Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mini Farewell Party For Housekeeper

Went TBM to buy lunch for colleagues. When I was on my way to the shuttle bus stand, I realised that I didn't bring enough money. Had no choice but to sacrifice myself and buy $2 nasi lemak.

Had a mini farewell party for our housekeeper who has been with us about a year. Time really flies. It was a last minute thing so we were panicking. The girls shared a Herseys sundae pie and a Tommy Hilfiger handbag for her.

Everyone got emotional

Translating the english written messages for our dear housekeeper

Back home online then realised that I won a Kate Spade Bag worth $390. A big thank you to Kotex for having the WOW contest. Shall collect my prize tomorrow.

I need votes for the Top Fashion Model 2011 organized by D' Fashion Fever.
1) 'Like' the D' Fashion Fever Page
2) 'Like' my picture as seen below.

Dinner At Ramon's Place

Met HM and Ramon at Anchorpoint KFC yesterday. Waited for SF to reach. The worse part was we assumed SF didn't have an umbrella to use in the rain and she diverted her phone calls to me. She was uncontactable so we could only wait patiently, hoping she would find her way. Finally she reached at about 8pm.

Went to Ramon's house, his mum was around too. Ramon refused to let us help in cooking so we had to entertain ourselves. Watched TV, read magazine, surf Internet and below's what SF tried to do.

SF pretending to do housework for Ramon

We are still waiting for food

The busy Chef Ramon

Finally chef has finishing cooking. Not lying but Ramon did all the preparation and cooking. Even his mum wasn't allowed to help.

On the plate, we had soba, tofu, vegetables, fried cod fish, lumpfish roe and slices of chilli. Well, you can estimate that this dinner costs Ramon quite a bit. The portion he cooked was not just for SF, HM and me but another 4 of his friends. I was totally worried about how dinner will turn out, surprisingly it was not bad.

Soba with fried cod fish

Ramon's neighbour also came over. SF, HM and myself were chatting with him but I got a little bored after about 10mins. HM left earlier while SF and I left at about 9:30pm. Took a photo together since we met only once in a few years.

Group photo taken in the lift

Wanted to share a cab with SF back home but it was so difficult to hail a cab outside Anchorpoint. It was already 10pm so we decided not to wait and take a bus instead.

Home sweet home at 10:20pm.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vote For Me!

Office is freezing again, thanks to the rain. Have already went to the hand dryer thrice to warm my poor hands. I just can't work in cold environments.

Went TBM to buy ayam penyet for lunch. Purposely went quietly so as to avoid packing for a pest, yes I was the mastermind.

Signed up for a contest "Singapore's Cutest Smile". Do vote for me!

Cancelled my facial appointment to meet Ramon and gang for dinner. I wonder if Ramon cooks edible food.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Lunch & Shopping

Went to attend an ex-colleague's wedding lunch at Marsiling. When I reached Marsiling MRT station, it just started raining. See how effective I am in causing water leakage?

Waited at the bus stop for almost half an hour until I managed to hail a cab. The worse thing was the cab driver don't know where's the place. I actually had a snapshot of Marsiling area so I directed him but he claimed that I got it wrong. He used his intuition to drive me there using a long way. Luckily I didn't pay too much extra for that short journey.

It was already 2:30pm when I reached the venue. Quickly made my way to find ex-colleagues and give my blessings to the bride. I nearly couldn't recognise her with complete makeup. Gave an hongbao and I got a gift in return too.

I like the cloth bag it came in

Left for Orchard shortly without taking lunch. Spent the train journey resting my eyes.

Reached Tangs at 3:30pm to meet KZ for shopping. I had a cup of soy bean and a stick of bacon with asparagus, that's late lunch.

Went Wisma to get a cup of drink at Starbucks. Bought a pink tank top from Forever 21. Bought accessories from Ion Orchard Diva. Had difficulty looking for the shop Mitju in Ion Orchard, luckily KZ had a vague impression of it's located.

Had no place to shop anymore so we went Wheelock. Slacked at a resting area at Level 3 outside Browhaus. A good, quiet and free place.

