Monday, January 31, 2011

Lunch With Ex-Manager

Photo taken from Saturday

Finally used my Gucci bag and wallet after so long. Tried very hard to protect them from the rain this morning.

Went to meet my ex-manager for lunch with 2 colleagues at TBP. Had cha shu ramen from Ajisen. My sweet ex-manager also gave me 2 handmade net mandarins  and a red packet. Till now, my mum still hang the basket of net mandarins which my ex-manager made. Everytime I see those mandarins, I will just smile.

Won myself a pair of preview tickets to "127 Hours". Thanks to GV. Hopefully I will win the tickets to "No Strings Attached".

Met someone after work, last minute plan again. Here's a funny thing. When he's on bad luck, I am on good luck.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

High Tea Buffet & Party

Had high tea buffet at Swissotel Merchant Court yesterday to celebrate LL's birthday. Prema brought her daughter along too. Her daughter is more of the lead than LL. Cost us about $34/pax, quite a lot of variety for the desserts.

Left the gang after the buffet and went to my colleague's daughter's birthday party at Bedok Reservoir Road. Slept through the journey on the train.

It was pouring cats and dogs but still I managed to make my way and reached at 7:30pm. Only took a drink since I was still full. Left the party at about 10pm.

My colleagues dropped me off at TBP and I almost wanted to loiter around or take a cab home in the downpour. Cab queue was long but lucky for me, someone came to send me home. 

After almost 36 hours of ignorance from me to him, I finally replied his sms and took his call. And again, I got a round of 'scolding' for not responding to him for so long. You must be thinking I am always looking for trouble when he meant probably well. Dinner was actually his motive to meet but I was still full and it was already late enough for supper. Save me from getting a belly, please.

Home at 11pm, safely.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Farewell Dinner

Went to new house to put stuff before going to work.

Had lunch at Kopitiam with colleagues. Had too much CNY goodies before lunch so couldn't finish the hotpot noodles.

Slacked till 5:30pm then knocked off.

Went Seoul Garden Marina Sqaure with colleagues for farewell dinner. The bbq smell really clinged onto my clothes.

Went to chill at Starbucks and photo-taking. Colleagues gave me accessories as farewell gifts.

Got a lift home from colleague.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bling Bling

Put on bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase and bolster case at new house yesterday. Now then I realised how tiring it is to do a bed.

Back home at 10:30pm yesterday.

Won myself a $5 NTUC voucher for completing the IT Survey. Shall give it to mum.

Went TBM for lunch. Chicken rice and almond beancurd. Bought a cup of soy bean mixed grass jelly.

A colleague gave me a handphone accessory with the letter 'K as a farewell gift'. Love the bling bling.

Off to manicure and pedicure after work. I am rich enough to put 'diamonds' on my nails.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Was watching my colleague's wedding montage in the morning. Still waiting eagerly for the photos.

Went Vivovity for lunch at Kim Gary with colleague. Had fish fillet in cream sauce. Window-shopped then cabbed back to office.

Covered reception after lunch. Got into sleeping mode because of the full stomach.

Made an appointment for manicure and pedicure on wednesday evening.

Going home for dinner and I am off to my new house to unpack stuff. Shall try my best to move in by this weekend.

Yes, it's payday tomorrow. Time to pay bills again.

Meetup with Jac

Woke up at 11am. Had breakfast bought by mum.

Put on makeup then to the new house with CJZ. Put in some clothes into the wardrobe and wiped my bed frame.

Left at 2:30pm to meet Jac while CJZ left for home.

Went to Citilink and I bought 2 blouses and a belt from Bysi. One of the blouse was for one of the 'jie mei' yesterday since I know she would be willing to buy that same blouse of different colour which she bought yesterday. Met HM in Bysi as well. Bought an eyeshadow from Etude House as well.

Walked to Funan IT Mall since Jac needed to buy a BB casing. Had kaya peanut butter toast at Ya Kun.

Took a bus to Orchard Ion. Jac helped her mum to get stuff from Sephora then we went to Wisma Atria. Along the way, we met SF>

Went to have ice-cream at Haagen Dazs. We had a total of 12 different flavours of ice-cream.

