Sunday, March 7, 2010

JB Trip

Was late to meet LL, KZ and Nicholas at JE station this morning 9:45am. Reached Kranji MRT and the queue for bus 170 was extremely long. We missed 2 buses and luckily for us, we got the last 4 seats.

Reached JB at about noon and walked to City Square. We had our lunch at a western restaurant Vivo. Chicken and mushroom baked rice for me. The cashier asked me so many questions about my nationality. Not interested in him even he was interested in me.

Accompanied LL to the Superstar photography studio where she's taking her photoshoot. We got quite excited over the photo albums. While LL was busy with her photoshoot, the 3 us went for a luxurious treatment.

KZ had her manicure, Nicholas had his full body massage and I had my pedicure. Costed me RM46. I must say that the manicurist did a good job of removing the cuticles and the dead skin. Cheap and good. Shop name is Aerilis Spa.

We walked into Innercity for shopping. Nicholas bought lots of VCDs and I bought a pair of pumps at RM49.90. Quite in love with sneakers these days.

We walked past another 2 wedding studios. The 3 of us got tempted, thanks to LL. KZ was even thinking of a wedding photoshoot. Problem is, where to find a male model?

Nicholas's treated us ice-cream from Basket Robbins. Delicious snack and it was a huge scope. Got us a full stomach, thanks Nicholas.

You want to try?

Nicholas left shortly, leaving KZ and I to spend the waiting time. We went to check on LL from time to time. Seeing her in the kimono and the evening gown. KZ nicknamed LL Tatami when she was in kimono. Different hairstyles for different outfits. Which is why it took her half a day to finish the photoshoot. KZ and I spent the time enquiring in the other 2 studios. Kind of tempted to give it a shot. I was reminded of my modelling albums by KZ, so I have an excuse to give up the thought. In case you are interested, BNY Gallery and Printemps.

LL in the evening gown. I quite like the blue gown behind us

Bought 2 pairs of undereye lashes and an eyelash glue from Sasa. KZ bought a eyelash guard which costed her about RM20. Guess what? She saw the same item selling at RM3.90 in Action CIty. Totally pissed.

Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant Kanishi if I am not wrong. I ordered the dish named 十面埋伏. As you can see, there were octopus, salmon, tuna, unagi, egg, cucumber cubes. Can't finish the rice though. Never have I seen this locally. Tasted good by the way.

Continued to shop after dinner. We bought cosmetics and skin care products from Etude House. I bought a lip gloss at RM27+.

Had a green tea blended cream, LL's treat. We sat and took photos till 9:30pm. JB 一日游, 到此为止. Back to Singapore. Took a photos of blur photos in the bus.

Those were LL's fingers

Home at about 10:45pm. That's not the end of the day.

A big cockroach came to find me for its death. 5mins after I was in the shower, it appeared in the bathroom seeing me naked. My first reaction was of course to aim the shower head at it, hoping it will get out of the bathroom. It was dumb, continued to loiter around. I didn't scream ok? I only made those 'Eek' and 'Ah'. I sprayed water at it till it escaped to a corner where the pipes were. I grabbed the chance to exit from the bathroom naked, got the Baygon and sprayed at where it was. Now it's smart, it hid in between the pipes. I sprayed at different corners and hoping it will drop onto the ground. I poured water over the pipes and it dropped onto the group like finally. Lots of Baygon it breathed in (I did breath in quite an amount too) and started going in circles. I aimed at it accurately, sprayed for twice and it was dead. I won the battle! The first cockroach I killed not by accident. Got CJZ to get rid of the corpse and I finally can have my shower peacefully. You can imagine the whole scenario pretty well from my description.

G told me that he bought something for me in Sweden. I wonder what it is. Felt guilty that I didn't buy anything for him today since I only get out of Singapore like once a year.

Free haircut at Jus Salon tomorrow afternoon, followed by dinner at paternal grandfather's house. Get to meet the handsome doctor cousin from England. He's really a charm.

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