Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boss's Surprise Birthday Party

I have started playing 'Pet Society' on Facebook. Named my female pet 'Kiki'. Now she has 3 rooms and a garden of her own. Will made her property expand like crazy.

Experienced the tremor at work in the morning. For a moment, I thought I was dizzy again. It was until I checked with a few of colleagues till I realised I am normal.

Went for a casting at 1:30pm using my lunch time. I think I screwed up for the video. Aaarrrgggghhhh. Was terribly late because I was back in office at 3:30pm.

Gave Boss a surprise birthday celebration in his room. I saw his watery eyes and my manager was tearing. We then went to the meeting room to enjoy the chocolate cake and Boss changed into the turquoise polo tee we bought for him. He looked absolutely great in it. A successful surprise.

Will be staying overnight tomorrow for WX's birthday chalet.

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