Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talika Lipocils

Started using the Talika Lipocils which is proven scientifically to enhance eyelashes growth. If you want longer and volumised eyelashes, apply this product every morning and evening for 28 days. Notice that the brush is different from a mascara? The sponge tip allows you to apply the solution on the roots of your eyelashes. As for the brush, use it like a mascara on your eyelashes. It's just that simple.

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Went facial and I waited half an hour for my turn although I made an appointment. Ended up dozing on the couch while waiting. The therapist said that my skin has reduced firmness, sign of aging?

Was at Winnie's grandfather's funeral yesterday night with SF, HM and Janice. Been a long time since I saw Janice too. We were reminiscing the secondary school days till past midnight, realised HM really has a good memory. Thanks to SF, we got a drive home.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Went to collect the Talika goodie bag at Cozycot's office today lunchtime. Will be trying the products for 28 days and review their efficacy in my blog so stay tune. I have also taken a photo of my eyes, I know the photo is blur but my dear camera and handphone can't focus that well.

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Back to workplace then had pancakes for lunch. I have been very thrifty for lunch.

Off to Mary Kay for meeting after work. Grabbed some photos from the KL trip. All the beautiful ladies gathered.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What's With My Scalp?

Photos from the Fort Canning photoshoot, credits to Iwan

Have uploaded the other good photos to my portfolio. The black/white long dress was actually a second  hand from a colleague. Glad that I put it into good use.

Photo taken at KBox on 19th Sept

Bought lunch from TBM, thrifty $2 nasi lemak. Spent the entire morning blogging the KL trip.

Bought a shampoo which is paraben-free which is free from preservatives. Cost me $32.20 a bottle. Having some troublesome scalp problem lately so it's a must to spend money.

Off to salsa dance class after work. Hopefully I don't get tangled legs again.

Day 3 At KL

26th Sept

Woke up at 9am to continue shopping at Berjaya Times Square.

Had 2 donuts and coffee at Krispy Kreme. This breakfast value meal only cost RM5.50. How cheap was that?

Sembonia was having a sale so I bought mum a handbag, it was 50% off and only cost me ~RM126. Tried a grey dress but didn't buy it as it's a deep V at the back.

Had lunch at Penang Village again. Pumpkin fried rice, mango fish filet and iced cincau.

Off to the coach stand at 3pm and bye to KL. Watched about an hour of 十面埋伏 and it got me a little bored.

Arrived at Singapore at 9pm. Took a bus home from Tang Dynasty where I alighted.

Unpacked my luggage, shower and laundry washing. Slept at 11pm but went to meet someone for a while at 4am.

Day 2 At KL

25 Sept

Woke up at 8am to wash up and makeup for second day seminar. Had light breakfast of noodles and pastries. A much better meal compared to the dinner the day before.

Back to the hall for seminar till 1pm. It was educational to hear experiences from the seniors.

While returning to hotel room for packed lunch, I was being laughed at. I was in the lift with the 2 ladies who I stayed in the room with and an Arabian guy came in. He gave me his room card, expecting me to help him to insert the card and press the lift for him. I looked at him for a moment then grabbed his card to do him a favour. After he left the lift, the 2 ladies kept laughing at me because I was treated like a hotel staff to press the lift.

There were more awards and performances after lunch till 5pm.

Children singing "Heal the World"

After the seminar ended, all of us returned to hotel room to get changed for shopping.

Another lady and myself shopped at the Berjaya Times Square. We bought necessities and went for 15min fish spa which cost RM5. So much cheaper compared to Singapore.

Part of the roller coaster in the mall

The swam of fishes nibbling my feet

Had dinner at a restaurant named Penang Village. Over-starved again so I only had soya cincau and mango salad.

Sent the lady who accompanied me shopping to the coach stand as she was returning Singapore that night. Back to the hotel room alone to shower.

Made use of the bathtub, on the radio and had my free karaoke session in the room. Dozed off at midnight.

Day 1 At KL

I'm back from KL! It was an enjoyable trip with the Mary Kay ladies, had lots of laughter.

23rd Sept - 24th Sept

We gathered at Golden Mile to board the Grassland Coach at 11pm. The seats were comfy and we got to watch movies in the coach. Didn't sleep very well on the coach though.

Reached Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL at 4am. As we could only check in at 3pm, all of us stayed at Orkid Hotel for a night to rest. It was a budget hotel like Hotel 81. Shared the room with 4 young ladies.

We managed to catch some sleep till 7am then wash up and put on makeup. Had to dress up in formal wear and everyone said I looked like a lawyer. If only I was that smart.

