Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Balanced Diet

"The Wolfman" wasn't as horrified as "The Ninja Assassin", luckily. I think I have been more courageous ever since I started watching thrillers. A good thing isn't it?  Not so like a scary cat.

Bought 2 packs of Famous Amos cookies and they were gifts to G. I thought that good stuff is only meaningful if you share.

Back home at about 11:30pm yesterday night.

Had curry chicken for lunch and I asked for more curry this time. The waitress added almost twice the normal volume of curry, it's like free flow curry. Her boss reprimanded her in front of the customers. Anyway, her boss was 'chanting' non-stop whenever there were customers. I felt like stuffing cotton balls into his mouth.

To balance my diet, I had a slice of watermelon and papaya. Haven't been taking fruits and drinking water regularly. And now my skin is so dry, I am lazy to apply lotion everyday. Even G realised the dryness of my elbows. If only there is some injection into my skin and keep my skin hydrated or mosturized.

I have created a post on the benefits of papaya, check it out here.

Was dozing off when I was standing in the train. Back home for a light dinner, online for a while and I am playing Viwawa Wahjong. I am off to sleep early.

Yes! Grrl Power dance class starts tomorrow!

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