Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Ordered Sarpino's Pizzas for lunch since it was a colleague's birthday. 4 large pizzas for $70 shared among 8 of us.

We then had a mini celebration in the afternoon. One colleague ordered strawberry shortcake and we also shared money to buy presents for her. Present-opening ceremony followed by photo-taking. Has been so long since we took group photos, waiting for them to be uploaded.

The sinful layers

The Birthday Girl

Using a colleague's polaroid

Spend almost the entire afternoon doing the Go Poster for the class I am attending this week. I admit I cheat because I know I need to submit this homework. If I don't complete it now, I won't have time. I sourced for pictures, printed, cut and pasted everything on the cardboard. Even the alphabets were individually cut off from printed paper. And because of that, I cut my own finger using scissors. Luckily I didn't bleed profusely.

Back home for dinner after work and off for facial. Almost left out my glasses.

Called KZ back and she told me she saw G. Don't get it he would avoid her although they knew each other through me. I never know he will feel awkward, fine I am mean. Who knows he might be the cheater and push the blame on me. I won't eat the grass behind me furthermore the grass behind aren't green enough.

Sleeping early tonight for a better tomorrow.

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