Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Korean Food For Lunch

Went lunch with 2 colleagues at the Crystal Jade Korean Restaurant. My first time having korean food after 21 years of living. There were appetitizers, a big bowl of chicken ginseng soup, a big vegetable pancake and a plate of mixed mushrooms. Not forgetting each of us had a bowl of rice, expected that I can't finish it because I kept eating chicken slices. About $69 in total.

Wanted to get office phones which is the main objective of the trip but unable to find suitable models. Had to go another time.

I was texting the entire journey out of office and was being made fun of. From the cab to the shopping centre and back on the cab.

Had a meeting in the afternoon. Called up a crazy woman to clarify work-related issues. Had to control my laughter because of her weird questions. Just kept repeating herself like a recorder. Not sure if she is really mentally sound.

I'm off to Orchard again.

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