Wednesday, June 30, 2010

High Tea At Marriot Cafe


What a 'great' morning to spoil my day when I was looking forward to so many wonderful activities today. Running away is not a solution so I drew a thicker line between the ex and me. Now we're total strangers. This is worse than my first relationship in secondary school.

Took half-day morning leave so I went Orchard to meet CSX. Went Gucci to check the price of the handbag which I have been eyeing on. ~$1300 for a leather bag, should I or should I not? I need to get more advice before being a spendthrift.

Had high tea at Marriot Cafe and spotted Joanne Peh outside Tangs. Never been to a hotel for high tea though. Can't get used being demure. I am a cluts using fork and knife. Out of all the food I tried, the roasted pumpkin soup, the black bean and peanut pork rib soup were the best. Fruit tart was good too.

Spent the time gossiping about some famous models. Nobody will tell you the entertainment industry is humane.

The first round of pastries

CSX's favourite prawn mee

More photos of today will be uploaded.

While CSX went to meet her friend, I took a bus home. Knitting throughout the bus journey.

No more leaking of dirty water to neighbour's bathroom after cement was filled. No more embarrassment.

Got another catwalk assignment in July. Can't wait for it to happen. July is going to be an exciting month.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Happened to see a FB post by CHIC Magazine of a ~2-year old boy who is suffering from congenital heart defect. Decided to spread the message to give a helping hand.

That is Baby Ayden you see in the picture. Aren't he adorable?

He's 20-months old but is suffering from congenital heart defect. You can see from his yellowish-skin tone that he is having liver problem as well. For a kid to be tortured by illness is even more unbearable compared to an adult. With eye, face and bone defection, would you imagine how you can survive?

Donations and support are needed from kind people to help him and his family to get through these tough times. Ayden needs to undergo an operation to correct his heart abnormalities followed by a liver transplant. It is expected that there will be a large sum of medical fee waiting for his family to pay.

The least we can do is to pray for him. Spread this message and if you have spare cash, do make a donation to make a difference to a little boy's life. You may visit for more information.

Problem with Old HDB Flats

Went GWC to buy lunch with manager. An expensive lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters. The pepper glazed chicken was so-so, the mashed potato cannot even be compared to KFC's and the cream of chicken was acceptable. The corn nibblets were sweet so not my type.The best was still the corn muffin.

Went JP to continue my 2nd yarn for my magenta shawl. Was surprised that a well-built young guy was also in the shop knitting something red. If it's for a female, that would be very sweet.

Had dinner at New York New York. Special request of Penne with half chicken in alfredo sauce. Only managed to finish the penne and the iced mocha. Not that the chicken was not tasty but I was too full.

Bought a checkered shirt at $24.60 from OP, starting to like shirts.

Back home at 8:15pm. Didn't dare to shower for too long because the cement at the water pipes were washing down to our neighbour's toilets. Imagine brown dirty water spraying down from your roof while you are taking your shower. How furious you can get? The contractors better get it repaired tomorrow to save our trouble. Don't buy old second hand flats, a lesson learnt.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Marriage? Scary?

Went to Mary Kay during lunch time and bought lunch back office. $3.50 for a packet of economic ice, expensive though.

Was discussing long term relationships and marriage with 2 male colleagues. Gained a different perspective from a guy's point of view. I guess I am really scared of being tied down.

Colleague surprised me with a triangle crossiant. That shall be my dinner before belly dance.

Song of the day: 抱歉- 李圣杰

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday At Bugis


Met KZ and Nicholas this afternoon. Waited for 1.5hrs for KZ at Nicholas's house because she was at the salon. Reminded me that I need to get a haircut before my birthday. Spent the time watching "America's Got Talent" and the programme hang a few times.

Went to the fleamarket held in Supperclub. Both of them managed to buy things but not me. The HK milk tea soft serve wasn't good enough for me.

Had steamboat buffet for dinner, $19/pax. The same restaurant KZ and I went previously. The superior chicken soup tasted like vegetable soup in the end. All thanks to the mushrooms and vegetables I dumped in.

As it was too warm in the restaurant, we went for ice-cream at Venezia in Bugis Junction. Thanks to Nicholas for the treat. I had macademia and crunchy nut. Preferred crunchy nut ice-cream. I love nuts! Walked around the shopping mall and Nicholas left shortly.

KZ bought a handbag at Charles & Keith and the entire day I bought nothing except food. Eat and eat.

