Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Salsa Class

First salsa class yesterday was not bad. A class of about 20 ladies and the instructor was friendly. Spent 45mins on warm up and learnt the basic footwork for the 15mins. Shouldn't be as difficult as I thought.

Didn't sleep well last night so I kept yawning.

Had hokkien prawn mee for lunch. Hopefully it lasted till dinner. Still deciding on where to eat for dinner.

Accidentally poked my blister and now the wound is open. It felt like needles when I cleaned it with alcohol pad. Should have been cautious.

Window shopping at PS then preview of "Going the Distance" at The Cathay tonight.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Plans To Get A Degree

Went IMM with mum for grocery shopping. She was happy to get a pair of comfortable footwear. Had desserts before leaving for home.

Spent the afternoon playing Cooking Dash Diner Town Studio and watching 公主嫁到.

Considering to get a degree after much consideration for a better future. I don't want to be earning that minute amount every month. Pharmacy management at MDIS or try my luck for NUS B.sc in Pharmacy?

Had lots of baby kailan for dinner, compensated for my lack of vegetables on weekdays.

Salsa dance class to begin tomorrow. I had some preparation by watching youtube videos of basic moves.

Lunch At Carousel

Had buffet lunch with LL, her bf and Nicholas at Carousel. I was late for about 30mins thanks to being careless. Forgot to bring my eyelash glue and walked back home at the lift. Forgot to bring ez-link card so walked back home from bus interchange.

The food was average, my only induglence were the sashimi and fondue. Well, I guess I could have eaten much better food with that amount of money. Sorry, no photos this time. As we paid using Citibank credit card, we only paid the price of 3 pax for 4 pax.

Took a $5 polaroid photo, Nicholas's donation. Pity the female mascot for tolerating the heat. Was at the F1 booth for a while taking photos. Nicholas also took a photo with the model.

Based on our birthdates

Walked to Concord Hotel & Shopping Mall although the guys were reluctant. While the 3 of them were playing L4D, I was playing Bejeweled 2 and Sudoku till KZ came. Was sharing my recent work experiences that I got a little agitated.

Left for pool at Paradiz Centre after an hour of LAN. There was hardly any air-con, must have wanted to save on the utilities.

At about 7pm, we went separate ways. Nicholas took a cab, LL and her bf probably went home while KZ and I went for manicure. I had french manicure done, cost me $33. KZ's reminded me of Barbie, pink and purple.

Happily, we walked to 313 Somerset for a drink at Pocket of Posies. Love the swings and the ambience in the cafe, good for a romantic date but not with the live band. Can't remember the name of the drink I ordered, only knew it tasted bland. Apparently, KZ's drink (also purple in colour) tasted good according to her.

KZ shopped at Diva for accessories, I only dare to see but not to buy. Anyway, I hardly wear accessories other than earrings.

Shared a cab home and we were chatting well with the taxi driver at the beginning. Then, there was a bad egg smell (obviously a fart). Must have been the taxi driver since it's not either of us. Couldn't laugh out and we had to smell his gas for more than 10 seconds. Poor KZ had to tolerate longer because I alighted first. Regret taking a cab?

Home at 10:30pm.

Grocery shopping with mum tomorrow.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pizza Hut's Parchment Pastas

Had dinner at Pizza Hut with CSX. Enjoyed our complimentary Parchment Pastas and ordered 6-piece sweet and spicy drumlets.

It's like unwrapping a present before you can eat the pasta. Not bad for a special presentation. The portion of the pastas were just right and the prawns were fresh. Worth the try.

Appetitizer for the day

Spicy Seafood but not spicy at all

Char-Grilled Chicken

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pizza Hut Parchment Pasta

Won myself a complimentary Parchment Pasta from Pizza Hut. Thanks to Nuffnang! Will collect the voucher tomorrow and enjoy it this weekend.

Had lunch at Pearl's Centre. The fish slice bee hoon still not as tasty as the one at Pandan Loop. I shall find one day, apply leave and go there for lunch.

Had a cup of avocado juice at tea time. It will stop my stomach from growling till dinner time.

Facial after dinner today.

Pure Science Launch

Watched "Taipei Exchanges", recommended by a colleague. Have stopped watching drama and movie for too long, now it's time to get back to what I am famous for.