After going to the restroom, we ate again. At Sakae Sushi this time. See, we really could eat.

Left for home at 10pm. Waited at the taxi stand for almost an hour till it's our turn to board a cab.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being Jie Mei For the First Time

Woke up at 3am yesterday. Put on makeup then took a cab to my colleague's mother's house. It's my first time being a 'jie mei'.

Had breakfast at the place before we got ready the punishments we had for the 'xiong di'.

People said we look like sisters

We had a total of 5 stages for the groom and his 'xiong di'. First stage was held at the lobby where they were only allowed to use their mouth to get 4 keys out of a tray of flour. Second stage was to wax their left armpits, one of them had no armpit hair and that made him joke of the day. Not that one of the 'xiong di' was abnormal, just that he plucked his armpit hair due to basketball. Third stage was the Q&A session. Forfeit was to have a taste of the sour spray. Fourth stage was for the groom to put on red lipstick then kiss on the agreement. He had to read it out loud in the living room for the bride in the room to hear. Final stage was to sing Wang Lee Hom's 'Ai De Jiu Shi Ni' while walking into the room where the bride was.

After all the games and praying, it's time for us to go to their new nest.

Took a rest at their nest and photo-taking. At about 9:30am, we splitted into 2 groups. I followed the bride and groom to the groom's mother's place.

At 10:30am, we set off to Novotel. Took a nap along the way.

Got ready for the solemnisation and lunch buffet at 12pm. The food was not bad. Mango yam roll, potato salad, samosa,, fish nuggets, fried vegetarian bee hoon and more.

Check in to the bridal suite which was gorgeous and filled with petals. I was truly fascinsated by their service.

Corridor of petals

Had a wash up then accompanied one of the sisters to go shopping. Luckily she managed to find a dress and a belt from Bysi. Cost her about $32, thanks to their end season sale. Did my makeup.when I was back in the room. Two 'xiong di' were asleep and one of them was even snoring.

Went down at 6pm for the tea ceremony. Helped to bring the tea cups back to suite to wash.
Stayed in suite till about 8pm then down to ballroom.
Started with the swordbearers then the newly-wed to march in. The couple had to undergo 5 obstacles before reaching the stage.

Then it's time for dinner. The usual course meal. I had the appetiser then went to help the bride to change her hairdo. By the time I was back in ballroom, they were showing the video montage of what happened earlier in the day. I was almost all the while eating without tasting.

Dinner ended at about 10:35pm which was earlier than the usual. Got a drive home by a colleague. Thanks to the traffic jam in the car park and on the road, I only reached home at midnight.

Celebrating Jac's belated birthday tomorrow. I shall try my luck and see if I can find the same $18 Bysi dress which one of the 'jie mei' bought.

New Hairstyles

21st Jan

Was trying a few hairstyles at home and in office. With the help of my colleague who came up with something new which looked like a snail's shell.

Back home then to Tenderfresh Chicken for dinner with CSX.

Slept at 9:30pm as I had to work up at 3am the next day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bridesmaid Hairstyles?

Took a picture of the CNY decorations in SGH.

Went TBM to pack lunch with a colleague. Bought curry chicken for myself.

Was watching this 1-hour video named "Robessed". Yes, it's from the name of this British actor Robert Pattinson. It's like a video biography of how he became famous. Waiting to see his next movie with Reese Witherspoon.

Snacking on crackers before knock off. I know I shouldn't when I am having tonsilities.

Back home to shower and brought some clothes to the new house. Really have to start packing my stuff. Shall bring some footwear into the new house tomorrow after work.

Had dinner at BK with CJZ then back home to do some packing for Saturday. Still thinking of what hairstyles to do being a bridesmaid.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tonsilities Again

Went TBM for lunch with colleagues. Had Lor Mee with Fried Shark Meat, cost me $3.

Had a waffle with raspberry swirl and teh o at tea time.

Signed up an account at Earn points by reviewing products and get free samples. Ranging from skincare products to makeup.

Back home after work to shower. 