Long time since I spotted 2 red and 1 black Ferrari. A sign that I have not been going town often.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Day at JP

I was not selected for the makeover and the photoshoot for Watsons YOU Awards however I felt relieved. Don't have to think of excuse to knock off early or travelling too much.

Rushed down to skin care class and only reached at about 7:45pm. Luckily they were only doing the introduction when I arrived. Took the train back Clementi with KZ. Home sweet home at 11pm.

Bought contact lenses and surprisingly there was stock so I was lucky. Don't have to wait for a week.

Went JP with mum and CSZ today. Spent $270 at G2000, all thanks to the 50% birthday promotion with at least a minimum spend of $500 on regular price items.

Watched "Toy Story 3", a fantastic movie for the whole family. The ending was especially touching.

Had dinner at Kopitiam, bought some necessities from Watsons and 2 t-shirts from Levis Strauss. Was taking a nap on the train again. So tired carrying bags of clothes, how I wish I own a car.

Booked movie tickets for "Eclipse" already. Of course it's on 1st July. Can't be any happier to see Rob Pat on the big screen again. Who knows I might dream of him again tonight.

Hopefully KZ and gang had fun in JB today.

Song of the day: Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad Weather = Bad Day

Expecting a bad Friday with the heavy downpour.

My right sandal strap broke and I was 15mins late for work. When I reached the office, the females were in pants and I was in shorts. I thought it was agreed to wear bohemian dresses today but being unfortunate, I wasn't informed that there was a cancellation of plans. You can imagine how fed up I was wearing that long dress sticking all the dirt on the floor. Not going to follow orders if they were to come out with this stupid theme again. It's not worth giving in sometimes.

Been receiving a lot of friend requests in FB but I rejected almost all of them. Where the hell did all these people come from?

Covered as a receptionist again. I feel like I am covering duties once every 2 weeks.

Had roti john for lunch and dinner. Too big a portion that I could split it into 2 meals.

Off to Watsons YOU Awards judging then rushed to skin care class 2 at Mary Kay. Travelling will drain my energy.

Too bad I can't go JB with the usual clique tomorrow. Another way to see it is that I won't spend as much money if I am going out with family.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shortlisted for Watsons YOU Awards

Camwhore in office

Star of the night

Pink Party at Mary Kay yesterday was fun. Won myself a pink handbag for being one of the earliest arrived beauty consultants. Lots of wishes and prizes to give. There was also a contest for the best dressed.

Back home at 11pm with a pair of tired eyes. Chatted with Melvin for a while and I was probably 30% unconscious.

Had vegetarian economic rice for lunch then continued with my HK drama. Did some posting of letters as well. I felt like a postwoman.

Had dinner with Melvin at Chinatown for porridge. Because the weather was cold so I requested for something hot. Went to get CSX's mushroom soup at People's Park Complex and got uncomfortable with those old uncles' eyes on me.

Home sweet home at 8pm. Received a piece of good news at night. I am shortlisted for the Watsons YOU Awards under the Sunny Smiles category. Will be going for the judging on Friday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Attitude Cab Driver

More pictures from Sunday

Weather was cold with the rain. A jacket didn't help much in keeping me warm. Hopefully I can complete my shawl fast enough.

Had Ananas chicken rice with kailan (finally) for lunch then went to meet someone. The cab driver missed a turn and I corrected him. Although he deducted that few cents from the cab fare, he said my tone was inpolite. He wasn't even clear that it was his fault. So whose problem is it?

Off to a pink party at Mary Kay.

Monday, June 21, 2010



Some pictures from yesterday

Had chicken rice for lunch today. Thanks to my colleagues who packed it from Seah Street for me. A pack of $3 was worth it.

Started watching another HK drama 谈情说案. Police investigation again. Because of this drama, I learnt something. Liquid carbon dioxide or dry ice can actually remove finger prints.

Off to belly dance class then for waxing appointment.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

SF's Birthday Celebration

Met up sisters to celebrate SF's birthday in advance. Expectedly, I was the first to reach. Followed by HM, YJ, WX, WF and the birthday girl.

We played pool till about 4pm and went bowling. Now the muscles between my fingers hurt. I am seriously better in pool than bowling. We took quite a lot of photos and definitely there were unglam pictures again. SF also bought me a box of fake eyelashes from Taiwan. Stocking up already.

Had dinner at YJ's family's 'Zhu Chao'. Ordered 5 dishes with each of us a bowl of rice. Stomach was filled up with a can of green tea.

