Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enlightened by 女人我最大

Another nightmare yesterday night. This time I dreamt of being involved in a murder which happened in the house. 3 female strangers got killed and blood was flowing from the living room into the kitchen where I was standing. As usual, I can't remember what happened but this dream repeated at night. I got a little distracted in the morning because of this.

Went GWC for my brazilian waxing and bought lots of food. Chilli salmon don for lunch, almond triangle for snack and Rittersport White Whole Hazelnut Chocolate for my itchy mouth.

My favourite lunch

Almond triangle

Done with "Old Dogs" and I am watching 女人我最大. An episode of on eye make-up enlightened me a lot. One of the participants have those asian eyes 汉人眼睛 with hidden eyelids. You won't know how saddening it is when I apply eyeliner or eyeshadow, they can't be seen if I don't close or open my eyes widely. The male make-up artist suggested to make a mark on the upper eyelid when eyes are opened then apply eyeshadow (I know this before I seen the video btw). A lot of eyeshadow is needed due to the big area. Mascara is to be applied following the direction of the eyelashes, got to change wrist position to get that.

Off to JP Fish & Co. for dinner with CSX. Luckily she was there early to queue or else we would probably have to wait till 8pm. Both of us did shopping. I bought 2 wollen cardigans from G2000 while she bought lingerie, heels and handbag. We bought Polar cakes for breakfast too.

I took the train home while she went for movie. Home sweet home at 9:30pm.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movie Big Time

Had a nightmare last night. Another of those weird dreams. I was carrying a baby on a cruise and there was some disaster that I dropped into the sea with the baby. I didn't know how to swim in reality but I was swimming in the dream. Couldn't remember the ending.

Yes, my movie big time is back. Watched 全城热恋 at workplace today. It's a combination of love short stories. Watched a major part of "Old Dogs" too, to be continued.

Had nasi padang and fruits for lunch today. Chubbly Bubbly ice-cream from Ben & Jerry's for snack. The weather might be cold but our room is still warm.

Back home as usual and met CJZ along the way. Only had a yam bun and vegetables for dinner. I just want to maintain my weight since I just lost an inch on my waist.

All things happen for a reason.

Monday, March 29, 2010

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Have you bought yours?

Weird Dream

Dreamt of singing chinese pop with a big group of people at staircase. Each of us even had scores to follow. I must have been missing KTV for too long. Even my colleagues laughed at me when I told them.

Went TBM with manager to pack lunch. Had a filling plate of $3 vegetarian hor fun. A lot of mock meat in it.

Had a lot of work today and back to phone-calling tomorrow.

Went City Hall to collect some stuff on G's behalf and bought the Post-It Super Sticky Notes to participate in the Nuffnang contest. The city was wet and I had to walk with extra precaution.

Back home and maggie for dinner. Got to sleep early tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Got harrassing phone calls by that idiotic starfish again. I seriously feel like strangling him if I knocked into him. I still see it a waste to spend money to have my number changed.

Woke up at 11am and home-cooked lunch. Spent a lot of time blogging about yesterday. Watched "Telephone" MV as recommended by KZ. What's so fun about creative make-up? It's a lot of time wasted on putting and removing it.

Steamed sweet corn with CJZ. We were too hungry before dinner time. Mine tasted terrible. I added too much salt and I split the first mouth. So I had to wash away the salt and eat bland sweet corn. Those frozen corn nibblets really don't work. I guess I never inherit my dad's genes for culinary.

Went Subway for dinner with CJZ. Had egg mayo sandwich with the sweet onion sauce. I had to brush my teeth because I can't handle the strong onion in my mouth.

Favourite song at this moment- My Name by McLean

Hangout At Vivocity

27th March 2010

Went for my makeover at Ion Sephora. Chose simple make-up since I am just casually dressed. Bought some cosmetics at Benefit and fixed my appointment for the free eyebrow arch wax.

The items I bought and the free gifts
Met G for lunch at Sakae Sushi. We didn't eat as much as we used to which is a good thing in this case. Sort of sent him back to work then.

Met KZ at Vivocity and LL was the latest this time. While waiting for them, I sat facing Sentosa taking pictures. Bought tickets to "Alice in Wonderland" before LL went for her lunch at Carl's Junior. Their large fries was really huge, that packet of carbohydrates and fats was more than enough for a meal.

Spent our time window-shopping and sitting at Starbucks Harbourfront until 6:30pm for the movie. The 3 of us burst into laughter when the Red Queen appeared. The movie was not bad, quite a few parts with humour.