All of us then carried our luggages back to Beryjaya Times Square Hotel and left them at the concierge.

Had a meeting in Dawn Chia's room at 10am. All of us received a pin from her and some even had got watches, scarfs and notebooks from Alaska. Dreadly hungry in the room because I didn't have breakfast.

Rushed to register at the seminar at 12pm and went to have lunch. I was over-starved so had no appetite to finish the noodles. However, the Yuan Yang was good enough to wake me up.

Back to the seminar hall at 2:15pm. The hall was grand and filled with the beauty consultants from Malaysia. There was only about 30 of us from Singapore. There was a recognition ceremony with non-stop applause and videos from time to time.

The 2 gorgeous sisters

Wearing her long list of tags to be blessed

It was finally time for packed dinner at 5pm. It was disappointing that the food was terrible. Lemon chicken was cold so didn't taste normal at all, the cake was too creamy and the fruits smelled weird. They shouldn't have packed the banana together with the other fruits. You can imagine how much food I wasted.

After a dreadful dinner, we can finally check in at the hotel with our luggages. I was so excited over the room with a king-sized bed and the bathtub.

My favourite corner in the room

The comfy bed

The swimming pool and the West Tower

The mixture of tall and short buildings

After dinner, I had a chat session with the 2 ladies in my room. From family to children to work. We got dressed up for the Awards Night at 8pm. They were in evenings gowns but I was under-dressed as I don't have a gown. But it's ok, I don't have to worry of tripping over.

After lots of photo-taking, I was dead beat especially wearing contact lenses. Back to the hotel room to wash up then I went straight to sleep at midnight. The rest could still go out for supper but I rather get enough rest.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

KL, Here I Come!

In 6 hours, I will be in the coach towards KL. My first time there so feeling excited is expected.

Seminars, awards presentation and shopping. I might just visit the indoor theme park in Berjaya Times Square if I have the time. Expecting a long and tiring Friday. Shall take lots of photos during this trip.

Till I am back on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Video of Kumar

Happy Chinese Moon Festival?

Went to attend meeting at Mary Kay yesterday evening. Had my mask done and briefing for the KL seminar starting Friday. Lots of laughter from the girls, 'brush' became 'breast'. That was the greatest joke.

Watched another Kumar stand up comedy at Attica, you can view it here. The best joke I can remember from the video? The bumps around the nipples are there for a reason. So that even a blind man can locate where the nipples are on a female. I thought it was a really good one. I know this post is a little R-rated.

Waiting for knock off and back home to continue my luggage packing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Went to the staff clinic yesterday afternoon. Got pharyngitis which is inflammation of the back throat and my left ear felt the ache. I don't want it to cause another round of fever. I believe I haven't fully recover from 2 weeks ago. Body is still weak and haven't got back my normal walking pace.

Went to Chinatown for money changer. Bought takeaway lunch from People's Park Food Centre. In the lift at workplace, I almost fainted. I know the guy beside me saw me standing at a weird pose but that's the only way for me to feel better. The lift stopped at every level and I finally couldn't take it but to squat down. Luckily I managed to make it back to the reception safely.

Watched "Letters to Juliet". Almost cried at the touching movie ending.

Still went to attend Salsa class. Can't afford to miss another class or I will have extreme difficulty of catching up.

Home at 8:30pm. Packed my clothes and makeup for the KL trip, hopefully my body allows me to go.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Meetup with Sisters

The girls were late for half an hour yesterday at Somerset. I was lazy to walk while waiting for them so sat outside 313 looking at cars. Saw a collection of sportscars, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Audi R8, Porsche and GTR. That's what I like about Orchard.

Had a long time deciding on where to settle down until Marche. I had Rostti and a very bland cup of homemade calamansi and sour plum. Chatted until 6pm then I had waffle ice-cream with fresh strawberries for dinner. Left Marche at 6:45pm for Cineleisure.

Rostti with Sour Cream

The bland drink

Enjoyed 3 hours of karaoke at KBox. Luckily I suggested KBox or else we would end up shopping again. Turned out that everyone actually did think of KBox but no one spoke up.

Lots of photo-taking before leaving at 10:30pm.

 Took a bus back Clementi with SF. Home sweet home at 11:15pm.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photoshoot At Fort Canning

Got invited by a colleague to her house for Puasa open house. I was terribly late and some colleagues have left. It started at 1pm but I only reached at 3pm. Stayed till 3:45pm then off to Fort Canning. Overslept on the train by a stop. First time ever.