8pm dinner at Sakae Sushi. Sashimi, chawanmushi, fried vegetable tempura, handrolls and sushi. I had 2 chawanmushi and 2 california handrolls by the way. Less than $40 in total.

Took a bus home and reached before 10pm.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dinner & Pool

Woke up at 10:30am. Had economic rice for brunch.

Did some ironing of clothes then online again. No one was at home so I was having my KTV session till late afternoon.

Met KZ for dinner at Jack's Place. Had prawn and chicken pasta. The chicken pieces were quite tough so I only ate the prawns and the pasta. Wasted food again.

After eating must exercise so we went to play pool. Lots of chinese nationals these days. We of course gossiped as we played. Laughed so much that we felt warm, usually we will feel cold instead.

Played till 8:30pm then went to bowling alley to have a drink and enjoy air-con. Just soft drinks, not alcohol.

Back home at 9pm.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping At Orchard

Went job interview at IFF located at Science Park II. Intuition tells me there's 80% chance I will get the job. Wish me good luck.

Back home for lunch, shower, online then off to Orchard.

My gold wedges

Went to Shaw Centre to collect the "You Again" prizes I won. Consisted of a key chain, notebook and a t-shirt.

Walked to Ion Orchard for shopping. Bought a pair of Shape-Up sportshoes and a pair of wedges from Skechers. The wedges was on 50% so I couldn't resist. Had 2 chances of instant win lucky draw. Won a pair of sneaker balls and a flurry tote. Got their lifetime membership as well.

Went Wisma Food Republic for dinner. Had the famous hokkien prawn mee, not sure why the gravy seems to increase by quite a bit. Got irritated by the guy at the Char Siew stall who kept greeting people.

Back to Ion Orchard to rest my tired legs after walking for hours. Sat at L1 facing YSL, can see but cannot buy.

Went to La Senza and purchased a few panties. Buy 5 for $40 get 2 free since I had the coupon. Felt so inferior after seeing the caucasian barbie-like models in the shop. Don't even dare to take a photo with them.

Took a bus home with the shopping bags. At times like this, a boyfriend would be helpful.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Change of Hairstyle... Soon

Went lunch at TBP Mac with colleagues. Had McSpicy Value Lunch.

Knocked off and went to Bugis again. This time to Shaw Towers where a boutique salon cafe is located. You may wish to visit their website and you will understand how sweet the cafe is decorated. It's all pastel colours like in fairytales. The reason why I went there was to go for an editorial shoot interview to allow the creative director of the salon to see what hairstyle is suitable for me. Guess what? My hairstyle will probably look like Rihanna's short bob. Seriously it's going to make me look even more unapproachable. I shall wait and see when the day of big change will come.

Had dinner at NYDC. Mushroom ham penne pasta and a cola float. Just when I kept staring out to the walking crowd, I spotted somebody I know. It's intuition which told me I would see a familiar person. Sometimes I just can't believe what I see.

Took a bus home and slept unglamly again. Definitely worse than yesterday.

Plans for tomorrow: Going for a job interview in the morning then to official opening of La Senza Ion Orchard in the evening.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fortune Telling

Tried the double eyelid tape I bought on Monday. Got it all wrong until I managed a video on YouTube. Going to put this on everyday and see if one day I really get double eyelids without eyelid tape.

Went TBM to pack lunch with a colleague. Had nasi lemak for lunch, a california handroll and a soon kuey for dinner.

Time was passing really slowly in the afternoon. My female colleagues and I were trying the fortune telling thing using a necklace and a ring. It got really creepy when you see the ring turning circular then swinging from right to left. There's really no explanation for this. Somehow, I wish this way of fortune telling is accurate for me.

Went Bugis for a photoshoot then took a bus home. Slept pretty well on the bus and eyes couldn't remain open when I was walking home.

Was looking at an colleague's pre-wedding photos. There's only word for me to comment, envy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My morning was almost spoiled by that admin person in my department. I don't know why she's even employed when she kept delegating her work to others.

Had chicken rice for lunch and spent the afternoon editing brochure. I didn't know it took me that long. Done editing brochure then edited my resume. Only left office at 6:30pm.

