Sunday, September 13, 2009

Winnie's Birthday Party

Sleep and take medicine, that's all I did the entire afternoon. The online movie 'Paul Blart:Mall Crop' was buffering too slowly that I simply closed the tab after watching 15mins. Went back to sleep till 4:30pm.

Prepared and off to Winnie's birthday party. Met WF, Jiamin, SF and KZ at Clementi MRT Station and we wrote our birthday messages on the train. Alighted at Chinatown to meet HM, Ezekiel and Grace. Walked to Le Restaurant and Bar, not an easy place to find. Had individual photo-taking with the birthday girl when we arrived. The food was not bad and the cake was great. Chocolate-ly and crispy biscuit as the cake base. The 3K arrived late, as expected in black. The guests started to made their move but we started to drink red wine. The taste was not too bitter, just that it was a little too much for everyone. KZ, WF and I left at about 11:30pm. Took a cab home.

My voice is so sexy now.

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