Monday, November 30, 2009

My Handphone Is Damaged

Heard a piece of bad news from G in the morning and I got myself into trouble in the afternoon. Had a busy Monday morning at work.

Went TBP to pack lunch with a colleague and my Samsung Ultratouch got into an accident. Really heartbroken, all thanks to myself. It got slammed by the taxi door and its LCD screen cracked. Total darkness of the screen from then onwards. I was silent when I realised it was damaged. Yes, I was in shock. And so, I didn't really talked at lunch.

Left the office early to learn to set up a teleconference. Simple and so fast.

Went JP to get my handphone to see a 'doctor'. Needed to wait for the quotation before I decide whether to save it or let it perish. Pray hard that it's less than $200 or else I will need to spend money to get Samsung OmniaPro B7320. Now I am using my Samsung Z240 again. 18th Dec please be here ASAP so I can shop for Christmas!

Hopefully CJZ will be home safely and G will be fine in a week. I am starting to see myself like a jinx.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's East-er

CJZ, CSX and Me

I relate the HK flight CX734 to myself

See the 'Go Li' on auntie's footwear

Went Changi Airport with my grandma, mum and CSX to send CJZ for his flight to Kota Kinabula. Had a cup of white chocolate frappe once I reached the airport. Had a cup of Yuan Yang after sending CJZ. I already miss him when I'm back home, seeing the dark and empty living room. Held my watery eyes for a few times when I see him from far. Just hope that he's safe back home.

Met KZ and WF for dinner at Popeye's. The corn and biscuit were out of stock, business must be too good. Did window shopping at T3 before leaving for Tampiness.

We had a fish spa at Kohong Fish Spa. Unlike the small black fish at a fish spa at Harbourfront, the fish were bigger, fatter and in beige. Not as itchy too. WF was laughing and trying very hard to control the itch. $10 for 20mins of exofoliation.

We were tired of walking and settled at Starbucks again. My third cup of coffee for the day, hot Toffee Nut Latte again. Gossip as usual but this time we shared our relationship experiences. In conclusion, good guys are never easy to find or maybe they have gone bad.

Left Tampiness at 10pm. Saw this fashionable auntie (~50years old) in the train. She was in a dark orange knee-length dress and a pair of wedges-like slippers. Her fats were bulging from her waist and obviously at her age, her skin was saggy just like her assets. Don't have to remind me of karma, I know it myself. Almost half of the journey in the train, we were laughing and joking of her 'Go Li' slippers. In case you don't know what's 'Go Li', they are marbles which the people of my age used to play during their childhood. I managed to snap a picture of those slippers when she sat next to WF. Those 'Go Li' on her slippers were twice the size of the normal 'Go Li' we see. Nowadays, aunties just want to look younger by dressing up like a youngster or worse, a kid.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Photoshoot At Esplanade

Credits to KZ for the hairdo


Christmas Lightings Outside Esplanade

My Sailor Cap

Received 12 sms-es and 18 missed calls from someone yesterday night. Come to think of it, it might be a little harsh because I haven't totally ignored him for ~2years.

Went photoshoot with Antony. Had to wake up at 6:15am. Has been donkey years since I woke up this early. Alycia was there to do my make-up and hair. First time having a hair wig. Waiting for the photos.

Rushed to Marina Square to meet the 3 ladies for photoshoot at Esplanade. I had a chocolate flavour blast from Mac to cool myself down. We had lunch at Inle Myammar Restaurant. I felt like using a needle to poke the waiter, he seems to be unable to understand our english and took so long to take our orders. Is it our problem or his problem? Poor WF had to be patient with him. We only spent $7 per person for a drink, main course and desert. Don't expect fantastic food and you will be happy for a meal there.

Bought a pair of flip flops at M)phosis, same as WF. Stop reminding me that my footwear can fill the entire show rack.

Walked to Esplanade and started taking photos near the outdoor stage. Just for a while and we had to get back indoor, thanks to the drizzle. We continued our shoot at B2 where there's hardly anyone who passed by. To the B1 car park, outside Esplanade then back to B2. We took some lesbian, unglam and gangster shots. Shall wait for LL for the edited pictures. Saw Kok Meng and his friend at the indoor stage. Along the way, we saw Gayathri and her bf. She commented that I changed a lot, indeed I have after seeing the pictures taken last few years.

We were dragging our feet back to Marina and settled dinner at Long John Silver. I was dehydrated and filled myself with a cup of cola. Saw the Winx performance, I have no idea what those fairies were doing.

Had coffee at Starbucks, again. LL, KZ and I had the same order as on Friday. I am starting to like hot coffee, keeps me awake. Saw Ryan too.

Took 106 home, I hope I didn't embarrass myself if I snored. My eyes were tired after wearing more than 12 hours of contact lenses.