Went Unity Pharmacy to get medication for my tonsilities then off to facial. Didn't realise that I have rashes on my chest until the therapist told me. Please let me get well soon before the weekend comes.

Bought a pack of large fries for late dinner.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spotted: A Blue Lamborghini

Handover my current duties in the morning. Still have things to follow-up though.

Went TBM to pack yong tau foo for lunch. Saw Bryan Wong and Calvin Soh, they are the guys in white in case you can't spot them in the picture below.

Knocked off and G came to fetch me.

Had sushi and soba for dinner. Wanted to catch a movie but the showtimes were either too late or the movies weren't to our liking.

Went to his apartment instead. It's a night view I see this time.

First time seeing a blue lamborghini. Home sweet home at 9:30pm.

Monday, January 17, 2011

An Hour Late For Work

Woke up an hour late this morning. I was crazily saying "Shit" a number of times after waking up. Rushed out of house in 10mins without breakfast.

Reached office at 9am, half an hour late and covered reception.

Had chinese economic rice for lunch, no cravings recently.

Knocked off at 6:30pm and back home for dinner.

One more week to payday. 2 more weeks to new home. Just can't wait.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Pre-Wedding Meeting

Went to colleague's house for a pre-wedding meeting since I am one of the sisters. I didn't know there were so much to do for a wedding. Seriously, I got frightened by it.

Went through the schedule and discussed plans on the gatecrash. It's going to be a long, long day.I know by that afternoon, I would be exhausted.

Had curry chicken for dinner at colleague's place then back home at 7:30pm.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sleepover and Bedding Shopping

Went to meet KZ at her house void deck yesterday to takeaway dinner to Nicholas's house. Bought fried dumpling for $4.

After 4 of us including Nicholas's girlfriend had dinner, we watched "Case 39". Covered my eyes for 2 scenes which involved blood. Quite good a movie.

Nicholas's girlfriend then left for home. The 3 of us were having gossip session of some local models. Continued with another movie "You Again". I was dozing off from time to time.

As it was past 3:30am, KZ and I then had a sleepover at Nicholas's place. Slept till 11am then back home to shower.

Left for Orchard at 12:30pm to meet KZ again.

Watched the movie "Burlesque" starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. It was a good  3-hour movie to people who love dancing. Had a sudden urge to sign up for the Burlesque classes at Jitterbugs.

Went for dinner at Crystal Jade. Ordered lean meat and century egg porridge, Har Kau and fried carrot cake.

Time for shopping at departmental store. Bought a gold fabric bed set, microfiber quilt, pillow and bolster. Cost me about $360 in total. A big thank you to KZ for the advice and helping me to carry the stuff.

Took a cab from Taka back home then went to meet mum to put the stuff in the new house. KZ then continued with her cab journey home.

Enough of words so presenting you my new home after painting,

Parents' purple room

Brother's blue room

The pink room which I am sharing with CSX

The beautiful evening I get to see from my room

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally A Dinner

Have updated my portfolio again. Do take a look.

Went to NUH for my appointment. Suffering from scalp dermatitis and the saddest thing is that it is a on-and-off thing so I am never going to recover from it. Life's like that.

Back home then went to the new home to meet mum. Almost got knocked down by a lorry but it surely wasn't my fault. When it's red light, the lorry wasn't supposed to go into the yellow box which was meant for buses but the driver still wanted to stop in the yellow box. Although I got screamed by some Chinese national woman but who cares?

Went to have lunch at Varinice then went to The Clementi Mall. Just opened today but there were already people eating in the fastfood restaurants. Why can't they build a cinema there?

Back home, checked e-mail then out again.

Went to meet someone for dinner, like finally after the 3 years of waiting. Hard to believe, isn't it? I don't even know if I should be happy about this.

Back home at 6pm and spotted the biggest moth I have ever seen. It's about the size of my 2 hands with fingers opened wide. It shouldn't be a good premonition.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Items Received

Received the dress which I ordered from D' Fashion Fever on Friday. Only bought it at $10. The black dress is really of high quality like those you see in retail shops, unlike some of those which I have bought from blogshops. The $10 was really worth it, made me so happy.
Taken from D' Fashion Fever

Every Friday night, they would be selling one of their items at $10. All you have to do is to add them on FaceBook, leave a comment under that particular post with the item. Only the one with the fastest finger will get to purchase it at $10. I am looking forward to see what's up for this Friday.

