Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Belly Dance

Belly Dance is really not as simple as I thought. I only managed to get the hip movements but not so well for the upper body movements. The teacher takes 26 months to master so how could I perform that well when yesterday was just the first lesson.

Back home had dinner and used a lot of sleep time to do my accounting. Really headache.

Had 3 red bean buns and a slice of papaya for breakfast. I am sure there will be bowel movement today.

Spent my entire morning doing accounting for my Mary Kay sales. But finally the popular shade of mineral powder is in stock after about 3 weeks, please don't be out of stock for long again. Will be going down for the meeting today and place my first order.

Had $2 nasi lemak for lunch, cheap and filling. Had 3 slices of pandan chiffon for dinner before going to Mary Kay. Will continue the post tomorrow.

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