Went to meet someone, I always can't find a perfect excuse. Now his cigarette smell has clinged on my shirt. I got a feeling that things aren't good for him and he's not saying for some reason. If he's willing to say, I am more than willing to listen. He doesn't know that I am a good listener. I can't hear his mumbles when I questioned him, don't wish to agitate him by 'huh?' I will have to say, by far he's the only guy I am scared of. There's no explanation to this.

Congratulations to Miss Chia Hui Mian for her first relationship! Truly feel happy for her. Heard this piece of great news from her on FB. I even wanted to call her but forget the idea because it was late night. No matter what, it's something nice to start a Sunday.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Met G today to watch "Ninja Assassin" at Cineleisure. I learnt a new trick from smart G on how to get movie tickets without queuing. There were many bloody scenes and I had to hide myself from time to time. I do agree that Rain has a great figure but not a good-looking face. Koreans are not for me.

Had lunch at Sushi Tei. My first time to this restaurant, I know I am a turtle. The mochi they offered were tasty, quality is more important than quantity. I need to maintain my weight or else I will be 50kg by end of this year. It's a good thing that he fed me with quality food but it will be a bad thing if I gain weight. Balance is a must.

I had moments of dozing off in the bus again. Sleep is never enough.

Tomorrow will be an entire day of photoshoot. A studio shoot with a professional photographer followed by an outdoor shoot with the ladies. I can predict that I will be dead beat.

Steamboat buffet dinner

Our reflections

See the stack of Xiao Long Bao?

Went Banquet at Vivocity to pack lunch. I had fish baked rice from Tartini, don't really like the bbq sauce. Played Sudoku after lunch to keep myself awake. Thanks to my manager who got me hooked to this game. Was also playing Golden Miner Special Edition, thanks to my colleague who sent me the link.

My generous manager went all the way to Clementi Emicakes during lunch time to buy us durian delicacies. Where to find such a great manager right? Enjoyed the strawberry mini delight tremendously.

Back home to prepare and went Crystal Jade steamboat dinner with LL and KZ. Didn't mean to miss Grandma's birthday celebration, i do feel guilty.

Although we made a booking, we still had to wait for a while. Saw Gin Min and Tony while waiting. We had quite a lot of meat from the Xiao Long Bao, dumplings and the slices of pork. Guess I will be going red meat-less for at least a week. The prawns were very fresh, tasted sweet. The restaurant is definitely better than Seoul Garden, no smoke and no clinging of bbq smell. Paid about $26 per person.

Bought a beach dress after a great dinner. Thanks to KZ for persuading me to take a look at it or else I would have missed it.

We sat at Starbucks for coffee, hot Toffee Nut Coffee this time. Updating our status on Facebook and gossiping non-stop till 00:20am. Took bus 7 home.

Prove your capability, you can't always Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SingHealth Dinner at Villa Bali

Dinner At Villa Bali

Was busy the entire morning. Tried the shredder, replied e-mails and took phone calls. As been sometime since a weekday morning passed so fast.

Bought vegetarian economic rice and a slice of papaya for lunch. Watched a super lame movie which is at least 15years old.

Ran errands and surprisingly, I saw a white Audi S5 at the car park. Just like the one I saw at the official launch. Thought that the show car is not for sale yet and the new cars won't arrive till next year.

A total of 7 colleagues from my department attended the SingHealth Dinner at Villa Bali. Even before I entered the hall, I already have a bottle of red wine, a door gift and a welcome drink (diluted). The ambience is average and there's a bar too.

The food, as you can see from the picture above, doesn't look appetising. Just like how it looks, it's indeed not tasty. The tom yam soup was more sour than spicy. I don't taste any mango in the mango salad. My manager commented that the prawns were not fresh. I was full but not happy with the food.

The emcee was quite fun, had games and lucky draw. I won the 46th prize which was a $30 Taka voucher. What to buy with it? The first and second prize each were a worth more than US$2000 Bvlgari man's watch. Wish I was that lucky and I can sell it for cash. We took group photos, a must for such gathering.

The event ended at 9:30pm and I got a ride home by a colleague. Thanks to her and I was home in 15mins.

My poor Kiki was neglected due to my tight schedule these few days. Had to sacrifice my sleep to attend to her.

Food is Never Enough

I have been busy these few evenings and too tired to blog.

Continued from 23 Nov:
Met G and his tennis mates at NUS Guild House. Watching them play reminded me of baseball and badminton when I used to enjoy during my days in JTSS. Not forgetting hockey with 4E1.

Had supper (ya, supper again) with 2 of his friends at Adam Food Centre. I had my craving for rojak resolved. Back home after midnight.

24 Nov:
Had plain prata and egg prata for lunch. Not that filling but it's my craving.

Went Funan with my manager and a male colleague. Bought shredder, big stapler and hole puncher. And mugs from Raffles City. Saw a real life barbie doll in the event hall, her puffy bling bling dress and her long permed hair. My childhood days. Took a cab back office carrying all the bulky stuff at 4:30pm. I had to rush my work in order to knock off sharply.

