Monday, September 21, 2009

A Wasted Public Holiday

Woke up at about 11am and have been online, eating or sleeping. I agree I wasted a public holiday but I seldom have time to waste. Chatted with an online friend who's now in Australia, shall meet him when he's back this weekend.

Went out for dinner with CSX, her bf and CJZ at Subway. I'm a standard person, Cold Cut Trio Value Meal. Helped mum to buy bread for tomorrow's breakfast and back home. Had shower and continued to watch 'D.I.E.'. That drama has been stored in my laptop for too long and it's time to finish and delete it. Chatted with another online friend whom I have sort of lost contact with on msn. He's actually my secondary school senior who graduated after I entered. Met him only once at Westmall, I still remember.

Back to work tomorrow and a casting for an ad after work. Wish me good luck.

I just want my period to end for this month.

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