Food from Mezza9

Attended the Pure Science event at Mezza9 yesterday evening. Mezza9 is in Grand Hyatt. There was probably about 20 people there. The food was not bad, definitely not cheap in a hotel. There were a lot of caucasians dining too.

The event was held in 2 small rooms. We all gathered for a presentation then waited for the lucky draw. How could I leave before a lucky draw right? Lady Luck is on my side in lucky draws, won myself an eye cream worth $80+ but I don't have dark eye circles so I requested to change into the eyelash growth factor worth $120+. Sounds more worth it too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mum's Chasing Me To Get Married

Was chatting with mum last night. She kept asking me when I am going to get married. She has been ironic, sometimes tell me she regret getting married, then start telling me to settle down. I used to plan for an early marriage but that was my foolish thinking when I was still schooling. As I heard from the married women, it's more than just a certificate and money. Not even ready to be attached, of course not ready to get married.
Bought lunch from TBM, chicken rice with soy bean mixed grass jelly.

Spotted an interesting product which works like a push up bra but looks like a nipple tape. Still considering on whether to try. If you are interested, visit Bra Stick.

Back home for dinner and sleeping early again.

Song of the day: Bust Your Windows- Jazmine Sullivan

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spy In A Dream

Met someone late last night. My handphone ringtone must have woken the family up but I still managed to sneak out. Even if my mum saw me, she probably won't stop me either.

Dreamt that I was told to act as a spy. I was so happy when I got the assignment. Is it what my inner character really is?

Had 3 kosong prata and a cup of mixed fruits for lunch. Too bad no more egg prata.

Did more work than a usual day in office. Thought it would still be raining before knock off but we were lucky.

Going home for dinner. It's Bee Tai Bak.

I can be that close to allow your hands around me. You can be that mind-blowing to give me jelly feet.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Dare Gang Shall Reunite -Part 2

Woke up the earliest at 9:30am. Heat up the leftover bee hoon for everyone's breakfast, so considerate of me right?

After everyone was done eating, we went to Escape Theme Park for a round of fun and tanning.

There was quite a big change in the rides. Some were removed and substitued with unexciting rides. What a disappointment.

Took most of the rides like Go Karts, Viking, Haunted House, Family Roller Coaster and Water Boats. Numerous times on Viking for Ranga, KZ and myself.

LL took the courage to play Viking, her most terrifying ride. She was yelling and shaking her head throughout the ride. Finally she couldn't take it and the ride had to stop for her to get off.

I also attempted the Haunted House for the first time. Dare not looked up until I was at the mortuary section. Kept on pulling LL's and Jafar's shirts screaming.

Walking towards Haunted House

Jafar, LL and Ranga on Family Roller Coaster

Queuing at Go Karts

Ranga posing on the kart

We also played water boats and all of us got wet. Squirted water at one another like no tomorrow.

After a wet ride

Went for a drink at Burger King after being under the sun for a long time. Got so thirsty after all the screaming and sweating. Then continued with the rides again.

Jafar and KZ posing

Jafar and Ranga having tonnes of fun squirting at others

More people to join in the fun

Caught lady walking under 2 umbrellas

KZ, LL and Ranga then went for another round of Water Boats. Jafar and I just stood outside watching. Poor Ranga was the greatest target. See how terrifying the girls were to Ranga.

KZ squeezing water from her top

After another few rounds of Viking and another round of resting at Burger King, we left Escape Theme Park for good. While the rest headed for E-Hub or chalet, I waited for the shuttle bus to return to Pasir Ris MRT. A group of Hong Kee were behind me, sometimes I envy their good complexion.

Boarded the train back Clementi and fell asleep (expected). When I woke up, the train was at City Hall. An indian lady and her 1.5year old daughter was sitting beside me. The girl was beautiful with big eyes and long eyelashes, I had to tell the mother. She was active throughout the journey and looking at me. Starting to wonder if I will have that much energy to take care of a kid even in a train.

Home sweet home at 4pm. Unpacked, had shower and spent hours uploading photos and blogging.

These weeks, the Dare Gang has been meeting and never fail to have fun. The times together were captured on photos and of course, remain in each and everyone's memories. With the first overseas trip and the first chalet, we will only get merrier.

The Dare Gang Shall Reunite -Part 1

Chalet At Downtown East First Night

Nicholas drove Ranga and myself to the chalet at 3:15pm. Caught in a traffic jam due to a major car accident. Spotted a white Audi R8 on the PIE, didn't manage to snap a photo of it.