Went Qtips to meet Xavier for coffee. Fiona, Derrick and Candy were there as well. It was my honour to have the boss to do express pedicure for me. The same nail polish as my fingernails. Although he's not experienced, my toenails looked good. It could have been easier for him if my toenails are much normal.

Watched the female nailist do Fiona's nails and I was fascinated by her nail art skill. After Fiona and the nailist left, I helped the 2 guys to hand-mop the floor using wipes. I do feel uneasy if I see people working and I have nothing to do.

Had century egg and lean meat porridge, a big bowl with lots of century egg. A satisfying late dinner by Xavier. Thank you :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vote for me on FreshLook

Went Vivocity with colleagues for lunch. Saw Mr. Six dashed across the car, waving his hands to us so that we won't knocked onto him. Surprised but happy to see him. Laughed almost throughout the journey.

There was a young malay couple in front of me in the queue at Long John Silver. The female was using her fingers to tickle the guy's arm and hugging him from time to time. Of course, I got kind of sick looking at the both of them.

Bought chocolate from The Cocoa Tree and mocha from Spinelli.

Back home for dinner. Just had a fall and landed on my butt. Thanks to the wet floor after a mop. Lucky enough that my legs didn't split.

Please vote for me! I want to win FreshLook cosmetic lens. One more week to end of contest.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not weight gain again :(

Went for dental appointment at 9:20am. With improved oral care, I will see my dentist 6 months later.

Had brunch at Subway with HC. Ham and egg sandwich is not a bad choice but I still feel the cookies can be improved. Played a round of Daytona at the arcade, reminisced my younger days.

Back home and played Pet Society. How can I improve Kiki's study room? I have got enough coins but no idea how to spend them. Watched "奸人坚" and I really feel like kicking that lead character in the drama, such a scumbag.

Had a cup of cup corn to enjoy, thanks to grandma's pleasant surprise. Had a cut apple for a balanced diet. I think I will gain weight after this week, company dinner and steamboat buffet are making me drool.

If I could see things the way you see ...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Day At Novena

Woke up at 10am. Had breakfast and went to see the sample tiles for the new home with grandma and mum. Not very satisfied with the design.

Went TTSH to visit my uncle. Hate wearing the mask, it's suffocating. Went to window shop at Square 2 and have fishball mee for lunch. It has been donkey years since I really chatted with cousin. Had desert at Kopitiam, I wasted half of because it wasn't nice. Was feeling sleepy and so I was in a bad mood. Went back to the ward and stayed for a while before going home.

A bunch of dragon boat boys entered the train cabin with us at Raffles Place. I admit I was taking a glance, who wouldn't look at hunks right? Sadly I had to alight at Clementi.

I have to break TRUST into pieces and put S.E.C.U.R.I.T.Y. together.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dinner Came Late

It's Popeye!

Lights at Orchard Road

I am careless again. Forgot to inform boss about the meeting this morning, hurriedly called and sms-ed him. Luckily, he came to work today or else I would feel guilty again.

Used another desktop to access Pet Society, thank God there's one which I can use. Saving up the coins for Kiki's study room.

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza with a colleague to pack lunch from Ananas and Old Chang Kee. The taxi driver was kind of scary, told me weird stuff. It only took us 30mins to be back with the food. Had nasi padang and left the Curry O' for snack. I heated up the leftover food from yesterday's lunch for everyone to finish up.

Had to take a walk with a full stomach and so I went to collect documents and mail.
Knocked off and went for express manicure at Qtips. I like the glittery nail polish although it reminds me of marble floor after I looked it for a while. The manicurist was fast, 0.5hour later and I was done. I should do nail art someday.

Took a bus back home, once again I slept throughout the journey. Reluctant to get my butt off the seat.

Had a shower and off to West Coast Plaza. It was a last-minute plan. Was at Starbucks with HC. I had a banana muffin and a cup of white chocolate mocha for dinner. A late dinner at 9:30pm which still kept me full. Chatted about birthdays, plans for weekend and interior design. Left for home at about 11pm.

An Eye-Opening Experience

Went to Singapore Flyer with 2 colleagues to buy lunch at Popeye. This is our regular monthly must-have.

Watched "Paranormal Activity" at workplace however, this has a different ending from the ones I saw in the theatres. I had to hide myself behind the chair because I don't know how scary the ending will be. The bunch of us scared ourselves more than what the movie scared us.

Knocked off and took the train with a colleague.

Had a quick shower and rushed to Ion Orchard. Met G at the opening of Timeless Gallery. Luckily I was wearing a dress and not denim shorts wiith a tee. Saw the winders, some can be as expensive as an ordinary car. The most expensive was ~$600K, see how the millionaires and billionaires spend their money? It was really an eye-opener. Had a glass of champagne and collected the goodie bag. Even the worth $100 pen was wrapped in a nice big box.

Had dinner at Commonwealth Crescent Food Market. The Hor Fun was different from the stalls I have tried. The gravy was brown with a different taste.