Window-shopped again and ended up outdoor again. The moment we sat down, we sighed "Aiyo." A sign that we are really aging.

Had late dinner at JPot, my favourite steamboat place. We ordered the dinner set for 4 but never a problem to finish with LL around. We ordered 4 soup bases of which herbal, superior, bak kut teh and vegetarian. KZ had herbal, LL had superior then vegetarian, mine was bak kut teh, I wondered how many times did LL wake up at night for the toilet after finishing 1.5 big bowl of soup. I also got a pack of tissues printed with the "Remember Me" poster from LL.

I am obssessed with him

We left Vivicoty at 11:30pm, thinking of catching the last bus. Due to my poor memory, KZ and I missed our desired bus so we had to transfer bus in order to get home the cheap way.

On the second bus, there was this couple beside us. Looked like 18-19 years old. The girl was like a 'teh bao' putting her arms around the guy, speaking so sweetly to him. The guy would take off her arms from time to time and luckily she got tired, rested on the guy's thighs. If I am not wrong, she did all these acts just to attract our attention. I am not surprised by these showcasing.

Home sweet  home at 1am.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Evening Shopping

Woke up at 2am and went to meet someone. The only thing I brought home is a bottle of mineral water. Oh well, what else can you buy at such a time right?

I am attending the Nuffnang symposium host by Xiaxue on 3rd April. It's weird how can I be in a different group when LL and KZ have the same timing and venue as me. Anyway, I am excited to meet her.

I wore a black and white strip dress today and my supervisor said I looked like a bumblebee. That's only if I had yellow and back strips of course.

Had vegetarian economic rice for lunch and continued with phone-calling. I seriously hate the phone now.

Dinner was cancelled since there were too few of us and I had errands to run. Went Tangs Benefit to register for the workshop on 2nd April then went to try the Triumph Memory Cushion bra. It is comfortable but I find it too expensive for an average bra. Walked to Ion Orchard Sephora to sign up for the makeover by Benefit.

Took the train to City Hall and bought a mascara at Robinsons Benefit. Took a bus back home, closing my eyes and listening to the radio. Probably it's intuition, I opened my eyes and saw a silver Lamborghini beside the bus. Home at 8:30pm.

Makeover at Sephora Benefit tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Boss Means More Work

Had nasi padang for lunch at the reception. Decided to save money for a good dinner tomorrow. A colleague helped me to buy a $1.80 chawamushi from TBP and it was too salty. Not buying it again.

Had a busy afternoon walking again. It was drizzling outside and my work was piling on the inside. Ever since a new boss took over, even my manager have got unlimited work to do. No choice, we can only complain to each other. Although the benefits were improved, it won't make us feel a lot better.

Had 3 oreo and a mushroom chicken pie for dinner before dance class. Listened to the radio on the way home, tapping to the beat.

Meeting sisters for dinner at NYDC tomorrow. My craving for baked rice, here I come!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pain in Heels

Had some joke sms with G this morning. Some things are impossible no matter how the science can progress.

Had pizzas ordered from Sarpino's. They were so much bigger than Pizza Hut's and also on promotion like Canadian's 2 for 1. I had 3 slices and a few potato bites.

Napolitana and The Aloha

Now I regret wearing a pair of covered heels which I haven't been wearing for months. It gave me a blister on my toe and I had to walk with it unsightly. I know people have been looking at my feet but I have to make myself comfortable. I had to walk from building to building to get management's signatures in pain.

Took a cab back home after work. I spent that $10 because I don't wish to end up swearing in the train. Anyway tomorrow is payday. I only had rice, cabbage and braised peanuts for dinner. Pity me please?

4th dance class tomorrow evening.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Remember Me

At the theatre watching "Remember Me" yesterday, the caucasian lady beside me was also alone. I know there were fans of Robert Pattinson in the theatre, like the 3 malay ladies sat in front of me. Their responses when he appeared made me sure of my guess. I couldn't have understood the movie if I didn't read the background. The ending was sad, almost got my eyes wet. The movie do have a moral. You never know when death will strike you so you have to do what you can each day on Earth. Time never waits for people.

Took a bus home and I was staring at the roads thinking back at times of those reckless acts with someone. I could have been silly at those times but these events sort of crashed my life, making me who I am today. If such things never happen, I might not be as strong willed as I am today.

Back home, had my shower and off to bed. Been trying to avoid the Internet at home.

Had a busy morning handling paperwork again so I was surprised that it was soon 10:30am.

