Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to WX

5 out of 8

Lucky 7

KZ's parents drove WF, KZ and I to Coasta Sands Pasir Ris on Friday night. Caught in a traffic jam for about 15mins due to an accident on the expressway. KZ's mother treated us takeaway Nasi Lemak from Changi Village Food Centre too. Saw Tracy Ang's SIN photos on newspapers, poor thing. Reached the chalet at about 11pm and unpacked our stuff. Stayed over with KZ, WF, SF, HM, YJ, WX and her bf.

Woke up at about 9:30am and KZ was already watching soccer. A part of the decoration was done by a few of them in the middle of the night. I accompanied HM for breakfast. As usual, I woke up almost every hour. My nose was like a running tap in the morning and tissue paper was my best friend. Chatted with HM while she ate and I left after she was on her way to class. Back to chalet, washed up and continued to decorate the chalet with KZ and YJ.

Went to E!hub for lunch at Just Acia. Our stomachs were fully satisfied before we went NTUC for light shopping. Bought coffee from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and walked back to chalet. Continued with the decoration and the birthday card. LL came in the late afternoon and did WX's make-up. Kok Meng arrived in the evening as well. Everything was more or less done by 7pm.

WX's bf, WF and I went to collect the birthday cake in the rainy weather. WX's bf still had the time to buy a bouquet of African daisies and roses. Of course, with the help of WF and I. YJ had to make a wasted trip to shelter us from the car park to the chalet. Due to WX's bf's careless, the few of us (YJ, Alicia and I) had to help him with the birthday card. He had better be more meticulous.

Had my dinner with the group of them at the small dining table which was supposed to be the reception. Photo-taking session and I was one of the photographers. Sang the birthday song while WX's bf walked to her with the bouquet of flowers. She must be touched that's why she cried. As what I told WF, this should be the outcome. The birthday cake was all melted chocolate, thick and heaty.

KZ, LL, Alicia, Kok Meng and I left the chalet at about 11pm and WX's bf drove us to Pasir Ris MRT. We took the train home and Kok Meng was talking almost non-stop. Kok Meng never fails to start an interesting topic.

I was sms-ing someone throughout the journey to collect WX's birthday cake. He asked some unusual questions and even thought of coming to the chalet. I know he must have something in his sleeves. Anyway, he still didn't make his appearance to my best friends which I always expected. I wouldn't know how to introduce him to them when I am in a confused state so that's considered lucky. Coincidentally, it was 2 years ago when I was celebrating WX"s birthday and he told me to wish WX (he doesn't know her at all) a happy birthday on his behalf. History repeats itself similarly.

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