Back home at 11:30pm. Slept really well without waking up in between.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Out for Lunch and Dinner

Went out for lunch with KZ at Caffe Pralet yesterday. The set lunch comes with a drink, Grilled Crispy Fish with Spaghetti and a slice of cake.The main course was cooked with lemon butter sauce and asparagus as the garnish. We really like the crispiness of the fish. As for the cakes, KZ had coffee caramel and I had lychee martini. The only thing that I am not satifised was the slow service. The philipino waitresses were chatting from time to time and their hands stopped moving.

Had a chicken and mushroom pie bought from Pie Kia by a colleague. Thanks for her treat.

It was raining when I knocked off. My colleagues and I saw Mr. Six walking behind us. Let me introduce Mr. Six to you first. A chinese guy who works in SGH and we always try to keep up to his walking speed. Wears a tight tank top, jeans, wristband and headband. Carries a tote bag and shakes his butt when he walks. Puts on foundation, dark eyebrows (my colleague claims that his eyebrows are tattoos) and blue or green eyeshadow. His face reminds me of the orange skin, I know karma. How could I not laugh (I try to giggle only) seeing him? His red-brown checkered umbrella was a joke to us yesterday. Even my grandmother doesn't use such a 'fashionable' umbrella. We were in the same cabin as him in the train. Can't help but to take a peep at him from time to time. I wanted to take a video of the way he walked 2 days ago but was stopped by a colleague. Mr. Six is one of our reasons for looking forward to knock off.

Had dinner at Hans with SF, HM, YJ and WX. The previous time was also the same people who were at the gathering. Where have the others gone? I managed to swallow the set dinner when my stomach was still half full with lunch. We were the noisiest in the restaurant. SF and YJ had their desert at Slice while we watched them eat. We will be organizing pubbing and Christmas gathering next month. There's always events to look forward to at the end of the year.

I give you answers to your questions and yes, where are your answers to my questions?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shopping at IMM

Switched off my alarm at 6:30am and I went back to sleep till 7am. Had to rush with my make-up and I left home for work at 8:05am. I am slow at putting make-up.

Bought a red bean pancake and soy bean milk for breakfast. Did some work after half a day and went for a casting. I slept a while in the train, really reluctant to alight. Met Fiona and 3 models for the casting. Although I am not selected for the event, I was mentally prepared to get rejected.

Got a ride to IMM, thanks to Fiona. Bought a cup of macadamia nut ice-cream, yummy. Finally, I bought bird's nest to eat for the sake of my skin. I guess that bottle can last me for a month. I might consider buying a few bottles to stock up. Bought small kailan from Giant, waiting for mum to fry it for dinner. Had lunch with CSX at Ajisen, bloated. Wanted to try the hair dryer from Best Denki but no one was serving us. Too bad they can't do my business.

Back home, slack for a while and off to meet G. We went Clementi Central only for a while and he had to go back to workplace. Back home safely. I'm skipping a meal again.

If I can't do it your way, I can only say "I'm sorry that I can't help you. I have reached my limit".

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tea Time No More

The cosy atmosphere at Qtips

Lucky Xavier

Above are a few photos taken by Anson yesterday at the Qtips official launch. More photos here. Enjoy :)

Was in the office lift this morning alone, looking at my no-longer-so-flabby arms. A sign that I have indeed lost weight.

Was watching "Jumper", realised that this was the second time. No more movies to watch at workplace tomorrow. Perhaps I should continue reading.

Had nasi lemak and a slice of watermelon for lunch. Read from newspapers that watermelon can help weight loss. I am seriously not having snacks to reduce calorie intake.

A Day At Qtips

Went to attend the official opening of Qtips Nail Lab. Congratulations to the bosses! The ambience is really nice, love the purple wallpaper and the lights. I am sure any female will fancy the atmosphere. I shall drop by sometime this week to have my nails done. Express manicure is only $10! Best of all, the shop is near my workplace. Do click on the link above to visit the website, guys are welcomed too!

Shop name: Qtips Nail Lab
Address: 57A Pagoda Street S(059216)
Contact number: 6225 5429

Met Candy, Jaslyn, Shawna and Choco there. Can't wait to see the pictures taken by Anson. My first time chatting so long with a group of modeling friends. Was at the event for about 6 hours. I enjoyed myself tremendously on a Sunday afternoon.

Went to Great World City, got "High Society: Classical Lounge" for mum. Spent so much time at the station listening to the songs. Had BK for dinner, don't like the dry spicy chicken patty. Watched some boys playing Initial D at the arcade, reminded me of a small part of my past.

Watched "2012" with G, we got the best seats although it wasn't a really fantastic movie. It reminded me of my tornado nightmare, don't find me tonight I hope. Got a safe ride home and we are dead beat.

To G: You always know I still blog (most of the time) even when I tell you I'm tired.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm A Couch Potato

Woke up at 12pm, had breakfast and online. Was waiting for the rain to stop so that I can leave my house without an umbrella.