Had Subway Cold Cut Trio for lunch. Went to pack it from GWC with a colleague and she was telling me my mindset is much more mature for my age. I get it, my mind is older than my body. A 25-year old mind in a 21-year old body. Isn't this common for females?

Some guy from Facebook messaged me then started questioning me. How could you even admire me when you barely know me? I hope someone see the problem of having a social networking account. Sometimes it just makes people flare up.

Had a meeting in the afternoon and continued with non-stop e-mailing. More to come I believe. Will be having Sarpino's Pizza tomorrow for lunch but I still crave for Kenny Rogers Pepper Glazed Chicken.

Had home-cooked dinner as usual and back to Viwawa Wahjong.

If I never ask, I won't get rejected. At least I can be hopeful.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spoiled for Good Food

I am a receptionist again today. Had lots of things to do in the morning and finally had the time to slow down after lunch.

Had chilli salmon don and a curry puff for lunch. Had them bought from GWC and my colleague was saying that I am spoil for good food. I had to explain that I was having nasi padang for 3 days' lunchWas watching the Steven Lim's disgusting and horrible videos. To think of it, I felt sorry for his parents to have a son who goes around spoiling his own name. It's a disgrace.

Did a post " Do You Look Older Or Younger Your Age?" on my other blog. I'm sure it is an interesting topic to both genders.

I'm on my way to Vivocity to watch "Remember Me" alone. I'm excited over seeing Robert Pattinson and the salty popcorn for dinner. Mum was asking, "How can you watch movie alone?" My answer "Why can't I?"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stay Home Sunday

Woke up at 9am, especially early for a weekend when I have my period. Just get so worried of staining my bed sheet.

Had hotcakes and french toast for breakfast. What a sumptous weekend breakfast cum lunch! Helped mum to remove the quail egg shells for her to cook curry vegetables. I did help to cook ok?

Played Pet Society, have been neglecting Kiki for a long time. Even the fruit trees are full of fruits. Continued with Viwawa Wahjong and I am at Level 8.

Had curry vegetables for dinner while watching Channel 8. Just a bowl of it and I was full. Watching the charity programme on Channel 8 now.

Can't wait to watch "Remember Me" tomorrow. It's salty popcorn time!

The spaces in between my fingers fit yours perfectly - Owl City's Vanilla Twilight

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Woke up at 8am to prepare and off for photoshoot for my ex-colleague's blogshop. I got a pretty strap dress from her. Back home at 11:30am for lunch and it was still raining.

Went online and I read a piece of shocking news that got me traumatised. Had to eat a pack of kinder bueno to calm myself down. I should be glad that I am one of the lucky ones who know this secret.

Played Viwawa Wahjong again and I am reaching Level 7. Watched Xiaxue's wedding video with CSX. So lucky of her to have almost everything sponsored. But the luckiest thing is that she met her Mr. Right at a young age.

Dinner with CJZ at Ramen Ten. It's 99cent sushi again. This is only the second time I had Japanese food this week. CJZ did most of the talking while I am a good listener. The weather is cold enough to make me feel sleepy after a meal.

Back home and Viwawa Wahjong again. Sleeping early again tonight.

Looking forward to homemade hotcakes by mum tomorrow morning.

Friday, March 19, 2010

CHIC Girl Of The Day

Dance class was great yesterday. Fewer students and my dance role model was absent. I was the only one who remember all the dance steps we learnt last week, proud to say that. My effort does get pay off and it was easier to continue from there.

Met CJZ along the way home. Saw a divorcee neighbour who alighted from a sportscar from far, CJZ was amazed by my observation skill. How could I ever miss that car? Such a waste of my talent for not being a PI.

I am the CHIC Girl of the Day! This means that if I get enough votes for CHIC Girl of the Week, I get to compete in the Final Round to win a dream holiday including shopping money. How I wish...

Was on the train this morning and realised that I left my handphone at home. I felt so naked without it. Called home once I reached office to check with mum. Had to trouble her to call me if there was a message or phone call.

Had to stand in as a receptionist today and I was bored sitting there. Can't watch HK drama because it doesn't load.

Went GWC to buy lunch. Only to realise my chilli salmon don had no chilli padi, how lucky am I today? Also bought corn muffins from Kenny Rogers and was tempted to buy crossiant triangle from Spinelli.

Back home for dinner and Viwawa time. I was asked why I am not out of a Friday night. I lied that it was raining and I rather stay home. The time was right but it was the wrong person. I pin no hope in getting outdoor with the right person.

