK drama while enjoying a Horlicks McFlurry.

2 photoshoots tomorrow. It's going to be another tiring day.

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