Friday, September 25, 2009

YJ's Birthday Party

Went for last day of the course at MDIS Dhoby Ghaut. As usual, laughter in the class and team exercises. Morning break at 10:15am, tried to squeeze food into my stomach. Went to Mos Burger for lunch with Eugene who is from SingHealth too. Afternoon break at 3:15pm, lots of deep-fried snacks like dumpling. Had the DISC exercise which tells your character. I belonged to the 'D' people who are visionary, decisive, proactive, task-orientated, take risks and love challenges. Used to be an 'I' during secondary school. An 'I' is sociable and people-oriented. In conclusion, people do change and I am one of them. Received the participating certificate and off to the MRT station.

Alighted at Yew Tee MRT Station and walked to YJ's house. It was 5:50pm when I reached. Nelson, Jac, SF, HM and Alicia were at the function room. All of them except Nelson were preparing for YJ's birthday party. I helped to pump air into 1 balloon and hang the balloons on the walls and ceilings. Prepared the ang baos in YJ's room and guests arrived. We had our dinner (more like a buffet) prepared mostly by YJ's family and some halal caterer. Dear SF took so many unglam photos of us gobbling the delicious food. Shark's fin, lobster salad, fried rice, fried noodles, chicken curry, pork ribs, tempura, yam ring, wu xiang... Do you feel hungry? Alicia left early so we handed her the belated ang bao as her birthday present. We could see that she wasn't expecting it. WF and WX finally reached and the sky was already dark. We wrote our birthday messages on post-it and pasted them on the present. Not sure whose idea was it.

Had phototaking session followed by the cake-cutting ceremony. YJ's nephew gave a short speech and led to the birthday songs. There was even a kissing session by her mother, niece and nephews to her. The cake did not require any skilled personnel to cut it because it was made of small puffs and everyone just had to pick one and stuff into your mouth. Isn't it convenient and cream-less? Saw a guy in the gym who looks like someone, only looks like. The group of us made videos of our birthday greetings to YJ at the little waterfall. Many NGs and much laughter. Guests started to take their leave so Jac, WX and I helped to clear the function room while SF, HM and WF compiled the videos.

Jac, WX and I shared a cab home while the rest stayed later. This is probably the first time the 3 of us are in the same cab together. Home sweet home at 11:15pm and I am really tired.

Photoshoot at Sentosa tomorrow morning and Kok Meng's birthday party at night. It's another hectic day.

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