Will be modelling for an ex-colleague's blogshop tomorrow morning. Feel like eating creamy chicken pasta from New York New York again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Truth or Dare

Watched another 2003 HK movie 六楼后座. It's about the Truth or Dare game played by 6 youngsters. They were dared to fulfill their dream in a year if not they have to eat shit. Moral of the movie? If you want something badly, you have to do all it takes to get it.

Had nasi padang for lunch again. Had lots of fruits to clear my rectum and had one of those big US strawberries. That's part of my dinner.

Found the dance MV of Jolin Tsai's 日不落 and I am having fun practising. Get rid of the troubles I had.

I'm off to dance class after work. Will be sleeping very well tonight.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Shopping In April

Finished watching 十分爱 and learnt a new phrase: 爱情是一场游戏. 你骗我, 我骗你.

Had a busy morning printing and walking. Got me so hungry that I had to eat 3 pieces of oreo and 2 jam cream sandwiches before lunch.

Went Liang Court for lunch with colleagues. Had creamy seafood and vegetables soup set meal. I couldn't finish the rice sadly. I was given an IQ maths puzzle to solve and guess what? I solved in less than 3 mins. Now I regret for not studying further into maths, my talent is wasted. The puzzle can only be solved by people with IQ of at least 130 ok?

Saw a lady with a lower face sunken in like her plastic surgery failed. She looked like a horse with the jaw bone so distinct. I couldn't keep my eyes off her face, not for a good reason of course.

1 more week to pay day and I am challenging myself in April. Except for necessities, transport, food and pool, I am not doing any shopping. This means that I should be able to save an amount for IPL brazilian. I don't know how possible is that but I am going to try. This is a very big challenge for a shopaholic like me ok?

Back home for dinner like a typical weekday. Had a chat with mum and CSX while eating grapes. It was about relationships again. Time for Viwawa Wahjong and sleeping early tonight.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day's Receptionist

Had a long dream last night and I could still remember it clearly. It's time to cut off the half-attached strings when I can be happier.

Colleague was sweet, wanted to help to get breakfast from Starbucks or Mac. I was just saying the Marks & Spencer jam sandwiches tasted like hotcakes and she wanted to fulfill my craving. See, guys can't be any sweeter than this. Not trying to say I am likely to be a lesbian.

Had nasi padang for lunch again. Had to cover up as a receptionist as she was on medical leave. No chance to watch my HK movie but to read up on services marketing. Had to keep myself alert by playing "Spot the Difference" on FB.

Had a california handroll for dinner, how depressing is that?

Called Glomax to confirm my free eye treatment just in case. And guess what? The person who called me previously recorded my appointment on 23rd instead of 16th. I remember clearly that I told her 16th. They had no choice but to rush in order for me to get my treatment done.

Got a call from Glomax that I can do the treatment on time as the previous customer has cancelled the appointment. Tea was served in a cute little fish bowl-like cup. The overall treatment was almost painless and results were significant especially the eye bag and panda eyes. It's usually $150 and I had it free thanks to CHIC Magazine.

Glomax Aesthetics
Cuppage Plaza #B1-23
Singapore 228796

Back home at 9pm and a pack of kinder bueno before shower.

I already found my Edward, why would I need Jacob?

Monday, March 15, 2010

To Quit or Not To Quit?

Once again, I got disturbed by phone calls from that starfish at 7:30am. When can this sea creature stop spoiling my day? I really have the thought of changing my phone number again but why should I spend $30 for such a useless living thing. Now I regret for getting into those social websites.

Had nasi padang for lunch, 2 veg and a sunny side up. $3 including a slice of papaya is possible. Part of my money-saving plan for these 2 weeks.

Watched "Music and Lyrics" starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. Still missing the fun back in band. Watched half of another HK movie "十分爱", got to continue with it tomorrow.

Back home for dinner and was gossiping with CSX about some popular models. Sometimes I have the urge to stop modelling and get myself away from superficial people. Strangers added me on FB but I rejected their requests.They want to make friends but too bad for them, I don't like to make new friends. You can consider me insociable but I rather be defensive.

I don't see how far a relationship can go when I don't know what you have been up to. It's still security that I can't find.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Gathering

Had a classic manicure at Juup Nails. A cosy place with magenta wallpaper. They had a wide selection of beverages like tea to choose from. The TV was playing "Two and a Half Man", an interesting drama. Got a $10 voucher from them, anyone who is interested can approach me.

The 'graphite flooring' nail polish

Walked over to Orchard Central to participate in the OC Girl Search. Had my hair done at Essenuals and got a $10 voucher from them. If you are interested to try their service, do approach me too. Make-up was done by Laura.

