Saturday, May 8, 2010

Harley Davidson Shoot

Went for a Harley Davidson motorbike photoshoot at Bugis. My first bike photoshoot. Weather was extremely hot just like the wind. 3 bikes, 2 photographers, myself and another late model. She only reached the location at 12:30pm when it's supposed to be 10am. And guess what? It seems like she has never shaved her legs. She's a little more tanned than I do and her leg hairs are quite long and obvious. I am very surprised. Will wait for the group photos I took with her.

I have only picked 11 photos out of at least 200 photos. You can view the photos here.

Took the train home and my usual unglam sleep pose.

Back home shower, lunch then went to settle some stuff with mum. Also had tea at IMM and grocery shopping.

Bought 2 tank tops from Cotton On and I met a kiasu auntie. I was in the queue, only a girl in front of me at the cashier. This auntie stood beside the girl and placed her purchase of white flats at the cashier. Can't she see me in the queue and just stand behind me? I was angry of course, pull a long face and made face expression to my mum. I bet this auntie saw me pointing at her but she pretended not to see me. She managed to cut the queue but too bad, the cashier told her that 2 pairs of flats cost $30 so she had to search for another pair. The cashier saw my unsatifised face and questioned "She cut your queue right?" I answered with my black face "Ya, she did". Can't help complaining to my mum.

Makeup workshop at Mary Kay tomorrow.

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