Friday, September 11, 2009

Not H1N1 please!

My flu is back again. Had thick yellow phlgem and I was puking them out the whole morning. Tired to walk in and out of the room. Had HK noodles for lunch which I am not supposed to because it is heaty for the body.

Left at 2pm in the middle of the meeting for the Staff Clinic. For the first time, I don't smell the mask on my face, Doctor said if I have H1N1, it is probably mild. My intuition tells me it's just normal flu. No sore throat, no pain and no fever. I can never stop taking medicine. Pop the pills like sweets, man. Was told to take MC and go home to prevent spreading to people. Partly, I needed to rest. Back to workplace at 2:40pm, took the medicine, got my bag and took a cab home.

Had shower, sweet potato soup and off to sleep till 8:30pm. Woke up from time to time, didn't sleep well. I don't even know if I should attend Winnie's birthday party tomorrow night. What if it's really H1N1 and I spread it to everyone at the party, wouldn't I be thought as selfish and inconsiderate? I guess it all depends on my condition tomorrow. Wish my luck, people.

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