My siblings commented that I looked like a horse, I admit my face looks extremely long

Rushed to CIty Square to meet family. Had my Toast Box late lunch then walked over to uncle's condo.

And I ate again. Only the vegetarian fried bee hoon from Happy Realm tasted good. Had a little white wine, one of the bottles was 1990 which cost about $700. A lot of photos were taken because there were many cameras.

With CSX and Cousin Lawrence

With Uncle Peter

There were more photos of course but I am not uploading them here. Some were just unglam.

Went up to uncle's house and loved the magenta wallpaper. The interior design was done by IKEA after purchasing a certain amount worth of furniture from them. Now we have better idea on how to decorate the new house.

Had a cake-cutting session and left for home at 8 plus. Along the way, we walked past some red-lighted shophouses. The prostitutes' workplace, lots of rooms in there. Had to walked out of the area fast enough because I was holding a plastic fan trying to cool myself. I would look like a mama-san.

The train was terribly packed like a weekday morning. Now my family can understand my situation every morning on the way to work. Back home at 9pm. Magazine Readers' Contest: Win A Prada Wallet

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Water Beauty Photoshoot

Dragged myself out of bed at  8:15am for a water beauty photoshoot in a condo. Realised Jeslyn was the other model and we managed to have the photoshoot there thanks to Novia. Took photos of the swimming pool area while lying on the big round couch with cushions.

An example of the cushion which I relaxed on

The sight in front of me

Pam was the make-up artist. I had red-orange-yellow eye shadow which was a very different combination to me. This was to match my bikini. Other than pink and blue, red is considered outstanding to me. And because it is creative make-up, I had a hard time removing them.

Had a late lunch at home and off for my hair treatment. I slept for like 15mins during the treatment. Totally knocked out that I didn't hear anyone entering the salon although there were.

Had 2 slices of pandan roll for dinner, how pathetic was that? Played Viwawa Wahjong and now I am at Level 6.

Got to sleep early. Manicure, makeover and family gathering tomorrow.

Cakes for Tea

Watched a 2007 HK movie "单身部落". I thought it was about relationships but turned out that it was on female's sex life. There was no showing of the important parts, just movements of the bodies. I still don't understand why a woman can kiss another woman. My lips are only meant for guys, no ladies allowed.

Had chilli salmon don and california handroll from Kuriya, BEST! The third japanese meal I had this week. My dear manager pampered us with 3 pints of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, can't wait to have the chocolate macademia.

Received 2 cakes from a colleague who's on maternity leave. Sharing you the pictures.

The cakes are from Calendar's

Apple Crumble (I love the top coat)

Carrot Cake, anyone?

Went to meet someone after work. I initiated the meet-up this time. Home at 7pm.

Had a KTV session with Jafar, his friend, Nicholas, LL and KZ. The ladies had to wait for the late guys. We had to sit in the lounge area till about 10pm while waiting for an available room. Ordered drinks and finger food to eat. LL, Nicholas and I shared a birthday present for KZ although it's a little early. She loves the present (for sure we know) and definitely it will be put to absolute good use. I left the group earlier as I have a morning photoshoot tomorrow.

 While I was walking home, the places and corners around the HDB reminded me of those memories. Knowing that I will be moving out soon, I should take photos of what that remains for now. I had a sudden thought, can I not move house?

  I got my coming weekend packed now. Photoshoot, hair treatment, manicure and family gathering.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HK Movie Afternoon

Dreamt of G last night. What happens in the dream remains in the dream.

Watched "游龙戏凤" starring Andy Lau and Shu Qi. A touching romance which made me almost cried. The storyline would hardly happen in reality. Kept me awake after lunch, unlike the other 2 movies I watched this week. Watched an hour of  "叶问" which is a popular movie among the guys especially. The fighting scenes are much better than those in Jackie Chan's movies.

Had a $5.50 grilled salmon bento set for lunch. It was from Niwa Sushi and very filling. I am still craving for the chilli salmon don from Ichiban. Had to drink a bottle of apple cider to rush my bowel movement. Leaving the california handroll for tea.

Last week's dance teacher was temporary, this week is the right teacher. It's Kesha's Blah Blah Blah this time. I would say I have better memory of the dance steps now.

Back home and surprisingly I didn't sleep. Was looking around all the time. Had 2 big bowls of soup and I guess I will be waking up several times at night.

Will be celebrating with Jafar & co. for finishing his ORD tomorrow at KTV. Another crazy session.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Never-Be-Seen In SG Game Show

Watched a 2002 movie "好心相爱", a touching love story which I almost teared at the ending. Enough of the recent romance, I chose a Korean flick " 插班师姐". Not really an action movie though.