Reached the chalet at 4pm with LL and Jafar already there. Ranga spotted a starfruit plant outside the chalet and us being adventerous, we plucked a few to try. Freaking sour, you can see from my face.

Flower of the starfruit plant

Our chalet number

We settled down and watched 15min of a supposedly horror movie "Evil Angel". We totally don't understand the story and there was no link. Got us bored so leaving Nicholas alone in the room, we went Cheers to get bbq necessities.

Them with bags of stuff

Back to the chalet and it's time to start fire. While we were starting fire, LL and Jafar then went to E-Hub to get more stuff. I stayed to watch them work and take photos. Camera woman for the day.

Our pit number

The fire starters

The first flame

Burst into flames

They called me Satay Auntie

After placing the charcoal and the fire starters in the right positions, the 2 guys went to get yoghurt ice-cream while I stayed to take care of the stuff. It was too hot that we need to cool ourselves down. Thanks to Nicholas for the treat.

Busy with ice-cream

Ranga's artwork

After LL and Jafar were back from shopping, we took all the meat and drinks out to the bbq pit. Cut and wash the necessary, all ready to cook.

Ranga made us pose

Started cooking the chicken sausages, kebabs, chicken wings and beef. Poor Jafar had to watch us eat before his break fast time.

Raw and tempting

Ready-to-eat sausages

This was how LL ate without a knift

Tasty bee hoon prepared by Nicholas's maid

Cheeky Nicholas

It was finally time for Jafar to indulge in the food. He was mixing mayonnesie with the bee hoon  and sausages, how sinful was that? Started cooking the sambal sotong prepared by Jafar too. More pictures below to make your stomach growl.

Looking desperate for food


Otah, anyone?

Delicious tummy of the pigs

The sweet Kuantan couple

Never-ending fanning

One interesting incident we witnessed from the other table. There was a big group of adults and senior citizens sitting near us, one of the senior citizens was blind and she's guided by a maid. The maid brought the grandma round and round a bbq pit. The grandma asked the maid, "Are we there yet?". The maid replied, "Almost there" but she walked the grandma another turn around the bbq pit. Jafar, LL and I can't stop laughing. We weren't heartless but we were just amused by what the maid said.

Finally Ama arrived. She brought a piece of chocolate cake for us too. Awesome thick chocolate to melt in your mouth.

Making fun of KZ again

Ranga's idea to pose again

More cooking to do for Master Chef Nicholas since everyone has arrived. Switched to halal food now.

Ah, fire burning!

Next big thing to surprise KZ was a stray cat. Ranga threw eaten chicken wings to feed it and once KZ saw the cat, she ran to the toilet. Ranga grabbed the cat and forced it into the chalet. And because KZ was in the toilet and couldn't see the cat, Ranga carried it the toilet to scare her. At her greatest speed, KZ ran into the bathroom to hide.

The pitiful cat

Everyone finding KZ and the cat

KZ finally dare to come out after the cat was gone

Not done to trick KZ yet. We prepared sour slices of starfruit from the starfruit plant outside the chalet. All of us took a slice of it so as to trick KZ into eating. She claimed that it was sour but we told her it was sweet, purposely made her confused.

Their turns to pose

After enough eating and bbq-ing, we packed some stuff back into room and get ready to rest. Played Truth or Dare and used Nicholas's phone application to assist in the game. I was so unlucky that I don't know how many dares I had to perform. Sucked Ama's finger, ate sambal, said something sexy to Ranga and rubbed an ice cube over my body.

Not really a dare to eat sambal

Getting ready to dance with an ice cube

It was almost 11pm, Ama and Nicholas had to leave. We sent them out then return to chalet to shower. Jafar then played a korean movie to entertain the rest. Ranga and LL went Cheers to buy marshmallow for us to bbq later.

After everyone were fresh again, we went to bbq marshmallow as dessert. Everyone was in a mess eating. We also realised that our new pack of charcoal was stolen. Prime suspect was the group of teenagers beside us. Cursing and swearing the people who stole our charcoal.

It was about 1:30am and time to nights out. Before they were talking about ghost stories, I already fell into deep sleep snoring. Their laughter didn't wake me up at all, I was like a dead log.

To be continued...