While the rest went WCP, I headed home. Was feeling a little nauseous after filling a very hungry stomach. Luckily I managed to survive back home at 8pm.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday In JB

Pictures from Wednesday

Nothing much special happened yesterday so not blogging about it. Except that I reached home at 11:30pm and dropped dead tired. The Eclipse movie poster appeared in my dream several times.

Woke up early and went JB with Melvin. Spent most of the time queuing at the checkpoint.

Went Neway Karaoke for K Lunch. They offered salad buffet too. Sang till 1pm and I thought I sang more than him.

Walked around CIty Square tp spend time. Had ice-cream at Baskin Robbins, not to be missed. I don't know why my almond fudge tasted more like coffee to me. Obviously it's oreo as topping, Cost me RM11.45.

Watched "The Karate Kid" at the Cathay Cineplex. They should really find more space for their ticket counters, definitely will help to improve their business. The movie was great with laughter and action. Worth watching.

Had dinner at Kashiya all because of a particular dish 十面埋伏. Ordered a chawamushi, and salmon sashimi too. A very filling dinner. Their wasabi was not of bright green but a very pale green. Must have been exposed for too long. We tasted a little and there was no choking feeling so Melvin placed a spoon of it into his mouth. I saw him expressionless so I thought it was not choking. A dumb me followed and got myself tearing. I deserved it don't I?

Walked another round of the mall and headed back Singapore. Lucky of us to have seats in all of the bus journeys. For the first time I went JB, I bought nothing back home.

Went to IMM so that I can get a few pink basins at Daiso. $2 each is quite expensive right? Spent so much effort to drag the basiins from the high shelves. Got a black coffee and a tomato juice at $1 from Daiso. Horrible tastes for both. The coffee was too diluted and a 70cent coffee from kopitiam is so much better. The tomato juice was too raw and I really had difficulty finishing it. Total regret.

Back home at 8:30pm. Got to sleep soon for Sentosa outing with sisters tomorrow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ladies Night with Sisters

Met HM and WX at Marina Square yesterday for dinner. SF and WF only reached at 9pm.

Walked over to Butter Factory at about 10pm and luckily the queue was short.

After a cup of drink

Went into Fash for drinks and games. We were playing 5-10-15 and I was damn unlucky. I drank at least 3 cups of vodka sprite from losing. Probably the biggest loser. All thanks to SF and WF. HM was the only one who doesn't drink alcoholic drinks so no matter how much she drinks, she's not going to be tipsy. Lots of photo-taking since it was the first time we clubbed together.

When I went to queue again for drinks, the malay bartender was flirting. I repeated my order at least twice and he just looked at me blankly. Pop me a question "Why vodka sprite?" Is there anything wrong with the drink or me?

Close to midnight, the 2 cinderellas HM and WX left for home while the rest of us went dancing. After about 15mins, got an sms from HM that WX vomited. So we went down to look for both of them but WX has been fetched by her BF home. And since there were no buses for HM to board, she joined us dancing.


After dancing

A guy treated us just that few drops of Hennessy in the club. No effect though. Danced till 2:30pm and shared a cab home. Till the next time you see me in a club.

Was supposed to accompany mum for medical appointment but I was having heart palpitations and tummy ache. Had to continue to sleep if not I wouldn't know if the nausea will come back. Woke CJZ up to get him replaced me. He's still a filial son.

Slept till 11am, had breakfast and went to work. Colleague bought me fresh mango juice from ABC market. You can literally taste the mango flesh in it, sweet ttm although there were ice cubes.

Supervisor has moved her office to another room far from me which means I have all the freedom and space in my room again. How wonderful to get almost no disturbances during HK drama time?

Last Grrl Power 2 lesson. I think I am going to miss this dance instructor for her friendliness and her passion. All the best to her long-term overseas training.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lexus LF-A

The new Lexus LF-A has made me go "Wow". Its side looks like Audi R8 and from the front it looks like Mazda RX-8. It allows you to keep your spoiler whenever you want it off. The sound of the engine is uncomparable, makes my eyebrows twitch. I sound like I am a car promoter right?

Went GWC with manager to buy lunch. Bought my chilli salmon don and a Curry O'. Still not full so I asked my colleague to help me buy corn muffins from Kenny Rogers for tea. Very good appetite recently.

In case you don't know, Orchard was flooded this afternoon. Soil erosion contaminated the rain water and the entire Wendy's and Starbucks were soaked with brown dirty water. Who dares to patronize them from today?