Had fried hokkien mee for lunch and beancurd skin with ginko nuts but for snack. Too high a sugar concentration it is.

Dialled quite a number of phone calls due to job. Felt like a telemarketer,

I saw this video of a japanese game show where the guys get to see a woman naked if they managed to hit the puzzles off the board. The private parts were of course mosaic in the video but I can still see the hair down below. I came into conclusion that japanese guys are indeed very much 'coloured' than singaporean guys.

Back home for dinner and Viwawa Mahjong again.

Dance class tomorrow evening.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movie Afternoon

I see that pack of nougat

Saw this picture taken by my uncle on Sunday. I'm not going to post my handsome England cousin's photo here, just in case I get caught.

Watched an hour of "The Proposal" and I can't find the second half of the movie. Wasted my time. And so, I watched "The Lakehouse" by Sandra Bullock (again) and Keanu Reeves. How many 2 years have I got?

Had prata from Mr Teh Tarik for lunch. This is becoming a weekly thing. Prata definitely leaves me with great memories. The sneak out supper during band camp and the first midnight date I had at a prata place.

Had sushi dinner at Ramen Ten with CSX. Had chawamushi and 99cent plates of sushi. Didn't eat much as dinner was later than usual.

Listening to 背对背拥抱 by JJ Lim gives me flashback. This is the 300th post and it seems that I haven't change much since the first post. When will things change?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Affairs one after another

Listening to "Happy" by Leona Lewis. Impactful voice she has.

Received a souvenir brought back by my colleague who came back from Bandung. It's a pen and I like the dangling earrings it has.

Had chilli salmon don and california handroll for lunch. Lasted me past tea time. Was gossiping about Jack Neo's affair. I wouldn't believe that this 22-year old malaysian freelance model is really after love. One after another, seems like love can no longer last forever.

Read from Stomp that China nationals were seen in the MRT toilets having sexual activities. To be exact, they were gays. Moaning was heard too. How disgusting is that?

Boss will be on leave for a week from tomorrow. I can wear sandals to work I suppose. Maybe bohemian style tomorrow.

Went to meet someone after work. Saw a Ferrari on the way back, it was unexpected because the road was seldom active. Slept on the bus way back home. Was so hungry but I couldn't find any good-looking bread to eat from the bakery.

Forgot to mention something. My new job involves much calling and so there was this time I called a male volunteer. I was stunned when I heard his voice because he sounded so much like someone. I think I sounded surprised to him. Anyway, I called him again today but I still kind of tremble. Thursday I will know how he looks like. Just got a feeling he won't look any similar to someone.

Had Mee Sua and porridge for dinner. Followed by fruits, healthy right? I still haven't start my detox plan.

Got to turn in tonight for a good rest.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paternal Family Gathering

For today

Had a hard time looking for JUSalon at Tanjong Pagar. Before I even got there, I had blisters on both feet already. Imagine the water contact. Had my free hair cut, now the hair length is slightly shorter because the tangled ends are cut off. Thinner hair volume too, thanks to the hot weather.

Took the train to Orchard MRT for shopping. I bought the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyeliner, plastic spatulas for scooping the gel eyeliner, a handbag, black turtleneck from Osmose and a pair of sandals. Big spendthrift for today.

Had dinner at Crystal Jade. Long time since I had their porridge.

Took the train to Redhill to my paternal grandfather's house. It was a family gathering of 34 of us. Celebrated grand aunt's and grand uncle's birthdays. It was Awfully Chocolate's chocolate banana cake. Talked quite a bit today with relatives. Tasted some snacks brought back by a cousin who just came back from a business trip in Japan. Finally met my handsome cousin from England, he definitely don't look like his age. I was a little shy, only towards to him but not his family. When will I get a chance to go England to see their house?

Back home at 10pm and I am really tired. Almost fainted in the train because of the still and weird-smelling air.

It's Monday again.

JB Trip

Was late to meet LL, KZ and Nicholas at JE station this morning 9:45am. Reached Kranji MRT and the queue for bus 170 was extremely long. We missed 2 buses and luckily for us, we got the last 4 seats.

Reached JB at about noon and walked to City Square. We had our lunch at a western restaurant Vivo. Chicken and mushroom baked rice for me. The cashier asked me so many questions about my nationality. Not interested in him even he was interested in me.

Accompanied LL to the Superstar photography studio where she's taking her photoshoot. We got quite excited over the photo albums. While LL was busy with her photoshoot, the 3 us went for a luxurious treatment.

