Friday, March 5, 2010

I Am A Capable Receptionist

Dance class was pretty fun yesterday, about 30 of us. We danced to the song "Tic Toc' by Ke$ha, managed to cover the dance steps for almost half the song. I was revising once the class ended. In the changing room, walking to the bus stop, on the bus and walking back home. Got CSX's help to record while I am dancing, in case I forget the moves this morning.

Sadly, the R&B Funk Intro class was postponed due don't know when because of insufficient students.

Slept at 00:30am and I overslept for 10mins today. Totally didn't hear my alarm.

Had a cup of vitamin C drink in the morning, just in case I'm not having any fruits today. Otah buns for lunch, saving the soy beancurd for snack.

I got praised for being a good receptionist. I even had lunch at the reception just to do a good job. See, I am capable of holding 3 positions. Spent most of the time reading the thick marketing book and playing "Ice Cream Dee Lites".

Updated a post in my other blog, read "Have You Been Single For Too Long?"

Went pool with KZ again. Had instant noodles for dinner. I managed to finish the chilli padi. I found a good way to 'open' the balls, spreading them further. I know it sounds a little A but don't imagine things. Back home at 9 plus.

Got some massage equipment from KZ, I bought it from her friend. Hopefully it works on me. Continued my craze for Wahjong Viwawa and turning in before 11pm.

JB trip with LL, KZ and Nicholas tomorrow. Outdoor Madness 5!

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