Ladies night with sisters at Butter Factory.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 400th Post

Went lunch at TBM with KZ. Had vegetarian bee hoon while she had chicken rice with braised egg. We also bought back some fried stuff for tea time.

Back in office at 12:50pm. Continued with my work and pyscho-ing colleagues to buy maxi dresses with me. Finding an appropriate day for all the female staff to wear maxi dresses to work.

Someone surprisingly came to fetch me after work to Jurong Point without any condition. Never has it occured especially during peak hours. Purpose was actually to meet for dinner unfortunately I needed to get my knitting done or else I wouldn't have time till next week. Now I need to find another day for compensation.

Finally I officially start knitting my shawl after basic lessons. Hope to get it done before my birthday.

Back home at 8:30pm. KZ called me at 9:30pm to inform me that some guy we know was on TV. Too bad he's kind of a flirt although he has the looks and the physical build. We just don't get everything.

你身上的那股味道, 我不可能忘掉.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Maxi Dresses

Busy busy Monday morning. Rushed my work and preparing for meetings.

Had Ayam Penyet from Rochor Centre again. The chicken is so much more tasty than KFC's.

2 more meetings in the afternoon and I enjoyed a waffle for light dinner. Spot this website which sells beautiful maxi dresses. Should I buy or should I save the money?

Had a granola bar for dinner and off to belly dance.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pick 3 for $5

Dreamt of handsome guys last night. Must be because of the FB pictures of the gays I saw at Nicholas's place yesterday.

Woke up at 8:30am today, I wouldn't want to wake up at such a timing on a Sunday but the heavy period caused me to sleep uncomfortably.

Had lunch at home, prepared and off to skincare workshop.

Managed to get 2 more guests for today together with KZ. Really glad that they like the products especially the face mask. KZ was impressed by the face mask that she bought one. One of my guests even commented that she knew I am a model when she saw me standing at the door. Ha, am I supposed to be glad?

Had dinner at Mac with KZ after the workshop. Each of us bought the "Pick 3 for $5". I never knew there was such a thing. I had an Oreo McFlurry, Chocolate Milkshake (fattening but not bad) and a pack of fries. Not a bad deal right? 

Got a ride home by KZ's parents. When KZ told her mum that we chatted for 3 hours, her mum was wondering what we could talked about for so long. You can never finish as a gossip queen.

春眠不觉晓, 处处蚊子咬。 夜来麻将声, 输赢有多少。

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally, Mahjong

Went mahjong at Nicholas's house this afternoon. Supposed to meet WF to go together but she was late so I went on my own. KZ reached after me and we had our lunch cooked by the maid. The pie-like side was tasty with the potato and chicken pieces in it. A few of it would be good enough for a lunch.

We were watching TV programme while waiting for WF and her mahjong tiles. It was some taiwan programme showing how leeches can dissolve blood clots. Disgusted by the amount of blood flowing from a small injury.

Played 2 rounds of mahjong and poor KZ lost about $50. If not for being careless, she would have saved almost $20. WF lost about $4 too. Nicholas was the biggest winner with $20. As for myself, I won about $11. Thanks to Nicholas and KZ for borrowing and moving the mahjong table from block to block. Thanks to WF for bringing the tiles from her house to Nicholas's place.

Had dinner at Nicholas's place again, her maid's not bad. The salad was good but the black pepper chicken was even better especially the skin. We could smell it when we were in the living room.

After a good meal, we should burn some calories. Was browsing through a few KZ's schoolmates' FB, laughing and gossiping till 9pm. Gossip is never enough. Took a bus back home with WF.

Skin care workshop tomorrow afternoon.

Craving for Pasta

Went to Connection One to collect the SingHealth Momento FlashPay card on behalf of my department. On the way back office, I was having motion sleepiness. Took a nap in the smooth bus journey.

Went PS with manager during lunch time to buy office equipment. She then treated me Pastamania for lunch. Had the usual combo C and a prawn aglio. Wasted one garlic bread and the pasta because my stomach just wasn't big enough. Still haven't gone NYNY to eat my favourite pasta.

Went Mary Kay to assist in skincare workshop. WX and her friend attended as my guests. Never fail to learn something from each class. Trying to concentrate when my stomach was growling. Suddenly I thought of Bak Kut Teh, when will it be in my stomach again?