My first time at Fort Canning actually. How depressing is that when I am a local? The photographer commented that my looks is exotic as in I don't look local. He further explained that he thought I may have Latin blood. I wish too. Not the first time that I get comments that I don't look local.

We walked to Clarke Quay to shoot as well. First time that I did a photoshoot in a human-packed area. Overall shoot was fine, no stress. Looking forward to the photos.

After we parted at Clarke Quay, I walked to Central for a Yuan Yang. So dehydrated after all the walking and sweating. Decided to take a bus home to rest my tired legs.

Chinatown was blocked and lots of people were walking on the road taking photos. Some even sat in the middle of the road, hardly get the chance to. Why the road block? There was a celebration going on. All I saw was a blue-lighted dragon and people were crowding and following.

The glowing blue dragon

Meeting SF, HM and WX for tea at Orchard tomorrow.

Where's My Mahjong Luck?

Celebrated a colleague's birthday in advance since he's going Tokyo for holiday next week. We crashed into his meeting and celebrated before knock off.

Cake from Cafe Pralet

Back home for dinner then off to Mahjong at Winnie's place with SF and HM. Has been donkey years since I last went her house. So I haven't seen her 2 chiwawa for long. Not just me who missed her dogs, HM as well. I almost got kissed by one of the chiwawas. It just pounced onto me and luckily I reacted fast.

My Mahjong luck really isn't as good as before. Even my skill has dropped. We played shooter pay mode, not as scary as I thought.

Got a lift home by Winnie. Home sweet home at 4:30am.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Am In SauceINK!

You can spot me in the September issue of SauceINK magazine! Been waiting so long for the cool pictures, will wait patiently for the photo CD! Check me out on pages 112-114. An introduction to SauceINK magazine, it's an online fashion magazine.

Anyway, I have almost recovered from my serious fever. No more sore throat and heavy head. It was a coincidence that someone also happened to have fever at that time. He, of course, recovered faster than me.

Met him yesterday night. Still comparing how bad the sickness was. Though of this saying, 患难见真情. Finally, I deserved the comfort I needed.

A weekend of activities to come.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Flu, fever and sore throat are enough to make me restless and sickly. Slept almost the entire days of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wasted all the time on sleeping but I am still having sore throat till today. Fever came after the panadol lost effect and went off after an hour I took panadol. There goes my public holiday.

Couldn't help at the flea market yesterday and had to trouble mum to help at the stall. And CJZ had to help to do the housework. I was seriously useless. As for the wedding dinner tonight, I don't even think I can go.

After all these sufferings, I swear not to consume biscuits and crackers, and to only talk about the good things.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomb Raider

Had roti john for lunch, filling it is.

Watched "Tomb Raider", how could I miss such a movie? I am watching it partly to get myself prepared for the "Tomb Raider" inspired photoshoot this Sunday. Hopefully it will happen because I am totally looking forward to it.

Bought 2 boxes of F Cup Cookies, desperately to upsize. Can't wait to improve my figure. In less than a week I will be receiving the goods. Thanks to for their efficiency.

Had 2 pancakes for dinner and I'm off to salsa class and next to meeting at Mary Kay. I have got places to run.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Alone Saturday At Orchard

Supposed to visit SF's niece but was postponed to tomorrow.

Went to collect the Vichy Anti-Cellulite samples at Ninki-O then walked to Crystal Jade Taka for dim sum. Long time since I went there.

Bought 2 black T-shirts from Giordano. Window-shopped in Ion Orchard and Far East Plaza till 5pm.

Took a bus to Clementi Bus Interchange then walked home. A white lamborghini, less than 5m from me, dashed on the AYE. I felt so blessed. Seriously, Singaporeans are rich.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Farewell, My Dear Colleague

Guess what? I won something again. This time thanks to Cozycot's Be A Myth-Buster, I won myself a Vichy CELLUDESTOCK Advanced Anti Cellulite Care. Join me and you get the chance to be the next myth-buster!

Had Yong Tau Foo for lunch and 2 pieces of salad you tiao.

Presented the birthday gift and farewell gift at the meeting. It was a quick and simple one. I am the closest to the colleague who's leaving the unit, so you can guess how sad I am. I have learnt a lot from her, not just from work but personal reasons as well. It's not a forever goodbye since she will be still in the institution. Will sure to ask her out for lunch when she's free to catch up. Wishing her a better worklife and soar higher in her career.

Supposed to have skincare class today but was cancelled. Back home for dinner and time to pack my wardrobe.

Visiting SF's niece tomorrow.