Monday, March 8, 2010

Affairs one after another

Listening to "Happy" by Leona Lewis. Impactful voice she has.

Received a souvenir brought back by my colleague who came back from Bandung. It's a pen and I like the dangling earrings it has.

Had chilli salmon don and california handroll for lunch. Lasted me past tea time. Was gossiping about Jack Neo's affair. I wouldn't believe that this 22-year old malaysian freelance model is really after love. One after another, seems like love can no longer last forever.

Read from Stomp that China nationals were seen in the MRT toilets having sexual activities. To be exact, they were gays. Moaning was heard too. How disgusting is that?

Boss will be on leave for a week from tomorrow. I can wear sandals to work I suppose. Maybe bohemian style tomorrow.

Went to meet someone after work. Saw a Ferrari on the way back, it was unexpected because the road was seldom active. Slept on the bus way back home. Was so hungry but I couldn't find any good-looking bread to eat from the bakery.

Forgot to mention something. My new job involves much calling and so there was this time I called a male volunteer. I was stunned when I heard his voice because he sounded so much like someone. I think I sounded surprised to him. Anyway, I called him again today but I still kind of tremble. Thursday I will know how he looks like. Just got a feeling he won't look any similar to someone.

Had Mee Sua and porridge for dinner. Followed by fruits, healthy right? I still haven't start my detox plan.

Got to turn in tonight for a good rest.

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