Mahjong tomorrow at Nicholas's house. Expecting my period.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not Another Yeast Infection

Went to the staff clinic again this morning. Purposely be there at 8am but I still end up 0.5hour late for work. Guess what? Yeast infection again. Suspect it's because of my coming period which caused the stupid yeast to grow like nobody's business.

Went to attend an IT workshop at NDC during lunchtime. Has been almost 10 years since I stepped into the building after I had my braces removed. Kind of miss the smell of the air in that building.

Had Ole Ole KFC Meal for lunch. Thanks to my manager who helped me to buy. But the meal is not extremely filling though.

Covered as a receptionist again in the afternoon. Lost count of the number of times I sat at the reception to cover duty this year.

Off to Grrl Power Dance class. It's the 2nd last lesson.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dou Miao Dou Miao

Went TBM with manager to buy lunch and guess what? I went to the wet market and managed to find my favourite 'Dou Miao'. I wanted to buy small kalian unfortunately there isn't. Called mum after I bought 2 packets of it to get her to fry them after I bring them home.

Had chicken rice for lunch and a california handroll for tea. Too much rice for the day.

Watched an episode of 秋香怒点唐伯虎 for a good laugh.

Back home for dinner and I am off to play pool. Finally....

Toy Story 3

There are so many characters in Toy Story 3 but I have only one favourite Rex. Although he aren't a leading character and he's a green dinosaur, his sense of humour really impresses me. He can made me LOL. Not just his humour that works on me, he's a loyal friend with a never-say-die attitude.

My favourite scene in the trailer? The part where Ken meets Barbie really made me laugh especially with the song "Take Me Breath Away" in the background. A classic song.

Catch Toy Story 3 Movie starting from 17th June 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter  page!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inglorious Bastards

Spot this gorgeous metallic red Alfa Romeo outside The Cathay

When I took the bus home yesterday after dance, I heard the song "T-shirt" playing on the radio again. Is it purely a coincidence that I always hear this song after dance?

After 2 weeks of absolute no contact with Melvin, I decided to try my luck and see if I will get a response.  It probably took him 2 hours to decide a reaction which is a call. A small chat to see how each other has been.

Unexpectedly, I received an sms from G asking about the failed relationship. Last minute we watched "Inglorious Bastards". I took so long to figure out the storyline and ended up sleeping towards the end. Don't even know if I snored.

Had ayam penyet for lunch. Thanks to the colleague who drove to Rochor Centre to buy. The chilli was too spicy for me that my nose was running.

Finished watching 掌上明珠, 26 episodes. How vicious can you be to take revenge?

Sadly Saturday's JB trip is cancelled due to our tight pockets. So, change of plans to Mahjong instead, not a bad idea to earn some cash.

Once again, I am being impersonated. Some idiot copied my pictures and set up an FB profile using the name "Kristen Criss". Which part of your brain is not functioning that you have to 'borrow' the faces of others to get attention? If you have nothing better to do, do some volunteering for your own good.

Off to meet someone after work.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bumblebee Monday

Had lunch with manager in office because we didn't have time to pack lunch at TBM.

Did lots of calling and preparing letters today. Such a busy Monday to begin the week. No time for HK drama.

Banana Walnut Loaf for dinner before belly dance. Have to save money for Saturday's JB trip.

Sunday With Sisters

Spotted 6 lorries driving into car park on Saturday night. They looked like transformers with dazzling lights to me. There were sounds of drums and whips. Still unsure why they were there.

Met 4 sisters yesterday at Vivocity. Wanted to watch "Killers" unfortunately there were only seats for the first 3 rows. So, we booked tickets for "Killers" at TBP.

We had lunch at Asian Kitchen. We also ate at Asian Kitchen for the previous time we went Vivocity.

Walked around Vivocity while waiting for time to pass. Tried looking for name printing stickers at Action City and Mini Toons but to no avail.

Took a train to TBP at about 4pm. Went to check out the buses to Chinatown as we had plans to go K. Just when I thought I couldn't find the stickers, there's a little shop which provides this service. Luckily we went to the cinema earlier if not I couldn't have found what I wanted to get for so long.

"Killers" was quite a good movie especially with a guy like Ashton Kutcher starring.

Took a bus down to Chinatown for K. WF bought her KOI ice-cream milk tea along the way. The usual $8 for 3hours of singing. Sang till about 10+pm.

WX and I went home while the rest went for late dinner.

