Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally, My Favourite Lunch

Still suffering the itch from UTI after taking 2 tablets of Amoxiclav. No urge of going to the toilet to relieve so how am I suppose to flush those terrible bacteria out? Anyway, I found a good position to sleep to suppress the itch that is sleeping on my stomach.

The annoying starfish has striked again with another number. The usual type of sms greeting  and my usual way of reacting that is ignorance.

Covered the duties of a receptionist again. Got stressed out in the afternoon that I was feeling down with so many things to do. I probably would need one more staff to help in time to come.

Registered for a workshop at Wisma for next week with KZ. It was too late till LL wanted.

Had chilli salmon don for lunch and a california handroll at tea time. Has been so long since I went GWC and the longest time since I had my favourite lunch. Realised that the BK in GWC has its menu changed so now it also sells Spicy Tendercrisp. I don't have to go all the way to Ion Orchard just for that anymore.

Back to Clementi with KZ and home for dinner.

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