Went for hair treatment at the usual neighbourhood salon. Brought the book ,"This is My Story" by Kasandra Kong, to read. Back home to iron my clothes and play Pet Society.

Had dinner at Clementi Central with mum. I bought cup corn to eat again. A full stomach makes me walk slower.

I did nothing fulfilling today. Spent a Saturday like a couch potato.

Love is blind when two hearts bind.

A Night At Orchard

Had a small hiccup at work in the morning. Luckily it was resolved fast or else I would feel bad all day.

Went Vivocity with manager and a colleague. Bought lots of stuff from Daiso, food and drinks. I had a Curry O' and a deep-fried vegetable yam snack while shopping. It was raining when we were done. The taxi queue was extremely long, at least 30 more cabs for the queue in front of us. We were hungry and tired after so much walking. I admit I was complaining.

Had apple cider while watching "Memoirs of a Geisha". Still left with last 10 mins of the movie.

Knocked off and went to Taka to find G. I bought tako yaki while waiting for him, I was already eyeing on a red top and a knitted sweater in Fox. Helped G to buy stuff from Cold Storage and I went off to meet HC.

I pointed the clothes I eyed in Fox to him but he seems to imply that I have poor taste. Different tastes that's all. I decided to show WX after dinner, who knows she has the same taste as me.

Met WX at Paragon and the 3 of us had dinner at Ding Tai Feng. Xiao Long Bao, Pork Floss Fried Rice and many cups of tea. Had to give up on having desert or coffee after a sumptous meal.

Went to Fox and finally I found someone who likes the long white knitted sweater. As there was no new pieces of it, I had to collect the reserved one at Ion Orchard. Really happy.

Heard some really nice music at That CD Shop. Was tempted to buy an album "High Society: A Love So Beautiful 2". The music is very much to my liking. Tried find it online but to no avail. Perhaps I should really buy it.

Our legs were tired and mouths were dry, to Shaw Building for a drink. We sat at the level where the fastfood restaurants are. WX and I did most of the talking and we had a listener by the radio.

Left for home at 11pm. I know my head was moving left to right, up to down while sleeping on the bus. An ugly scene, I know. Home sweet home at 11:45pm.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fancy Brainwashing

I wonder what I did today that I don't have time to finish watching "Memoirs of a Geisha" at workplace. Have to finish it tomorrow.

Had french toast and tea for breakfast. Took orders for my colleagues too. Stayed in the lab for a while to chat. Quite miss being a lab technician. I am really happy that my big auntie is here, others may hate 'her' but I don't.

Was at the reception which is just an excuse to play Pet Society. Kiki has a jacuzzi now, how fortunate of her.

It was a late lunch at 2:30pm. Bought Curry Yong Tau Foo for lunch while my 2 other colleagues had vegetarian tom yam soup. Couldn't finish the rice and the soup, I know I wasted food.

Collected mail and run errands. I can't wait for the company dinner at Villa Bali late this month. Helped to settle some stuff for manager and knocked off.

As usual, took the train with KZ. Done with "The Speech of Silence". A cup of hot milo for dinner and I will sleep early tonight. I need a good sleep after making my neurons work the whole day.

I taught myself the art of brainwashing. You might think I am running away from problems but the important thing is that I feel better.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Search for Photos

With Anna After Bikini Open 2009 (Credits to Lifestyle Asia)

Went Tiong Bahru Market for lunch with KZ. I had Wanton Mee and Ginko with Beancurd Skin. The desert was very sweet with about 10 ginko in it. Very generous of them. Takeaway lunch for my colleagues.

Watched "The Devil Wears Prada" and played Pet Society. Wanted to buy a racer helmet for Kiki but she looks weird because I can't see her head. Finally, I managed to find a photo of G and me (just our backs) in the Audi's event gallery. Still searching for the other photo taken at the hall.

Had french toast and tea at 4pm. Took orders for my colleagues too. Our acting director joined us for a while when we were talking about pregnancy. I can't imagine myself put on more than 10kg.

Knocked off and back to Clementi with KZ. Dinner at home, had my favourite asparagus. Found some photos taken at Bikini Open 2009,

Went for supper with G. I had half a cup of McFlurry and a nugget. I know I shouldn't be eating 3 hours before sleep so I came back online to burn a little more calories.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Make Me Wanna Dance

Helped my acting director to carry stuff from her current office to our office under a nice weather. Prepared the room for her to work. Got more work to do today so I spent the entire day to finish watching "Step Up 2: The Streets". Dancing can definitely relieve stress and keep me happy. I have the sudden thought to go FitnessFirst for MTV dance again. Played Pet Society but had to continue to play at home because I didn't have much time today.

Went to pack lunch for colleagues with my manager at Tiong Bahru Market. I bought fried hokkien prawn mee again. Ate the 2 goreng pisang while waiting for my colleagues to have lunch together.

Went to buy 2 bottles of organic apple cider which cost me $3.55 at the pharmacy with a colleague. Thanks to the 20% discount and the staff discount.