The bus journey back home was quite nostalgic. Shouldn't have started thinking back of those times while I am alone in the bus. Wet eyes looking out at the roads, probably a part of me hasn't let things go.

Have uploaded some of the photos from the Botanic Garden photoshoot.

Never as pure as lotus

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wedding Lunch

Went to attend a family friend's wedding lunch at Furama Waterfront Hotel with partial family. We wanted to take a bus there but ended up taking a cab since there were 4 of us. Reached the hotel at noon when the lunch only started at 1pm. Spent the waiting time taking pictures.

A gown I spotted at the lobby

The beautiful staircase

In the restroom

Finally we got to enter the Jupiter Room where the lunch is held. First time I attended a wedding lunch. Below's the menu and everyone went vegetarian. The food was only average. I think some of the dishes even my mum can cook better.

Yam Ring

The bride's gowns were beautiful together with the accessories. Especially love the tiara and the diamond necklace.

The lunch ended at about 4pm and we took a group shot before we left. Everyone else started queuing after they saw us taking photos. I am a trend setter, not a trend follower. Took a cab home with a heavy stomach.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Errand Running Friday

Feeling so much better today after sleeping almost half a day. So I decided to stop taking panadol cold and spit phglem instead. Such thick yellowish substances.

Bored being a receptionist. Mum said I act cute but at least I succeed

After busy days and a round of flu, I weighed myself again. ~46kg now means that I shed another kg. A woman who tells her weight can tell everything? The sentence does not apply to me.

Had fried hokkien prawn mee for lunch. Can't really leave the office because I am covering as a receptionist again and there were only 3 colleagues around. Brought my knitting kit along to spend time. Feeling like a grandmother.

Watched Iron Man 2 online, finally. I'm more into action movies than romance, a sign that my female hormones are not at the right level. Next thriller on my movie list: Salt

Tried a new Sunshine Bread flavoured with banana cream. The moment I opened the pack, the burst of banana flavour gets into my nose. But the taste of the cream can be improved. Still wondering how the cookies and cream flavoured bread will taste like.

Went to JP to go back to the knitting shop for further lessons and bought 2 pairs of heels. One from Pretty Fit, another from Charles & Keith.

Went for my dental appointment with the regular female dentist. I am on good terms with her ok? We chatted about GSS and she even asked where I bought my dress from. A very friendly dentist who don't make me feel frightened.

Back home for dinner. Mum cooked 老黄瓜汤 partly because of my heatiness.

Wedding lunch to attend tomorrow. Looking forward to great food.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flu Bug Striked

Wearing the long necklace I got from the Mary Kay meeting

Bought a pair of heels for everyday wear to work and also bought knitting materials. Continuing knitting of a shawl, magenta this time. Don't know why KZ is so shocked to see me knitting.

SATC 2 was great with lots of laughter. The beginning was on gays. A total waste for such bachelors. Some scenes did reminded me of some relationship memories. Accompanied KZ for dinner then back home.

Down with flu again. Luckily panadol helped or else I need to spend money to see a doctor again. Unfortunately I got drowsy and head was heavy so I took a nap being a receptionist. Anytime I can get a complaint for that but who cares when I am sick? I was forced to go home rest so hopped into a cab at 2:30pm back home.

Had rice vermicilli then slept till 7pm. Chose to skip dance class today in case my nose can't stop running. I am going back to sleep soon for a fast recovery.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Dreamt of an ex-crush I had in secondary school. Must be due to the City Harvest news I read last night before sleep.

Was yawning several times on the train this morning. So reluctant to wake up. Reached workplace at 8am. Bought a cup of soy bean and made a donation so that I can get the Jollibean Brolly. Also big enough for one person.

Went TBM to buy lunch with manager. Can't finish the huge pack of fried rice, so I wasted a few spoons of rice.

Off to pass cosmetics to WF and her friends. Meeting KZ at JP for SATC 2 and hopefully I have time to buy a pair of heels and get my knitting materials. Salted popcorn for dinner!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blisters Again

Once again, I spotted people obviously imitating one of photo album's name in FB. Can't people just get more creative and use their brain to think? For me, I rather have brains than to be a bimbo.

Blisters developing at my toes due to wearing a different pair of heels. I should probably consider bringing a pair of slippers to workplace.

Had roti john for lunch and beancurd skin with ginko nut for dinner. I probably had more than 10 ginko nuts. Our department's acting director also treat us Merci chocolate, no idea why his sudden gift.
Off to meeting at Mary Kay.