Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paternal Family Gathering

For today

Had a hard time looking for JUSalon at Tanjong Pagar. Before I even got there, I had blisters on both feet already. Imagine the water contact. Had my free hair cut, now the hair length is slightly shorter because the tangled ends are cut off. Thinner hair volume too, thanks to the hot weather.

Took the train to Orchard MRT for shopping. I bought the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyeliner, plastic spatulas for scooping the gel eyeliner, a handbag, black turtleneck from Osmose and a pair of sandals. Big spendthrift for today.

Had dinner at Crystal Jade. Long time since I had their porridge.

Took the train to Redhill to my paternal grandfather's house. It was a family gathering of 34 of us. Celebrated grand aunt's and grand uncle's birthdays. It was Awfully Chocolate's chocolate banana cake. Talked quite a bit today with relatives. Tasted some snacks brought back by a cousin who just came back from a business trip in Japan. Finally met my handsome cousin from England, he definitely don't look like his age. I was a little shy, only towards to him but not his family. When will I get a chance to go England to see their house?

Back home at 10pm and I am really tired. Almost fainted in the train because of the still and weird-smelling air.

It's Monday again.

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