Have fully planned my coming Friday when I will be on leave. It should be very enriching.

I hope it's not who I think it is who tried to harm me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 3 At Bintan

21 Nov

Woke up at 9am by SF. Washed up, had breakfast (Oreo & vegetable biscuits) then got ready to go to the beach. Thank goodness it was good weather.

Slacked on the lazy chair with HM chatting while the rest played by the sea. Soon SF joined us too. WF, YJ and CH managed to find seashells for everyone to bring home. Of course, we won't miss the chance to take group photos. Tried jumping shots but weren't so successful.

Left the beach at 12:30pm to pack our stuff.

To the lobby to check out and off to Pasar Oleh Oleh for lunch. Shared a plate of Nasi Goreng with YJ since we intended to have Popeye's for dinner.

Took a shuttle bus to Ferry Terminal which took about 5mins. The sky was filled with dark clouds by then.

Checked in, window-shopped then boarded the ferry. I occupied a window seat and enjoyed looking at the deep blue sea. Singapore is really that small that I can see the Singapore Flyer and the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at the same time.

Arrived 6pm at Singapore. Splitted into 2 cabs to Changi Airport T3 for dinner.

Had 2 piece chicken combo and it was indeed satisfying. It feels good to be back home.

Day 2 At Bintan

20 Nov

It was too cold for my legs in the master bedroom so I went to sleep on the sofa in the living room at 4am. Woke up at 8:15am, luckily no backache.

Washed up and had vegetable biscuits for breakfast. Tried to toast bread using microwave but failed.

It was raining so we had to postpone our plans to the beach. WF and I then went to the gym for 1.5hours while the rest loitered then back to the chalet.

Took my shower and had korean cup noodles for lunch. After the rain has stopped, we took a 7-seater buggy to the lobby and a taxi to Pasar Oleh Oleh.

HM with the dancers at the lobby

The musicians

Had our massage at Aura. Spent 2 hours for a $50 hot stone massage. It was really hot on my feet, I don't how the therapist can hold the stone with her bare hands.

Watied for the rest and was playing Spot the Difference on HM's Iphone. While walking to Bintan Idol restaurant for dinner, we spotted schools.

Spent $18/pax for dinner. Below are the dishes.

Shopped in Pasar Oleh Oleh for snacks and some of them bought souvenirs. Took the shuttle bus back to chalet. Continued to watch Channel U till about midnight. The rest went to the master bedroom for games while I slept early at the sofa.

Day 1 At Bintan

19 Nov

Met WX and her bf, CH, at Tiong Bahru MRT station. As usual, I waited for half an hour till we continued our train journey to Bedok.

Bought all the things from Seng Siong below to bring to Bintan. So sad that we had to bring so many cup noodles on a holiday. Had KFC snackers while waiting for WF and SF.

We splitted into 2 cabs to reach Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. We checked in first while waiting for YJ and HM. We were in a panic when it was almost time for everyone to check in when HM was still on her way. Of course we all managed to get onto the ferry. Also bought beer to drink in Bintan.

Boarded the ferry at 5pm. Reached Bintan also at 5pm due to the time zone difference.

Our Ferry
We have reached!

Took the shuttle bus to the Bintan Lagoon Resort where our chalet is just nearby. We were welcomed by Indonesian music and dancers. Felt like a VIP. The lobby was really spacious.

Took another shuttle bus to our chalet which was about 15mins walk.

Living Room


Master Bedroom

One of the other 2 rooms

The untouched BBQ area

We settled down and picked our rooms. HM, YJ and I took the master bedroom. SF and WF, WX and CH shared the 2 rooms respectively.

A display of the edible stuff we bought

It was already 8pm and we had buffet dinner at the resort. It added up to about $42/pax but food was unsatisfactory.

Clear soup with seaweed, ginko nuts and tofu

Garlic rice, cereal prawns, steamed fish and lasagne

Fried Mee

Indonesian Shaved Ice

Took the buggy back to chalet and time to shower. We watched Channel U while waiting for our turns. Took some snacks and lights off at about 1am.