KZ had her manicure, Nicholas had his full body massage and I had my pedicure. Costed me RM46. I must say that the manicurist did a good job of removing the cuticles and the dead skin. Cheap and good. Shop name is Aerilis Spa.

We walked into Innercity for shopping. Nicholas bought lots of VCDs and I bought a pair of pumps at RM49.90. Quite in love with sneakers these days.

We walked past another 2 wedding studios. The 3 of us got tempted, thanks to LL. KZ was even thinking of a wedding photoshoot. Problem is, where to find a male model?

Nicholas's treated us ice-cream from Basket Robbins. Delicious snack and it was a huge scope. Got us a full stomach, thanks Nicholas.

You want to try?

Nicholas left shortly, leaving KZ and I to spend the waiting time. We went to check on LL from time to time. Seeing her in the kimono and the evening gown. KZ nicknamed LL Tatami when she was in kimono. Different hairstyles for different outfits. Which is why it took her half a day to finish the photoshoot. KZ and I spent the time enquiring in the other 2 studios. Kind of tempted to give it a shot. I was reminded of my modelling albums by KZ, so I have an excuse to give up the thought. In case you are interested, BNY Gallery and Printemps.

LL in the evening gown. I quite like the blue gown behind us

Bought 2 pairs of undereye lashes and an eyelash glue from Sasa. KZ bought a eyelash guard which costed her about RM20. Guess what? She saw the same item selling at RM3.90 in Action CIty. Totally pissed.

Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant Kanishi if I am not wrong. I ordered the dish named 十面埋伏. As you can see, there were octopus, salmon, tuna, unagi, egg, cucumber cubes. Can't finish the rice though. Never have I seen this locally. Tasted good by the way.

Continued to shop after dinner. We bought cosmetics and skin care products from Etude House. I bought a lip gloss at RM27+.

Had a green tea blended cream, LL's treat. We sat and took photos till 9:30pm. JB 一日游, 到此为止. Back to Singapore. Took a photos of blur photos in the bus.

Those were LL's fingers

Home at about 10:45pm. That's not the end of the day.

A big cockroach came to find me for its death. 5mins after I was in the shower, it appeared in the bathroom seeing me naked. My first reaction was of course to aim the shower head at it, hoping it will get out of the bathroom. It was dumb, continued to loiter around. I didn't scream ok? I only made those 'Eek' and 'Ah'. I sprayed water at it till it escaped to a corner where the pipes were. I grabbed the chance to exit from the bathroom naked, got the Baygon and sprayed at where it was. Now it's smart, it hid in between the pipes. I sprayed at different corners and hoping it will drop onto the ground. I poured water over the pipes and it dropped onto the group like finally. Lots of Baygon it breathed in (I did breath in quite an amount too) and started going in circles. I aimed at it accurately, sprayed for twice and it was dead. I won the battle! The first cockroach I killed not by accident. Got CJZ to get rid of the corpse and I finally can have my shower peacefully. You can imagine the whole scenario pretty well from my description.

G told me that he bought something for me in Sweden. I wonder what it is. Felt guilty that I didn't buy anything for him today since I only get out of Singapore like once a year.

Free haircut at Jus Salon tomorrow afternoon, followed by dinner at paternal grandfather's house. Get to meet the handsome doctor cousin from England. He's really a charm.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Am A Capable Receptionist

Dance class was pretty fun yesterday, about 30 of us. We danced to the song "Tic Toc' by Ke$ha, managed to cover the dance steps for almost half the song. I was revising once the class ended. In the changing room, walking to the bus stop, on the bus and walking back home. Got CSX's help to record while I am dancing, in case I forget the moves this morning.

Sadly, the R&B Funk Intro class was postponed due don't know when because of insufficient students.

Slept at 00:30am and I overslept for 10mins today. Totally didn't hear my alarm.

Had a cup of vitamin C drink in the morning, just in case I'm not having any fruits today. Otah buns for lunch, saving the soy beancurd for snack.

I got praised for being a good receptionist. I even had lunch at the reception just to do a good job. See, I am capable of holding 3 positions. Spent most of the time reading the thick marketing book and playing "Ice Cream Dee Lites".

Updated a post in my other blog, read "Have You Been Single For Too Long?"

Went pool with KZ again. Had instant noodles for dinner. I managed to finish the chilli padi. I found a good way to 'open' the balls, spreading them further. I know it sounds a little A but don't imagine things. Back home at 9 plus.

