Thursday, March 4, 2010

Excited over dance class

It was so easy to won in Wahjong Viwawa with no 'tai'. I am in Level 2 after playing for less than 15mins.

Dreamt of someone last night. I was asked of a question which shocked me. In the dream, I sort of cover the truth. Could KZ's analysis be real or it's just my worry?

Had to be at the reception today because the receptionist was on leave for tomorrow as well. Imagine how well I can get paid for being an AA, a coordinator and a receptionist for 2 days? I can dream on.

Continued reading the thick volume book on marketing since I have nothing much to do at the reception. Yong Tau Foo for lunch and it was all vegetables except for the fish meat in the bittergourd and on the beancurd. Papaya for my weekday dose of vitamins and fibre. Otah bun value meal for my early dinner.

Off to dance class at Cathay after work. Keep you updated of my dance classmates.

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