Received my POSB Multi-tude card as well. Tried activating it at the ATM but was unsuccessful. I thought there was something wrong with the card but to realise I am supposed to insert my existing ATM card, not my Multi-tude card. Shall retry activating it tomorrow morning.

Had dinner at Pizza Hut with CSX. The restaurant was as noisy as a wet market. I was served with my Hawaiian pizza before the soup and the criss cross fries. It was weird.

Morning appointment at NUH tomorrow. I hope I don't need to spend a bomb.

Out and About

Went to NUH on a rainy day for my appointment and ended up that I went on the wrong day. It was the receptionist at the registration counter who told me that. And of course, it's the operator who mixed the dates. How could she not able to differentiate "tomorrow" and "Thursday"? Made a wasted trip and wasted my sleep.

Went to Mapletree Business City to sign up FitnessFirst Lifestyle membership. My joining fee was waived. I am going to be hitting the gym at least twice weekly from next month. It's really time to tone those arms and thighs.

Back home to put my stuff then to Orchard with CSX.

Accompanied her to Paragon to buy her Longchamp bag. We are turning designer stuff addicts.

Went Cineleisure KBox but it was full so we went over to Scape. There was hardly any other shoppers.

$6nett/pax and sang for 2 hours. The rooms were new and cosy with a sofa. Not those typical black sofa. Chose our songs using the touchscreen monitor.

Walked back to Cineleisure for movie "Love & Other Drugs". Well, it was the last half an hour which was touching. A lot of sexual scenes and nudity, not as much humour as I expected. CSX said it's more like porn.

Walked to Taka while waiting for her boyfriend.

Had Crystal Jade for dinner. Ordered 2 plates of fried rice, drunken chicken, dumpling soup, plain porridge, 2 varieties of meat combination and baby kailan with garlic.

Called a cab then back home at 10:30pm. I am going to sleep till late morning tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Hair Needs A Saviour

Talking about hair problems? I think I have got plenty to complain.

From young, I am not that fortunate to have a volume of hair so I had to perm my hair (twice in my lifetime so far) to fake my hair volume and achieve beautiful curls. Unfortunately, due to my pathetic hair volume, perming didn't help me by a lot.

And because I had my hair permed, I had to wash my hair every morning then apply the curling lotion to maintain the curls. It doesn't take up too much time but it is a hassle. Considering for a rebond.

Could be due to the perming and the frequent hair dying, my hair is now dry if I i do not go for hair treatment monthly. Now you know how much I have spent to cause damage to my hair.

My hairline is also 'attracted' to the back of my head. Trying to say that my forehead is getting higher. Heard that it could be due to the long and frequent tying of ponytail. It's probably time to change my parting too.

See how high my forehead is?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Bukit Indah With Dare Association

Had LJS breakfast at City Vibe yesterday then met Dare Association at Jurong East.

Nicholas drove us to Bukit Indah. Got stopped at the Singapore customs because the fuel was less than 3/4. We stayed in the car to wait for Nicholas to be done with the report then continued our trip.

We spent more than an hour driving around to locate Bukit Indah, all thanks to the useless signboards. Can't really blame KZ for the wrong directions as well. We finally managed to reach Bukit Indah by following the Causeway Link Bus at the terminal.

Had lunch at a hawker centre. They had economic rice while I had watercress soup which only cost me RM0.80.

Walked past the shop houses and we decided to pamper ourselves. I bought a floral waist belt at RM25. Ranga had his hair dyed blonde, LL had her body massage while the 3 of us had foot massage which cost RM37.

The massage palour looked sleazy and there were chinese nationals walking around. We were quite surprised that they could be found in Malaysia too.

All of us gathered at Monsta Cafe for high tea. Celebrated Ranga's belated birthday as well. Passed him his present after we left the cafe.

