Friday, September 18, 2009

Stay Home Friday

Hairstyle for the day

Chatted with Clarence online yesterday night, like finally. At least he could sense some fire in me and I am glad that he felt guilty that till now we haven't meet.

Dreamt that one of my teeth was being ruptured by my itchy fingers. The tooth was so soft that I could just destroyed it by digging. Imagine yourself in such a horrible situation.

Meeting with boss was cancelled as there was no agenda. Played 'Spot the Difference' and I broke my own record. There was a small conflict at work but it was cleared up after a long meeting. Thank God friday was afterall good. Had vegetarian economical rice for lunch, I have been very healthy. Watched a cook show and the boy who was one of the hosts was adorable. Suddenly I felt the motherly nature in me. Bought a pack of biscuits at Cheers for snack when it was a heavy downpour.

Will be going for an interview at a talent agency tomorrow noon and to Super Import Nights with KZ.

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