Had vanilla ice-cream at tea time. I'm saving the apple cider for this week. I know it's time to cut down on my food intake again.

Knocked off and helped G collect the stuff he ordered. Back home for dinner, less rice as usual. Watching "The Speech of Silence", hopefully I can finish it today. Listening to "Mmm" by Laura Izibor.

You told me to be careful but are you careful?

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Lesson I Learnt From Online Shopping

Went Tiong Bahru Market for lunch with my manager and KZ. I had chicken rice, not too filling. Too bad I can't buy goreng pisang because the stall is closed on Monday. I will try my luck tomorrow.

Played Pet Society and bought Kiki an elegant clutch. She can now carry it whenever she goes visiting. Watched "The Death Race". Not as thrilling as I expected. Went to the acting director's office for a while to see how I could help her. The rain came after I reached her office a few minutes later. My bottom was drenched even with an umbrella, needless to say my legs. Had to blow dry my pants using the hand dryer in the restroom. Hopefully I don't catch a cold.

Knocked off and back to Clementi with KZ. Had home-cooked dinner, my favourite small kailan.

Walked around Clementi Central with G. He did some shopping and I had supper. Supposedly to share the cup corn but I ended up eating most of it. How can I avoid seeing 50kg when I step on the weighing scale?

I have given up on chasing after MissSexyBiz for that dress I bought online. I treat it as though I dropped $25.90 into the drain. Never will I buy from this website again. Irresponsible of them not to take the initiative to inform me that they will be sending the item late (I think they just forgot about my order). I had to call almost everyday after 2 weeks to get an update from them. After they told me that they will mail it, I waited for 10 days and I still don't see it in my mailbox. I called again, they said they will check with Singpost. Guess what? Out of 10 items, one of the customer's and mine were lost. They are not liable for loss of normal postage items. That's unlucky of me right? This matter got worse and I am mentally tired. Whether or not did they really mailed the item to me, it's not important anymore. I have lost trust in them and that's how bad some businessmen are. You claim that you are one of the leading online boutiques? You must be kidding.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Experience with Mr. Cockroach today

Had breakfast with G at Holland Village. Economic bee hoon and he recommended me a new drink, soy bean mixed with grass jelly. I went back home as he went for work.

Checked e-mail and played Pet Society before taking a nap. Slept for about 5 hours but woke up about twice. Had dinner at home and had a good chat with mum. Has been some time since we last talked for a long time.

Went pasar malam with CJZ to get my favourite cup corn. Not to be missed. I bought papaya milkshake again, you know exactly why. Get rid of the thoughts of indulging in muah chee, taiwan sausage, bird nest drink and tako yaki. Bought mum's favourite tutu kueh, a must have. Saw KZ's sister at central too.

Back home and enjoyed tutu kueh with mum. Took a shower and back online again.

Just had a terrifying experience by a big cockroach. I was sitting at a corner of the living room and it flew out of nowhere to the pillar where I was lying on. It landed just above my head and I thought it was just a beetle. At my greatest speed, I flipped and tossed my hair trying to get it out of my head just in case. When I turned back, then I realised it's a cockroach. I had the fright of the day. Screamed for CJZ to get rid of it while he informed CSX to get out of the room. In the end, my dad was the hero to our rescue. I still can't bring myself to hold a cockroach (dead or alive). No nightmare today please.

Bikini Open 2009

Woke up at 10:30am yesterday morning, prepared and off to St. James Powerhouse for Bikini Open 2009 rehearsal.

Was taught the dance steps of the chorus of "Nobody". Luckily I have performed this dance before so it was easy for me. We rehearsed together with the singers, dancers and the emcee till about 4:30pm. Had a slice of hawaiian pizza and a cup of cola for dinner. Did my own make-up and nothing to my hair. Took group and individual shots on the stage with the models in clubbing wear and bikini.

Guests arriving and we were in the changing room with the cranberry vodka and cola. I didn't take any alcohol in case I started to walk like a duck. The first round was us in clubbing wear, doing a catwalk. The second round was in our first set of bikini, catwalk and the dance "Nobody". The audience's votes contribute to 50% of the results, I feel it's too big a percentage. The top 5 was announced and the rest of us returned to the changing room. I changed into my tube dress and slippers, my legs were aching. Continued to view the show with Anna and G at a corner. Once the top 3 was announced, Anna left the club while G and I went over to find KZ, SF and WF. We hopped into G's car and went for supper.

Had 纸包鸡 and a few dishes. Full stomach. Thank you, G for your treat. I bought movie tickets for KZ, G and myself to "Paranormal Activity". Got a drink from Starbucks while waiting for the showtime. I was clueless at the beginning of the movie but I got nervous, frightened, shocked as the movie played. It's like a horror movie to me. I covered my eyes for the last scene, knowing that a scary part was coming. Yes, I didn't see the ending but I heard it.

I didn't have any nightmare just that I had interrupted sleep. A pile of laundry to do.