Got some massage equipment from KZ, I bought it from her friend. Hopefully it works on me. Continued my craze for Wahjong Viwawa and turning in before 11pm.

JB trip with LL, KZ and Nicholas tomorrow. Outdoor Madness 5!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Excited over dance class

It was so easy to won in Wahjong Viwawa with no 'tai'. I am in Level 2 after playing for less than 15mins.

Dreamt of someone last night. I was asked of a question which shocked me. In the dream, I sort of cover the truth. Could KZ's analysis be real or it's just my worry?

Had to be at the reception today because the receptionist was on leave for tomorrow as well. Imagine how well I can get paid for being an AA, a coordinator and a receptionist for 2 days? I can dream on.

Continued reading the thick volume book on marketing since I have nothing much to do at the reception. Yong Tau Foo for lunch and it was all vegetables except for the fish meat in the bittergourd and on the beancurd. Papaya for my weekday dose of vitamins and fibre. Otah bun value meal for my early dinner.

Off to dance class at Cathay after work. Keep you updated of my dance classmates.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Balanced Diet

"The Wolfman" wasn't as horrified as "The Ninja Assassin", luckily. I think I have been more courageous ever since I started watching thrillers. A good thing isn't it?  Not so like a scary cat.

Bought 2 packs of Famous Amos cookies and they were gifts to G. I thought that good stuff is only meaningful if you share.

Back home at about 11:30pm yesterday night.

Had curry chicken for lunch and I asked for more curry this time. The waitress added almost twice the normal volume of curry, it's like free flow curry. Her boss reprimanded her in front of the customers. Anyway, her boss was 'chanting' non-stop whenever there were customers. I felt like stuffing cotton balls into his mouth.

To balance my diet, I had a slice of watermelon and papaya. Haven't been taking fruits and drinking water regularly. And now my skin is so dry, I am lazy to apply lotion everyday. Even G realised the dryness of my elbows. If only there is some injection into my skin and keep my skin hydrated or mosturized.

I have created a post on the benefits of papaya, check it out here.

Was dozing off when I was standing in the train. Back home for a light dinner, online for a while and I am playing Viwawa Wahjong. I am off to sleep early.

Yes! Grrl Power dance class starts tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catwalk for a Hairshow

Hooray! I will be catwalking in June for a hairshow. I have always looked at the catwalk models with eyes of envy and finally I get to experience it. Not everyone (definitely) gets to walk like this on a stage with lots of audience looking at you. Can't wait for this big thing to happen. For the sake of the hairshow, no extreme changes to be made to my hair for the next 3months.

Had roti prata for lunch today. Did quite a lot of walking in the afternoon. Had a slice of papaya and a california handroll for tea. I know rice is a little too heavy and now I have found a good reason to stop eating tibits. And really good that my dance lessons are starting on Thursday.

Completed all the levels in "Ice Cream Dee Lites". I'm the first in my department. This only means that I have the most time to play.

Back home for a cup of cereal and I'm off to watch "The Wolfman" with G. I am craving for Toast Box.

Appraisal tomorrow morning.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Terrible Train Journey

To all models or models wannabes
Orchard Central is looking for the OC Girl. Stand to win $5000 worth of prizes and more! Check out the link for more information.

Had a grumpy morning because I didn't sleep well last night. Eyes were tired and I overslept, luckily for only 10mins. The Black GTR I saw on the way to work kind of brighten my day a little.

Had a busy morning scanning, e-mailing and getting documents signed. Had hardly any chance to sit in front of the desktop. Probably explains my weight of 47kg.

Colleagues helped me to pack Bandito Pocket Meal from KFC and a ham sandwich from Taka while I continued flying like a bumblebee. The ham sandwich is of course for tea not for lunch.

Had a new game addiction, Ice Cream Dee Lite. The game is very similar to Flo's Restaurant and was introduced to me by a colleague. Levels continued to rise including my heart rate. Had the ham sandwich while playing the game.

The train back home was extremely packed and the driver was acelerating and decelerating. Everyone was in an unstable position and I accidentally stepped on a guy's foot. It was because of the auntie who wanted to move forward before the train stopped. As you know, the door opens at the other side at Dover and she mistaken it. In the end, she still has to turn back.Terrible journey together with the labourers.

Had a light dinner at 8pm and back to watching "The Holiday". Watched the trailer of "Remember Me" starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin. As you predicted, I will watch it in the theatre. Somehow I feel Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson still look more like a couple.

Received a few more photos from Antony, you can view the photos (in white background) here.

Movie night with G tomorrow.