The chantelier hanging in the cafe

Ice-cream toast and cappuccino

Ready to blow the candle

A Spongebob Luggage for Ranga

Drove to Tesco for grocery shopping. I bought bath towel, sanitary pads, maggie mee and fruit juice. Cost me about RM60 in total.

All the things we bought except for the soccer ball

Drove to Tian Lai Seafood for our dinner. It was recommended by KZ. Ordered 6 dishes which are Gong Bao Snails (tasted like sotong), Shark's Fin (RM30), Sambal Kangkong (RM12), Bee Hoon Crab, Steamed Groupa in HK style(RM70) and Steamed Prawns in Garlic. Cost us a total of RM244.

After a sumptous dinner, we went back Singapore and to West Coast Park.

All of us had either a drink or dessert in hand. Sat down at the rocks looking at the sea. We are like 5 lonely people among the couples and families.

Left for home at about midnight.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Vietnamese Popiah

Had porridge for brunch then took the shuttle bus to West Coast Plaza.

Bought the ingredients I needed to make Vietnamese popiah. Baby carrots, japanese cucumbers, enoki mushrooms, seaweed and deep fried tofu.

Had early dinner at NYNY. Penne with Half Chicken in Cream Sauce.Still didn't manage to finish the entire main course. Ordered root beer float as well.

Back home and made Vietnamese popiah for family. Been so long since I really stepped into the kitchen to really cook.

Mum made the popiahs which look like handrolls

Shopping At Chinatown

Went to polyclinic for my scalp problem again. Got a referral letter and shall be seeing a dermatologist at NUH in Feb. Pray hard that I can shift the appointment before my new job starts.

Had lunch at home while playing Viwawa Sushido.

Last minute plans to go Chinatown with mum. Mum bought pants for dad and CJZ then we had chinese desserts. Changed S$50 to RM for Saturday's trip.

Had early dinner at Happy Realm, a vegetarian restaurant in Pearl Centre. Ordered fried sugar cane flower, curry vegetables, dumpling soup and Hor Fun. Had to pack the leftover home for dad and CJZ.

While mum went home, I went for my manicure and pedicure at Wen Luxe Spa. Had my nails painted gold with glitter. Signed a package of 6 classic manicure and pedicure for $168.

Went to Vivocity to waste my time until 8:30pm. Also knocked into people when I was too focused on the New Paper Bridal Fair.

Went to meet someone at about 9:30pm then back home by cab.

Home sweet home at 10:30pm.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Having Wendy's For The First Time

Covered reception again today and looking forward to Thursday's and Friday's leave.

My resignation has been confirmed by supervisor. So my last day in the office would be CNY eve, so happened that it's a half day. Got to spend more time with present colleagues.

Had Wendy's for lunch, my first time. Had the spicy sensation burger, shared the nuggets and a chocolate frosty with colleagues. Thanks to the male colleague who helped us to pack from the outlet at Liat Towers.

Back home for dinner. Home-cooked century egg porridge.

Was doing a DIY minor operation for my right ear's third piercing at home. Thank goodness all the blood was worth it and now the wound has healed. Finally its inflammation is gone. And just moments ago, I tried to save my left ear's third piercing. Got to observe for 2 days, hoping it will heal as well.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dare Association Gathering

Met Dare Association yesterday for dinner at West Coast Plaza.

While waiting for Ranga, we had salmon sashimi and chawamushi at Sakae Sushi. After Ranga has arrived, we went to have second round at Pastamania.

Finally settled at Starbucks until 11pm. Our usual gossip session and made plans for Ranga's belated birthday celebration on Saturday.

Photo from the Tattoo Sleeve Photoshoot

I have updated my portfolio again. Do take a look if you want to see attitude photos.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boring New Year's Day

Picture taken with colleagues on Christmas Eve

Woke up at about 1pm, slept for almost 12 hours.

Had packed lunch bought by mum then continued playing Viwawa Wahjong. Couldn't find anything else to do at home.

It was raining cats and dogs in the afternoon but I wasn't sleepy.

Went dinner with CJZ at Mos Burger. Wanted to eat Subway but it was closed.

Back home to shower then went to meet someone.

Home at 10:30pm. New Year's Day? That was it for me.