Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photoshoot At Botanic Garden

Went for a morning photoshoot at Botanic Garden. It was drizzling when I reached and luckily it stopped for a while. Managed to shoot outdoor for about 2 hours then it began to rain. Had to move indoors. The shoot ended at about noon and back home for lunch.

Went online to get things done and rest my poor legs. Mum loved the pink lotus so I helped her to set it as her handphone wallpaper. After having dinner at home and I am off to another makeup workshop.

A few small conflicts in a few days. Mentally exhausted to handle them. To me, there's more than one reason why I thought it's better to let him go. Setting myself free from the stress and commitment, letting him off to find another girl worth loving for. Don't waste your time and energy on melting an ice cube. When the environment is right, it will turn into water.

夜已深, 还有什麽人让你这样醒着数伤痕

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