Friday, November 6, 2009

K at Marina Sqaure

Was playing Pet Society in the morning, surprisingly I was able to access at workplace today.

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza with a colleague to buy lunch. I also bought a triumph stick-on bra for tomorrow's contest. I bought Ananas roasted chicken rice for lunch. Back to office to enjoy.

Played Charades again. I had the chance to write the movie titles for them to guess. Had a great laughter until something terrible happened. Not going to explain further.

Went to Marina Square with 4 colleagues for K Box. We bought finger food from KFC, Mac and Long John Silver. Had the K Golden package and we sang till 10pm. Sang Boom Boom Pow twice and we had a good rapper. Took a cab with a colleague and home sweet home.

Bikini Open 2009 tomorrow, I'm all ready!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Down with Flu

The spread of durian pastries from Emicakes

Can never forget the group shot

Helped my manager to buy packet drinks from Cheers with 2 colleagues. Prepared the necessary for the meeting.

Had the farewell lunch for boss. Everyone has either a western or thai bento set. The western looked more tasty than the thai, regret. I was too full to finish the desert, tapioca with coconut cream. Ater the guests have left, my 2 colleagues were playing pool while I slept on the chair. With the flu and a full stomach, how could I not sleep? In the end, I slept at the couch for 40mins. Only wanted to take a 15-min nap but my body clock didn't wake me up.

Our dear manager went to Emicakes with a colleague to buy pastries for us. Where to find such a good supervisor right? There were durians puffs, durian omelettes, durian crepes and cups of brownie, coffee, durian, chocolate and oreo mini delights. We were all happy people.

I lost count of the number of times I visited the toilet to spit phlgem. Knocked off and back to Clementi with KZ in the drizzle.

Do check out for the contestants in Bikini Open 2009.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First time

Had dim sum for breakfast with G. The first time.

Went for Audi S5 test drive. Now I know why females wear shades when they are in a convertible because the wind will blow on their fake eyelashes, making their eyes very uncomfortable. First time in a convertible.

We had no time for lunch, thanks to the slow traffic. Bought Mac for G's lunch and I had a apple pie. He went for work and I went Vivocity.

Had classic manicure and pedicure done. The manicurist got a scare when I suddenly moved while sleeping. Just suddenly woke up after a doze, too tired. My fingernails are dark red and toenails are gold. My first time with such precious nail colour. I have 3 first times today.

Went for the Bikini Open 2009 rehearsal at Movida. 13 contestants and I am number 8. Lucky number to the chinese, hopefully it works on me. Saw Phoenix and Shi Xin, has been so long since I met them. Actual event is at St. James Powerhouse, 7 Nov, 6:30pm-9:30pm. I NEED YOUR VOTE, PEOPLE!!!

Farewell lunch for boss tomorrow. Can't wait to try the thai bento set. I think I will suffer from flu tomorrow, my nose is running like a tap. Got to sleep early so that I will be back to normal, don't wish to miss the good lunch.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gain Weight, Again

Had lunch with KZ at Tiong Bahru Market. I had hokkien prawn noodles, delicious. Has been long since I drank sugar cane juice. Had to eat 2 slices of papaya to ease my bowel movement tomorrow morning.

Back in office, collected mail and helped my manager with a task. Had quite a few e-mails to reply. Watched about an hour of 'Atonement' and I dozed off from time to time. I'm really tired.

Had root beer float and chocolate macadamia ice-cream. I am 49kg again which is a signal that I have been eating too much good food. Control is what I need.

Knocked off and took the train with KZ and a colleague. Lucky it was only drizzling. Hopefully it rains tonight so that everyone can sleep soundly.

I have updated my portfolio, click on the links below to view.

Hopefully G will feel better tomorrow. Panadol better live up to its name by proving its effectiveness. Get well soon :)

Rehearsal for Bikini 2009 tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Slacking Monday At Work

Saw a book about "Serious Woman Achievers, No Spouse", how true is that?

My colleague gave me a long satin dress which she can no longer fit into. It's black with matt gold flowers, all the way to the ground. I think it should be good for photoshoot.

Had a great time watching the popcorn popping in the microwave oven. Love the buttery popcorn and I finished almost the entire packet. Got to drink more water.

Went Great World City again during lunch time with my 2 colleagues. We bought stuff from Cold Storage, Burger King, Mac and Spinelli. We were carrying so many bags of food that we had to help each other getting off the cab.

Enjoyed our lunch while watching part of "Don't Mess With Zohan". I had McSpicy EVM, didn't managed to finish the fries. The movie was lame but gave us a good laugh. Ate strawberries, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Macadamia, brownie and vanilla ice-cream at tea time. The mixture of hot and cold is hmmm.... I know I ate too much today.

Played Charade with my female colleagues. 2 teams of 2 each, I am with a malay colleague. I still remember the classic 'chicken' action by one of them. We thought she was trying to act as a shark with her hands on her head. All of us laughed our heads off and teased her for the rest of the day.

Knocked off and went back Clementi with KZ. Met my ex-colleague to get the clothes I bought from her online boutique. You can view the pictures of me in the apparels at Will upload the pictures in my portfolio tomorrow morning.

Great Sunday Night

At Ranga's House

Lied on the bed till about 2:30pm yesterday but I still had tired eyes. I woke up almost every 2 hours so how can I be having good sleep right?

Had some bread before I went out for dinner with my siblings at 5:30pm. We ordered 'zhi char' but it was quite pathetic because we only had 3 dishes. Small Kailan with oyster sauce, prawn paste chicken (I didn't eat because I already had 2 chicken wings on saturday), salted vegetable and beancurd soup. Of course with a plate of rice. Back home and I had my shower again.

My mum was commenting that one of my dresses looked like a nightie. Maybe it really does because of the small flowers all over the dress. I had no choice but to change into another dress to meet G. It wasn't any better just that it has long sleeves.

Had to transfer bus and I waited ~15mins for bus 75. Lucky I intended to reach Great World City early for a manicure. The bus driver drove fast so I reached my destination in 15mins. Surprisingly, I didn't sleep on the bus.

Wanted to have manicure but the shop was about to close, sadly I had to entertain myself for 1hr 15min. After window-shopping for about 0.5hr, I realised there's 'Nail Culture' at B3. How could I forget about the directory when that's my usual routine when I go somewhere unfamiliar? Too little time to enjoy this luxury before the movie, had to find another day this week to get my nails done.

Had Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Macadamia, love the chocolate-coated macadamia. I know it's sinful. Saw Nazrul at Starbucks, thanks to him and I got a discount for my White Chocolate Mocha. Sat at the cafe while waiting for G.

Met him at the cinema and off to watch "Michael Jackson's This Is It". The concert was a big production, definitely. If only I could dance half as well as the dancers.

Had Bak Gu Teh for supper, believe it or not, it's my first time. Love the taste of black pepper. A big thank you to G bringing me to the best Bak Gu Teh in Singapore and having a great night out.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My First Celebrated Halloween

Went to my ex-colleague's house to model for her online boutique, The clothes I tried were really pretty and I couldn't resist but to buy quite a handful. The designs were simple and the colours were easy to match. So, here's what I got. 2 horizontal striped tube tops (I finally managed to convince myself to try wearing tube), 1 navy blue tube dress, 1 black dress and 1 pair of white shorts. I know my wardrobe is packed like sardine and can explode anytime. Also model for 2 bags and I decided to get one of them. The photos will be uploaded in the online boutique this afternoon so do check it out.

Back home to have mum-cooked curry vegetables while being online. Can't access Pet Society, so down. Took an hour nap and prepared for partying. Wore my sailor costume and finally used my new handbag from Charles & Keith. It was raining so heavily that I couldn't see the bus interchange from my room.

Met WF on the bus and off to IMM to get Ranga's b'day present. We were having growling stomachs while choosing a top for him. The male sales assistant was helpful to try on the top for us to see. While we were making payment, he actually asked if WF and I were studying or working. Flirting or what?

KZ was in Nicholas's car when WF and I hopped in. I gave wrong directions and we made a big round to get to Ranga's house. Met Jafar and his friend at the void deck. All of us had another difficult time finding the right staircase to his house, again.

Mostly were his relatives when we reached. We settled in a room like a cafe where Ama and Ranga's 2 female advanced diploma friends were there. We started entertaining ourselves with games and alcohol. I am damn low on luck that I drank vodka in almost all rounds when we played the edited version of Indian Poker. I gave them a shock when I choked on one glass with more vodka. Shouldn't have drank a lot in one breath. Really sorry for causing the trouble. Diyanah came later and Adilla would sometimes pop into the room.

Cake-cutting session and the cake was themed Powerpuff Girls. After blowing the candles, Ranga went around to thank and kiss the guests either on their forehead or cheek. It was sweet of him. We had the cake and continued with our Indian Poker back in the 'cafe'. We left Ranga's house at about midnight. Only Ranga, his 2 female friends, KZ and I took a cab to O Bar. The rest of them went home.

Met Medalin while queuing. Saw Choco and Tingyi in O Bar too.

The 5 of us together with another couple settled at the bar top. Ranga had so many self-taken pictures, he likes the camera more than I do. We danced and drank but not drunk. Not long after, we ended up dancing near the restroom. Lucky there wasn't any strong smell. The survivors were Ranga, KZ and I who ended up at another corner, trying to get cool air and space.

We got so tired at about 2:30am and sat to chat till 3am. Ranga had his Bak Ku Teh while KZ and I watched him eat. Should I go Langkawi with them at the end of this year? The clear waters at the beach is sure a temptation. Ranga boarded his bus first, KZ and I waited for more than 0.5hr for the stupid NR5. Had to stand throughout the journey and had our balance tested.

Back home at 5am. Blogging while waiting for my hair to air-dry. Still can't access Pet Society, sigh.